Arsenal striker Eduardo da Silva is in the middle of a family feud.

The uncle of Eduardo 's wife will be prosecuted for attempted fraud after trying to claim a £1million cut of the Croatia striker's transfer to Arsenal.

Miljenko Radivojevic, 48, saw his claim to the money dismissed by a court in Zagreb and will himself be prosecuted for allegedly forging an agreement he claimed to have with the Brazil-born player, reports French news agency AFP.

Eduardo, 26, is also said to be pursuing Radivojevic for alleged deception.

The businessman had gone to court claiming he had a contract dating back to 2003 which entitled him to 10 per cent of the value of every contract signed by Eduardo, who left Dinamo Zagreb for Arsenal for £7.5million two years ago.

However, Eduardo denied ever agreeing the deal and prosecuters in Zagreb allege that Radivojevic had forged the contract.