AS Roma have signed Fabio Borini outright.

He was co-owned by Parma and Roma, but the Giallorossi now own him outright after offering €4.9m for 50 per cent of his contract compared with Parma's €4.26m.

Meanwhile, Bologna won the bidding war for Alessandro Diamanti with an offer of €3.36m, just beating Brescia's €3.1m.

Fiorentina have won their auctions for both Houssine Kharja and Andrea Lazzari, who were co-owned with Genoa and Cagliari respectively.

The other players who went to this morning's blind auction were:

Mirco Antenucci (Torino-Catania) - winner Catania

Francesco Bolzoni (Genoa-Siena) - winner Siena

Houssine Kharja (Genoa-Fiorentina) - winner Fiorentina

Andrea Lazzari (Fiorentina-Cagliari) - winner Fiorentina

Andrea Caracciolo (Brescia-Genoa) - winner Brescia