Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor admits he was stunned by the way they conceded their penalty against Liverpool in last week's Champions League elimination.

"That penalty for Liverpool, to be honest, for me it was like I was watching a video or a game on a PlayStation," he told the Independent on Sunday. "Why? Because I just couldn't believe it."

He describes it like an out-of-body experience, a moment made all the more surreal because as Ryan Babel tumbled in the Arsenal penalty area, Adebayor was still in the act of prayer - a little ritual he has after he scores a goal. One moment he was thanking the man upstairs, the next he was using the kind of language that would be generally frowned upon in church.

"We were trying to do something, to equalise and it was not easy and then six minutes from the end of the game we did it, we came back to 2-2. As a player you think 'F***, we came back to 2-2, we had a good chance and we lost'. Sorry about the language but you must know what I mean.

"We were in the Champions League semi-final and you can imagine how excited we must have been. If I remember, Torres passed the ball to somebody - maybe Kuyt? - and when they passed the ball to Babel I was praying and watching. Then I saw the penalty had been given and I was like oooofff."