Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Dunn says his career is back on the rails thanks to hard taskmaster Mark Hughes.

"Maybe when I had my injuries, I still didn't know exactly what I needed to do at the time to get myself right," he told the Lancashire Evening Telegraph.

"I saw a guy in Birmingham who got my head right, and I worked hard with a couple of other people down there, which was great.

"But I think the big thing was when I came to Blackburn and saw how professional this place was, and what was really expected of you to perform at this level.

"Every single day in training you've got to be at it, and the standard here is great.

"If it does drop below that then you do get told about it and they're not happy.

"And, likewise, when you are doing well, they encourage you and praise you as well.

"So every single day I come into training now, I know I've got to be right at it.

"Everyone here, from one to 18, goes out to training wanting to be the best player out there, and that's a great thing to have in a team."