Arsenal whiz Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain says Newcastle United will be fine under Alan Pardew.

Pardew gave Ox his first team debut at Southampton.

"He was a crucial person in my development, and the way he brought me into the first-team was really the start of my career," he said. "I thank him for that. I said hello to him tonight and he has shown that he's a great manager. I'm sure Newcastle will back him 100% and he has all of the qualities to turn this around. He's a likeable character.

"He doesn't beat around the bush and players respect that. He gives good advice when you need to do better.

"He's shown he can come back from difficult moments. He's had results in the past that have been tough, but his teams always come back fighting. It's never easy to play any of his teams, so I'm confident he will do well."