Chelsea's Terry: England players appreciate McClaren enthusiasm

Chelsea and England captain John Terry says Three Lions boss Steve McClaren's hands-on approach is favoured by the players.

"There are little similarities between Steve and [Chelsea manager Jose] Mourinho. They like to get involved in training and do it all themselves," said Terry, who has won the Premier League twice under the Portuguese coach.

"That is a big part because I don't think it works too well when the manager stands on the side and gets someone else to do it."

Terry continued: "When the manager is hands on himself like Steve, then the manager holds his hands up if anything goes wrong.

"They say it is them who made the mistake because they have been making their decisions all week.

"When they are out there all week you get the camaraderie, you get a nice buzz and togetherness.

"Steve's team meetings are very enthusiastic. His training sessions are very good, very sharp and very well organised.

"We don't just come away and do the same stuff over and over again. He varies it very well and has got many qualities."

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