Arsenal midfield ace Cesc Fabregas has revealed he's getting into comedy!

The Spanish youngster admitted: "I am a fan of Little Britain. I know Matt Lucas. We met at a charity event and we're preparing to do things together. But I can't tell you more about it now.

"We're not very strict with our diet. We eat well when the squad stays together and, after that, each of us is professional enough to take care of himself off the pitch.

"I'm not a glutton but I like doughnuts, especially small ones covered with chocolate. Who doesn't?"

While Thierry Henry used to get his team-mates pumped up by playing hip-hop music in the dressing room, hapless Fabregas complains that nowadays it is Arsenal's African stars who are making him suffer with their own ear-bashing tastes.

He said: "It's driving me crazy. It's like having a drum in your head."