Arsenal skipper Robin van Persie has highlighted the influence of Theo Walcott on his stunning goal scoring form.

Van Persie says the contributions of team-mate Walcott are the fuel that keeps his fire burning.

"Theo has given me more assists than anyone else this year," he told "I've certainly noticed it and that's why I really liked the fact that he gave me the ball for my 100th goal - it was meant to be!

"Hopefully I can give him some proper assists as well, because as a striker I believe assists are just as important as the goals you score.

"Theo's assists aren't lucky - they're proper assists, down to good movements, good actions, good final balls. For me that's perhaps even more important than a goal.

"For example, I look back at my first goal against Chelsea and don't really feel that it's mine - it's 95 per cent down to Gervinho. And my first goal against Norwich was 90 per cent Theo's - a fantastic first touch, great pace, good cross and bang, I tap it in.

"OK, it goes in my name, but that's a tiny part of the story. I do appreciate that, and hopefully I can give him and all the other guys just as much back."