Former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore has questioned Jose Mourinho criticising Chelsea's forwards in public.

Collymore wrote in the People: "Imagine a scenario whereby it is the final day of the season and Chelsea can clinch the title with a win over Cardiff.

"All they need is one more goal, so Jose Mourinho takes a look toward his bench as the game enters the latter stages of the second half.

"Fernando Torres and Demba Ba are sat down. These two men, who have spent their entire lives scoring goals, are kitted up and ready to go.

"But what will be going through the mind of the Special One?

"In normal circumstances he would tell them to get ready. 'Go and win us the league,' he might roar.

"But now he has insinuated they are not good enough to be at the club and their heads have been filled with more doubts over their ability, how can Jose call on them to ride to the rescue?"