West Ham United boss Sam Allardyce says they must be careful with their spending going to the Olympic Stadium.

Big Sam also had a stark warning for owners David Gold and David Sullivan, who are desperate to get their feet under the table in Stratford.

The boss said: "I haven't been told how moving stadium might affect my budget. But I would hope there's one thing you have to bear in mind. You cannot build a white elephant. The white elephant would be a great stadium but no team - disaster.

"We have to manage our finances carefully because of the over-riding debt at the football club.

"I think the owners top that up with their own wealth but somewhere down the line they'll want to create a situation where that doesn't have to happen.

"The long-term future is not only a new stadium but a new training facility to go with it. Years of good financial management are needed as well as success on the field."