Catania President Antonio Pulvirenti has unveiled plans for a new stadium.

Pulvirenti has revealed that plans are already set in motion for the club to build a new €100m 35,000 capacity stadium in Sicily.

The Elefanti owner confirmed on Friday that designs have already been drawn up and the first planning stage has already been completed.

"We have always favoured the idea of doing, rather than saying," stated Pulvirenti.

"So yesterday I presented to Mayor Stancanelli the club's project for a new stadium and in the coming days I will have a similar meeting with the President of the province.

"For us it is an investment of between €80m and €100m. Our idea is to build the new facility in Librino [about 6km south of the city-based Stadio Angelo Massimino] through a project-financing scheme with the involvement of the public - in fact, the same area will also host new business centre for the city."