Blackburn Rovers boss Mark Hughes has gone against the Premiership tide, insisting the idea of awarding a Champions League place to the FA Cup winner is a good one.

"For teams outside the top four it's a great thought," said the Rovers chief.

"Whether or not it's correct morally, I'm not so sure because you could possibly see a situation where you play no-one, end up getting to a Cup final, have a good day at Wembley, and then get a Champions League place.

"I just think you have to give the opportunity to teams who wouldn't normally be able to get in the Champions League at least a glimmer of hope because, at the moment, it's less than a glimmer.

"So I don't see why they shouldn't look at it, but then I'm just looking at it purely from a personal point of view, because it's maybe an easier route than 38 League games."