Aston Villa boss Alex McLeish is convinced his young kids can handle facing Manchester United today.

McLeish is excited by what he's seen from his young tyros.

"Watching them in training this week, they are so vibrant. You can see they have a good understanding too. They have played together for quite a long time," Eck told Villa's website.

"Weimann and Bannan, for example, know each other inside out. They have a good telepathy.

"Gardner was one of the young boys I was told about when I arrived. Could he be better than his brother, Craig?

"He had just come back from a bad injury and I thought it was a big weight on his shoulders with people trying to thrust him into the first team limelight at the start of the season.

"But he's gradually got a good level of fitness and he's looking good.

"Then there's Weimann. I've always liked him. I saw him in a reserve game here and he impressed me. Not only does he score goals, he works like a trojan off the ball too.

"He harasses defenders and never gives them a minute."