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Find All Ladbrokes Maximum Payouts in 2024

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Exploring the Different Ladbrokes Max Payouts

If you’re an ardent online sports punter, Ladbrokes should already be on your radar. Ladbrokes offers bettors massive potential with different sports, various markets, and competitive odds. Here we look at the Ladbrokes max payouts.

Knowing an operator’s maximum payout is important because it is a major deciding factor when choosing a bookie, especially for high-rollers. Furthermore, it will also determine the maximum amount you can bet on any specific sport or market. We’ll dig deeper into this connection in our in-depth review.

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Gunning for the Maximum Win at Ladbrokes

Chances are, you don’t know the maximum amount an online bookmaker can pay out for a particular sport. You may not even have known there was a maximum payout limit.

It’s a topic that was briefly touched upon in our Ladbrokes review, and now in this comprehensive review, we single out Ladbrokes and break down the maximum payout limits for every sport. You’ll notice that every sport and market has a specific limit. Read on to learn more about these limits.

Ladbrokes Max Payout on Football

As mentioned, football fans have the biggest joy at Ladbrokes or any other bookmaker when it comes to the max payout. As a result, you may be wondering what the max payout is at Ladbrokes for football. The Ladbrokes max payout for this group of punters is $1,000,000.

The Ladbrokes max payout on football will only apply to top competitions worldwide. They include the World Cup qualifiers and the English Premier League. Other competitions include the UEFA Champions League, the EFL, and the Scottish Premiership.

Remember that the $1,000,000 cap is for markets such as total goals scored or the overall match result. If you wish to wager on other markets, such as the number of cards, the limit drops to only $250,000. Below, we provide details in the table regarding Ladbrokes max payouts for the different football competitions and leagues:

Football Championships and LeaguesLadbrokes Max Payout
World Cup$1,000,000
Euro 2024$1,000,000
Champions League$1,000,000
Europa League$1,000,000
Premier League$1,000,000
National League$500,000
Scottish Premiership$1,000,000
Scottish Championship$500,000
Scottish League 1&2$500,000
Bundesliga/Serie A/La Liga$1,000,000

Ladbrokes Max Payout on Horse Racing

Horse racing fans will be pleased with the maximum payout limits set by Ladbrokes. Compared to other online bookmakers such as Bet365, William Hill, and Unibet, Ladbrokes is a co-leader, with $1,000,000 as the upper win limit when betting on horses.

Furthermore, this max payout applies to top competitions, such as UK and Irish horse racing. The maximum payout for the races is in the table below:

Horse RacingLadbrokes Max Payout
UK Horse Racing$1,000,000
Irish Horse Racing$1,000,000

Ladbrokes Max Payout on Golf

When it comes to golf, the operator offers $500,000, which is a market-leading amount. However, this figure applies to major championship golf, the DP World Tour, and the PGA Tour. Unfortunately, this figure drops by half during the weekly golf action across the DP and PGA Tours. We sum up the details regarding the Ladbrokes max payouts for golf follow below:

GolfLadbrokes Max Payout
Golf (Majors)$500,000
Golf (PGA Tour)$250,000

Ladbrokes Max Payout on Tennis

Tennis is another fan favourite, and like football, the max payout limit depends on the competition. The Grand Slam Tennis ranks the highest at $500,000, while the ATP follows at half the figure, ranking second overall among top bookies. The WTA has the lowest limit at $100,000.

TennisLadbrokes Max Payout
Grand Slam Tennis$500,000
ATP Tennis$250,000
WTA Tennis$100,000

What is the Max Payout on Ladbrokes for Other Sports Betting Categories?

Not all sports offered at Ladbrokes reach the same high payout limits demonstrated for football, horse racing, golf or tennis. Here’s a table with all the other sports and their respective maximum payouts:

SportLadbrokes Max Payout
NBA Basketball$250,000
NFL American Football$250,000
Esports Match Winner Betting$100,000
Virtual Sports Betting$100,000
Rugby Match Betting$250,000

What Effect Does the Ladbrokes Max Payout Have on Your Betting?

After learning about the Ladbrokes max payout, you must be asking yourself how this limit affects your betting. Well, the first aspect is the maximum bet amount. Remember, a higher bet amount makes it more likely for you to hit the max payout.

Of course, the odds and markets will come into play. For instance, if you opt for a goal scorer with odds of 12 to 1, the payout limit is $250,000. As such, your maximum wager will be about $20,800. On the other hand, an evens bet will see you bet a maximum of $1 million. With this example, you can see just how the maximum payout limits impact the entire betting process.

Don’t forget that bonuses at Ladbrokes will also play a role in the max payouts. Depending on the type of bonus you use, you might want to adjust your bets to not exceed the win limitations. For instance, say you are eligible for some sort of odds boost on a winning bet and you want to apply it on one of your bets; you will naturally want to make sure that the potential winnings stays under by adjusting your wager based on how much of a boost you would get if the bet were to win.

How to Find a Bookmaker with the Highest Maximum Payout

As you’ve learned from our guide on the Ladbrokes max payout limit, several factors determine how much an online bookmaker will pay. Furthermore, it’s not just one figure but several figures based on the sport and market you choose.

Of course, for a punter like you, this is a lot of work, loading one site after another and reading the terms and conditions. Instead, the best way to go about this is to read a comparison guide. Look no further, because we have done the heavy lifting for you.

Our expert reviewers go through each bookmaker using a standard checklist. This checklist applies regardless of whether the bookie boasts popularity or an upcoming site you’ve never come across before. With such a meticulous and objective approach to all reviews, you can rest assured of accurate information on high-maximum-payout bookmakers.

Ladbrokes Max Payout: The Advantages and Disadvantages

The Ladbrokes max payout on horses and golf may be a leading asset in payout limits, but it also has several other strengths worth highlighting. Below, we explore the pros and cons of this bookmaker:

  • Second highest max payout after bet365 and William Hill
  • Information about max payout is readily available
  • Array of payment methods
  • Wide range of betting markets
  • The max payout depends on the type of competition

With a wide range of betting markets and taking second place in terms of overall max payout, Ladbrokes could be the right choice for you if you have your eye on max win limits to begin with. Besides, you have plenty of payment methods to use when cashing out. However, the maximum payout depends on the sport and competition; WTA Tennis, for example, is rather low at $100,000, but the Grand Slam Tennis offers a $500,000 max payout. Thus be mindful that all payouts are tiered, and check the rules of your specific competition to keep the limits in mind.

Final Thoughts on Ladbrokes Max Payouts

Ladbrokes ranks among the top online bookmakers, offering high max payout limits. Football takes the lead with a win limit of $1,000,000, which applies to several major leagues. Although this doesn’t quite match up to bet365, which offers $2,000,000 for football, this is still an excellent base for football bettors.

The same $1,000,000 rule goes for horse racing, at least for major races in the UK and Ireland. Pleasingly, Ladbrokes also offers competitive max payouts in other sports, including cricket, rugby, golf, and tennis, although the highest winning threshold for competing sports will drop by an entire half of the highest max payout, if not more. Fortunately, Ladbrokes makes it easy for bettors to check up on the limits of their bets, so you won’t be in for any surprises.

❓Which online bookmaker has the highest max payout?

The maximum payout varies from one bookmaker to another. Furthermore, different sports and even various markets within these sports have maximum payout limits too. Therefore, there’s no one answer for this. However, you can read our maximum payout reviews and comparisons, which will do the heavy lifting for you.

🏇 What is the maximum payout amount for horse racing at Ladbrokes?

The Ladbrokes max payout on horse racing is $1,000,000. This is for both Irish and UK horse racing events.


The maximum payout limit for the UEFA Champions League is $1,000,000 for markets such as total goals scored or the overall match result. However, if you bet on the number of cards, the limit will drop to $250,000.

⏳ How long does it take for Ladbrokes to pay out?

The payouts will vary. Expect to receive your winnings within four business days. But if you want your winnings even faster, consider an option like PayPal. With this option, you can receive funds within 8 hours.

💰What happens if I win a bet that exceeds the maximum payout at Ladbrokes?

In such an event, you will have to accept the maximum amount indicated for the specific market and sport.

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