Drenthe: Impossible to reject Real Madrid

Royston Drenthe admits his move to Real Madrid is a dream come true.

The former Feyenoord wing-back was presented to fans and media yesterday and declared: "When I was a boy, I enjoyed watching the great players at Real Madrid like Roberto Carlos and David Beckham.

"Madrid is a club of true greatness and it is impossible to say no to them.

"I feel phenomenal. A footballer always wants to turn his dreams into reality. First, to win the U21 title was very special and it was a step forward in my career. Now, I have made the biggest step of all by coming to Real Madrid."

On his style of play, Drenthe added: "I like to attack, I see myself as a midfielder on the left, also a winger. I like to create danger and goal chances. My passion is to create danger and goal chances."

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