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Fortune Coins Bonuses 2024: Your Detailed Guide to Fortune Coins Promos

Mike McKean
Fact checked by: Dave Kuzio
Last Updated on 12.06.2024

Signing up at Fortune Coins Casino gives you access to an exciting collection of free promotions. You land your first Fortune Coins bonus via the welcome package, and more are available as you continue playing on the website.

In this review, we aim to uncover the array of promotions available at Fortune Coins casino. So, if you’re considering joining the site, the details we provide will prove insightful. Plus, we’ll detail tips to help you make the most of the free coins up for grabs. Read on as we go over everything you need to know.

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Fortune Coins Social Casino Bonus
Claim Your Free 650,000 Gold Coins & 1,400 Fortune Coins
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Detailing the Extensive Fortune Coins Welcome Package

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When you sign up at Fortune Coins Casino, you’re greeted with an impressive pack of free coins. The social casino welcomes you with a generous 630,000 GCs and 1,000 FCs as a part of its new player bonus package. With such a substantial amount at your disposal from the get-go, you can play any game. Additionally, there’s no need for a Fortune Coins bonus code, making the process even smoother.

To make things interesting, Fortune Coins gradually releases the free coins as you complete consecutive tasks. Check them out below:

Sign Up100,000 Gold Coins and 200 Fortune Coins
Verify Your Phone Number10,000 Gold Coins and 100 Fortune Coins
Turn On Email Notifications100,000 Gold Coins and 300 Fortune Coins
Turn On Sms Notifications100,000 Gold Coins and 200 Fortune Coins
Connect Your Google20,000 Gold Coins and 100 Fortune Coins
1st-Day Login Bonus300,000 Gold Coins and 100 Fortune Coins

7 Days of Login Bonuses!

As the table shows, the last prize is a daily login bonus. Guess what? Fortune Coins doesn’t limit the login bonus to only your first day. You can claim it for up to seven days, provided you access your account. Here are the rest of the rewards you can get from the daily login bonus:

  • 2nd Day: 500,000 Gold Coins and 150 Fortune Coins
  • 3rd Day:  550,000 Gold Coins and 100 Fortune Coins
  • 4th Day:  600,000 Gold Coins and 140 Fortune Coins
  • 5th Day: 650,000 Gold Coins and 100 Fortune Coins
  • 6th Day: 700,000 Gold Coins and 150 Fortune Coins
  • 7th Day: 1,000,000 Gold Coins and 180 Fortune Coins

If you add up all your daily login rewards, your balance as a new player gets as high as 4,300,000 GCs and 930 Fortune Coins. Rest assured, it’ll take a long time before you exhaust the coins while playing your favorite games.

Social Casino Bonus
Claim Your Free 650,000 Gold Coins & 1,400 Fortune Coins
Min. Deposit: -
Cashable: Yes
Odd: -
Get Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
Social Casino Bonus
Daily Bonus: 30K Gold Coins + 100 Fortune Coin
Min. Deposit: -
Cashable: Yes
Odd: -
Get Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+

Clinching the Fortune Coins Sweepstake Casino Bonus as a New Player

With the generous offering of GCs and FCs, you’ll undoubtedly want to lay your hands on the Fortune Coins welcome bonus. The best part? The process is straightforward. We tried it ourselves and received our Gold Coins and Fortune Coins in under 10 minutes. Here are the steps involved:

1. Visit the Fortune Coins Website and Register

Getting started is as easy as visiting from our site or directly, and clicking on the Sign Up button located at the top of the page. From there, fill in the required details, agree to the terms and conditions, and submit your registration. Alternatively, you can create an account more quickly by opting for Google.

2. Verify Your US Phone Number

Fortune Coins will require you to enter your phone number for verification before accessing any feature—bonus or games. But don’t let it beat you up, as the process is straightforward. You’ll get a code by SMS. Input it into the designated space on the site, and you’re all set. Then, you’ll get 10,000 more Gold Coins and 100 Fortune Coins.

3. Turn On Email and SMS Alerts

The third step is to grant Fortune Coins permission to send messages to your email and SMS inbox. These are mainly alerts on upcoming promotions or other essential news about the sweepstakes casino. So, besides the fact that you get a reward, it’s worth activating email and SMS notifications. That way, you won’t miss any Fortune Coins promo code offers if they become available. You can turn on both notifications in your account settings.

4. Connect Your Google Account

If you didn’t sign up with Google initially, you’ll have to link your account in your settings to get the next round of the Fortune Coins Casino bonus. That is, 20,000 GCs and 100 SCs. According to our checks, it’s a quick process that only requires authentication. Once connected, the bonus shows up in your account.

5. Get the 1st Day Login Bonus 

To complete the process, go for the 300,000 Gold Coins and 100 Fortune Coins from the first-day login bonus. Then, it’s time for the next phase. With your account now stocked with GCs and FCs, navigate to the Fortune Coins lobby to explore the various games available. The site boasts a diverse selection of games you’re sure to find exciting. So, browse the collection, find titles that pique your interest, launch them, and let the fun begin.

Elite Tips for Using the Fortune Coins Bonus As a New Player

Indeed, the welcome offer at Fortune Coins is incredibly generous. Also, obtaining the rewards is seamless, as there’s no requirement for Gold Coins or Sweeps Cash no deposit promo codes like at some alternative websites. That said, simply receiving the bonus isn’t enough to fully benefit from it. While the coins guarantee free gaming on the platform, it’s vital to approach them strategically. Drawing from our experience, the following tips will help you make the most of the Fortune Coins bonus:

Play More Jackpot Games

Fortune Coins features exclusive games with four jackpots: Mini, Super, Grand, and Fortune. These games offer thousands to millions of FCs when you win, away from the regular prizes. So, we rate them as ideal for using your Fortune Coins sweepstake casino bonus. From our review, the best ones you can play include Lucky Panda, Hot777, Wheel of Luck, and Fishermen’s Reel.

Reach Out to Customer Service if You Have Verification Issues

While analyzing the Fortune Coins Casino bonus, we found that some players don’t get the reward on time due to phone number verification issues. If you’ve not registered an account before, you shouldn’t face this problem. But if you do, for any reason, contact the customer service agents immediately for resolutions.

Focus on the Fun

You can agree that Fortune Coins is generous with its GC and FC bonuses. However, that shouldn’t be your primary target. Before you redeem prizes from the bonus FCs, Fortune Coins will check your account for irregular play. If the casino discovers your primary target for claiming the promotions was to redeem prizes, your request won’t be accepted.

Finding Answers to Common Fortune Coins Promo Code Questions

It’s expected to have questions about the bonuses and rewards available at Fortune Coins Casino. From our experience in the US social gaming space, new players share similar inquiries. To assist you in navigating these bonuses more effectively, we’ve provided valid answers to common questions that may arise as you create your Fortune Coins account:

🎁 Can I get a purchase bonus at Fortune Coins Casino?

Yes, you can get a purchase bonus at Fortune Coins Casino. Usually, FCs come as a complimentary bonus when you buy a GC package. It’s important to note that Fortune Coins are not purchasable in any way. You can find the specific FC bonus from GC packages on the purchase page. However, note that making payments at the social casino is entirely optional.

🎭 What is the Fortune Coins mystery bonus?

The Fortune Coins mystery bonus is a reward the social casino awards randomly to players. You become eligible for this bonus by logging into your account daily. The prize and the precise release date of the bonus are unpredictable, which is why it’s a mystery. Nevertheless, from our findings, you get more Fortune Coins than Gold Coins from the mystery bonus.

📱 Does Fortune Coins have an app bonus?

No, Fortune Coins doesn’t have a specific app bonus. At the moment, the social casino has yet to launch a downloadable application for players to install. Nevertheless, all promotions on the website are available if you access the platform using your smartphone’s browser. The interface is intuitive and optimized, making the experience seamless and enjoyable.

🎰 What casino games can I play with the Fortune Coins bonus?

You can play several casino-style games with the Fortune Coins Casino bonus. After getting the GCs and FCs from the signup promo, you can access the lobby of slots, fish games, and jackpots. Each one is available for free play using the coins, so you can go with any that interests you.

📅 How long does the Fortune Coins sign up bonus last?

The GCs and FCs you receive as part of the Fortune Coins welcome bonus don’t come with an expiration date. In other words, you can freely use the coins to play games at any time. However, it’s crucial that your account remains active. If you fail to log in for 120 consecutive days, your account becomes inactive, and you’ll forfeit all Fortune Coins. You’ll only find the Gold Coins in your account if you eventually log in.

Discover More Fortune Coins Bonus Code Rewards and Exclusive VIP Perks

Usually, you can expect more promo codes from sweeps casinos to claim additional rewards. The same is true for Fortune Coins. The site further enhances the social gaming experience by offering many exciting promotions besides the initial welcome offer. Additionally, there’s a VIP program with exclusive perks that’s too good to overlook. Let’s go into the specifics of these rewards available at the sweepstakes casino:

Today’s Contest

From our checks, this is one of the most recent Fortune Coins bonus offers you can claim. It presents a prize pool as high as 300,000,000 GCs and 300,000 FCs. Interestingly, what you have to do to enroll is straightforward. Play the featured game in the contest and hit the target multiplier and minimum play size. Since it’s a daily promotion, the game, target multipliers, and required play size vary from time to time.


The Fortune Coins Refer-a-Friend promotion is a massive one. As a registered player, you’ll get a bonus whenever you recommend a new user to sign up and if they make a purchase. The bonus you receive varies depending on your referral’s package, ranging from 400,000 Gold Coins and 200 Fortune Coins to an outstanding 120 million GCs and 4,500 FCs. Check out the precise details below:

Package Bought by Referred PlayerThe Bonus You Receive
1,000,000 GC400,000 Gold Coins & 200 Fortune Coins
5,000.000 GC1,250,000 Gold Coins & 500 Fortune Coins
20,000,000 GC4,000,000 Gold Coins & 1,000 Fortune Coins
50,000,000 GC7,500,000 Gold Coins & 1,500 Fortune Coins
200,000,000 GC20,000,000 Gold Coins & 2,000 Fortune Coins
700,000,000 GC70,000,000 Gold Coins & 3,000 Fortune Coins
1,200,000,000 GC120,000,000 Gold Coins & 4,500 Fortune Coins

Finding a social casino referral program that beats the above is quite challenging. Hence, it’s safe to say the Refer-a-Friend promotion is one of the best Fortune Coins sweepstake casino bonus offers.

FC Streamer

This promotion doesn’t precisely get you a reward, like free Gold Coins and Fortune Coins. Nevertheless, if you qualify, you get a chance to be featured on Fortune Coins’ official streaming channel, Fortune Coins TV. You’ll appreciate the publicity if you’re an individual streamer, and the events on schedule are pretty intriguing. To qualify, all you have to do is submit a form.

Fortune Star of the Month VIP Program

The Fortune Star of the Month Program is an exclusive loyalty club with exciting bonuses tailored to boost your gaming sessions. During our extensive Fortune Coins review, we found that membership to this prestigious club is by invitation only. Nevertheless, you earn a spot through regular gameplay with Gold Coins and Fortune Coins.

As with most loyalty clubs, the Fortune Star of the Month program operates on a level-by-level structure. So, the more you play, the higher your rank and the better rewards you receive. However, Fortune Coins didn’t make the tiers public. You’ll only find out the levels to scale when you get in. But what we’re sure of is that you’ll enjoy the below benefits:

  • Welcome Bonus: Fortune Coins will give you a personalized welcome reward upon joining the club, plus additional rewards each month you maintain your status.
  • Reward Bonus: You can enjoy random bonuses designed to give you more Fortune Coins.
  • Weekly Rakeback: As a VIP player, you’ll get back a percentage of your weekly GC and FC plays as a bonus.
  • Tailored Weekly and Monthly Deals: With this perk, you benefit from exclusive bonuses offered throughout the week and month. These are mainly purchase discount offers for the GC package, but note that it’s 100% optional.
  • Personal Account Manager: You’ll also get a dedicated account manager for premium and fast assistance when you reach higher levels in the Fortune Coins VIP program.

Fortune Coins Social Casino Bonus

More on Fortune Coins social casino bonus offers

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A Point-Blank Assessment of the Fortune Coins Sweepstake Casino Bonus

Laying hands on the welcome bonus at Fortune Coins was a seamless process for us. Our registration was via Google, which only took seconds. Then, we received the initial part of the offer. Proceeding, we entered a valid US phone number and got the next set of GCs and FCs after verification. Fortune Coins instantly released the corresponding rewards after we opted in for email and SMS notifications. The first-day login bonus was the last we received.

We spent time playing Gates of Olympus and Money Train 3. Then, we switched to fruity-themed games with 5 Mega Juicer and Expanding Master. Of course, we didn’t skip spinning the reels of Fortune Coins jackpot games like Lucky Panda, Hot777, and Emily’s Treasure. Thanks to the switch at the top of the site, we found it easy to transition between GC and FC mode.

Redeeming the FC from Our Fortune Coins Casino Bonus

We sure had fun gaming with the Fortune Coins casino bonus GCs and FCs. But eventually, our focus shifted towards redeeming prizes. Fortune Coins casino has a straightforward policy that requires a 1x playthrough and a minimum of 5,000 FC for prize redemptions. We got over 1,900 Fortune Coins from the welcome bonus, so it took us up to four weeks to accumulate more and complete the playthrough.

Once we reached the minimum threshold, we submitted a redemption request via a savings account. Specifically, our balance of eligible FCs was 5,065. Fortune Coins exchanges 100 FCs for $1, so our 5,065 FCs were redeemed for $50.65. Based on our checks, bank redemptions take 3 to 5 working days to process. We got the prize in our account within the fourth day.

Note This to Avoid Hassles With the Fortune Coins Welcome Promotion

Once you complete the registration tasks and get the Fortune Coins bonuses, that’s it. There’s nothing else to be bothered about. However, we must pinpoint a fact about the daily login bonus. It’s essential to note that the offer requires consecutive logins.

So, from the day you sign up, you have to log in every day for a week to receive all the coins. Don’t miss a day, or you’ll be disqualified from receiving the remaining bonuses. Besides this, we didn’t notice any hassle while exploring the Fortune Coins sweepstake casino bonus for new players.

Try Our Bonus

Fortune Coins
Social Casino Bonus
Claim Your Free 650,000 Gold Coins & 1,400 Fortune Coins
T&Cs apply, 18+
Play Now
Fortune Coins
Social Casino Bonus
Claim Your Free 650,000 Gold Coins & 1,400 Fortune Coins
T&Cs apply, 18+
Play Now

Finalizing Findings About the Diverse Bonus Offers at Fortune Coins Casino

Finding a sweepstakes casino offering a welcome package as huge as the Fortune Coins bonus isn’t a regular occurrence. With a total package of 4,000,000+ GCs and 1,900+ FCs, there’s no argument that the welcome bonus is massive. As explained, this generous offer is delivered in batches rather than all at once. You’ll find it easy by following the instructions and completing the required tasks. Afterward, the Today’s Contest, Refer-a-Friend, and VIP rewards are available to give you more free coins.

While we praise the Fortune Coins promotions, we acknowledge that the 100 FC to $1 redemption rate is relatively low. Most other platforms redeem 1 SC for $1. That said, the array of additional promotions provides ample opportunities to accumulate more FCs and comfortably meet the 5,000 minimum SC requirement. As a result, you can confidently join Fortune Coins, knowing that you’ll enjoy optimal social gaming with the regular bonus coins and 400+ high-quality casino-style games!

Fortune Coins
Social Casino Bonus
Claim Your Free 650,000 Gold Coins & 1,400 Fortune Coins
T&Cs apply, 18+
Play Now

Popular Fortune Coins Sweepstake Casino Bonus Questions With Precise Answers

🔁 How do I get Fortune Coins free spin bonuses?

Fortune Coins doesn’t have free spin bonuses. Instead, you use the GCs and FCs from regular promotions to play slots for free.

✅ Can I trust Fortune Coins bonus offers?

Yes, you can trust Fortune Coins bonus offers, as they’re 100% legit. You don’t have to make any payments to claim them on the social casino website.

💰 How can I cash out my bonus at Fortune Coins?

Fortune Coins doesn’t support cashing out like at conventional casinos. You can only redeem your bonus FCs after completing a 1x playthrough requirement and collecting the minimum redemption amount.

❌ Why can’t I redeem my Fortune Coins GC bonus?

You can’t redeem your Fortune Coins GC bonus because Gold Coins are not sweepstakes entries. Only FCs, the site’s equivalent to Sweeps Cons, are redeemable at the social casino.

🪙 Does Fortune Coins Casino have crypto bonuses?

No, Fortune Coins Casino doesn’t have crypto bonuses. The site’s Fortune Coins (FC) are simply Sweepstakes Coins.

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