LA Galaxy captain Landon Donovan says its a happier place after victory over Portland Timbers.

Donovan said he wasn't so sure if the team had turned the so-called corner, but at least they've gotten a glimpse of what's around the bend.

"I think to be honest, I think we turned a little bit of a corner the weekend before (in Kansas City)," he said. "We played a team that's now 7-0 and played them at home. We played OK against them and didn't give them too many chances and had a chance to tie it at the end. I think that's when we started to feel better.

"Last week was a little better, but we're still a long way from where we need to be, where we should be. It's a good test this weekend."

Donovan said the early slump - three losses in the first four games - actually could work to their benefit in the long run.

"All in all, I still think it's good this wakeup call is coming now," he said. "We need to figure it out and quickly. The league this year is a lot tougher than it has ever been, and it's going to keep getting tougher. More money is available, teams are getting better … we can't just keep sort of hanging around the bottom and say we'll make our push later. We've got to do it.

"Next thing you know you're not in the playoffs, and then there's real problems."