Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says Gervinho's pace is becoming a key part of their game.

Wenger says Gervinho's dynamism in the final third makes a difference to Arsenal's attacking play and can give any defence a problem.

"It is very rare when people have that [ability to beat players in the penalty area] because you need to be quick over a very short distance without losing the ball," the Frenchman told "Gervinho has that capability.

"He has the capability to score and make assists. I would say as well his mobility [is key] - our game is based on that.

"His movement is great - he moves well in the final third - and he can pass people there too. We saw that on both occasions against Stoke for Robin's goals.

"Other teams are tempted to put the quickest defender on Theo Walcott but Gervinho is very quick as well. We multiply our options speed-wise with him."