AC Milan striker Stephan El Shaarawy insists he gets along with coach Max Allegri.

El Shaarawy was dropped by Allegri last season.

"Massimiliano Allegri tells me I'm more predictable when I cut in from the left, so I should play more as an out and out striker. I'll know how to adapt, even though I do find it easier to start from the left, as that's where I started out. I'm enthusiastic.

"I also want to clarify there has never been a row with Allegri. When he dropped me against Napoli, he explained his ideas and I accepted them calmly. I was fully aware that I wasn't the same El Shaarawy as a few months earlier. I was on the bench, there was no need to stir up the chaos that followed in the media.

"I've learned from that experience for the future. I learned that football can change from one day to the next, whether it turns positive or negative. You have to keep a level head in success and failure."