England coach Roy Hodgson expects Chelsea fullback Ashley Cole and Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand to mend their differences after including both in his latest squad. Ferdinand and Cole clashed after the John Terry race row.

Hodgson said: "They are very good friends from what I understand but we are talking about a football team here, not purely individuals.

"I would expect the pair of them to do their jobs for England, for Ashley to play as well as he can at left-back and for Rio to do his job at centre-back.

"I don't envisage any problems. If there are any I'll have to deal with them but I hope that the long-term friendship will re-emerge and any unfortunate incidents along the way will be quickly forgotten.

"At the moment he's (Ferdinand)in a rich vein of form. For me it was a no-brainer. We need a good centre-half, he is a good centre-half and he's playing well so I've selected him.

"It's not more complicated than that. There are no sinister reasons behind the selection or his lack of selection in the past."

 Did Hodgson make the right call naming the feuding pair? Or is he playing with fire? Give us your shout below...