USA international Clint Dempsey says settling at Fulham has been a lot easier than first expected.

"I thought the biggest challenge for me would be the food and the weather, but to my surprise the weather has been good," he told "I wasn't here in the summer too much when it was flooding, but when I came over here, from late January to May there were a good amount of days when it was sunny. I thought it was going to be raining every single day and that wasn't the case! I've been backwards and forwards to the States and to Hong Kong and it seems that the times I haven't been here, the weather has been bad so maybe I'm blessed.

He continued, "And the food is good. I thought it was going to be a big difference in quality but it's been good. I've eaten a lot of European cuisines that I hadn't tried because in the States I was stuck with the same things; Mexican food and traditional American food like barbecues, hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza, but here I can eat sushi, Asian Food, Indian food, and I'm eating more seafood in general. So it's been good, the restaurants are nice over here."