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Tricast Calculator: Calculate Stakes, Odds & Returns on Tricast Bets

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Want greater insight into your tricast bets? Look no further than our easy-to-use, 100% free tricast odds calculator. Use it to breeze through your tricast calculations and figure out how many combinations are in your bet.

If you’re new to tricast betting, we’ve put together everything you need to know to get started and how to use our calculator to its fullest. Tricast betting is for more advanced bet strategists, yes, but between our guide and easy calculator, you’ll have the support you need to get started.

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Set up Your Trifecta Bets with the Help of This Calculator


What is a Tricast Calculator?

Our tricast betting odds calculator is just one of our many specially designed betting calculators that work to help you with your bet strategies. In this case, it’s specifically designed to help you better understand potential tricast bets. It works with multiple different types of tricast bets as well (more on that in a bit) and lets you customise how many runners or racers are in attendance.

Core Purpose of the Tricast Odds Calculator

This straight tricast calculator makes it easy to see just how many combinations can occur for you to win your bet and the recommended amount of your bet’s budget you should place on each betting unit of that tricast wager. It works to save you time by instantly making several calculations at once and gives you information you can use to better manage your bankroll and bet strategy.

Types of Tricast Betting

Tricast, otherwise known as trifecta, is a three-way bet used in racing. There are four different types overall:

  • Normal (Straight): Select three racers to finish in the top three. The racers you choose must finish in those exact places.
  • Boxed: Select three racers to finish in the top three, in any order.
  • Standout: Select one racer to win and a small pool of other racers for 2nd and 3rd.
  • Roving Banker: Select one racer you think will make it to the top 3 places for sure, with other selections filling in the remaining 2 places.

Tricast Bets Explained through Examples

To place a tricast bet, you need to make three selections. The selections you make will depend on what type of tricast bet you make:

  • Normal: You bet that horse A will be in first, horse B will be in second, and horse C will be in third. They must finish the race in those places for you to win the bet.
  • Boxed: You bet horses A, B, and C will be in the top three. So long as those three horses are in the top three, you win. Exact places don’t matter.
  • Standout: You bet horses A, B, and C will be in the top three, and Horse B will be first. This means you need horse B to be in first place, but horse A can be 2nd or 3rd, and horse C can be 2nd or 3rd, and you would still win the bet.
  • Roving Banker: You bet horse A (your banker horse) to place in the top 3. You then pick horses B, C, D, and E as potentials to win 2nd and 3rd. So long as your banker finishes in any of the top three places and your other selections fill in the other two top places, then you win.

Why do Bettors Use Tricast Betting?

Tricast bets have much longer odds than traditional straight bets, meaning you can stake a small amount and, if your bet wins, go home with a large potential payout. That’s why it’s a great choice for those looking to safeguard their betting bankroll while also trying to expand it. This type of bet is also great if you have several top-pick winners but don’t know which one to back for first place. Since you can bet on several racers for the top 3, you can increase your probability of making a winning selection.

Sports Perfect for Tricast Bets

Unlike other bets, tricasts can only be used on certain sports. In general, if there are multiple players all competing for first, second or third place in a single event (like a race) you can typically make a tricast bet. This means it’s good for:

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports to make a tricast bet on. Most races have between 6 to 12 horses per race, though this number can go up higher. The great thing about horse racing is that it doesn’t operate on a seasonal basis but rather through several tournaments throughout the year, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try your hand at tricast betting. 

Dog Racing

Dog racing is another popular racing sport that you can make tricast bets on. This is because there are between 6 to 8 dogs in an average race. Unlike with horse racing, where you’d also need to consider the health and skill of the jockey on top of the horse, in dog racing, it’s just the dog. This gives you less to worry about when selecting dogs for your tricast bet.

Car Racing

There are also many different car racing competitions that suit tricast betting, like Formula 1 and NASCAR. These sports have a season and overall winner, so you can bet on the specific race or overall results with the tricast method. In car racing, it’s the driver and the car engineering you must consider, as well as track conditions when making your trifecta bet. 

Get Started with Our Tricast Bet Calculator

Ready to get started with our combination tricast calculator? All you need to do is enter your bet budget (bet amount), the type of tricast bet you are making (normal, boxed, standout or roving banker). You can also choose whether the wager is a flexi, which is useful if you have a hard bet budget. A flexi bet enables you to bet on a percentage of the trifecta bet with your overall budget. To select the positions, enter the number of racers, then choose which racers you want to bet on for first, second, and third place. The more selections you make for each position, the more combinations. More combinations mean more chances for your bet to win.


Our Top 3 Reasons to Start Using Our Tricast Bet Calculator Today

Tricast betting can be tricky, which is why we firmly believe that everyone making this type of bet should try out our tricast bet calculator. After all, you get to enjoy these top three benefits just by using our calculator:

1. Let’s You Focus on Finding the Best Bet Selection

If you want to know just how many ways your bet can win, you can either do the maths manually or let our combination tricast calculator do it for you instantly. Since our calculator takes over all those hard bits, you can focus instead on finding the best bet selection for your approach.

2. Let’s You See How Many Bets You’d Need to Make Instantly

You can add more than three racer selections to your bet (for example, you have four racers that can win first place), but this adds to the stake needed to make the bet, which can make it very pricey. With our calculator, you can see how much it costs to add options instantly, allowing you to make better betting decisions.

3. Can Be Customised for All Tricast Bet Types

With the click of a button, you can adjust the calculator to seamlessly change to a different type of tricast approach, making it a universal tool for those who enjoy making tricast bets. After all, you don’t need to change the page!

Best Bookmakers for Tricast Betting

Since tricast betting is only really available for races, it means that not every sportsbook is going to be a good fit. You also will want a bookmaker who offers competitive odds and online betting bonuses that you can use to change up your betting approach. Not sure where to begin? No worries, just check out our top five recommendations:

Tips for Getting the Most out of Our Tricast Calculator

Our straight tricast calculator tries to do all the heavy lifting for you, but there are still some issues that can impact the results you get and how helpful you find them. To get the most out of our tricast bet calculator, we highly recommend keeping these top tips in mind:

Keep Stakes on Large Combo Tricasts Small

The more combinations in a tricast bet, the larger the cost of the bet. That’s why we recommend lowering the bet amount if you see that the combination is over 100. How much you stake is up to you. However, just make sure it fits your bet budget.

Make Sure You Select the Right Type of Tricast Bet

You can check out multiple tricast bet options with our calculator, so it’s important that you make sure you have the right type of bet selected, otherwise your results won’t be accurate.

Try Out Different Selections

Results update instantly, so play around with your selections to see just how your pick changes the overall combinations and % of unit recommendation to find the sweet spot for your own bet preferences.

What Other Calculators Do We Have Available?

We have many calculators to help you with your bet strategy. If, after figuring out how you like to make tricast bets with our tricast betting odds calculator, you want to try Yankee betting, for example, we also have a Yankee calculator to speed up those difficult calculations. From odds conversion to parlay calculators, we have it all, so explore our offerings to find your go-to set of betting tools:

Make Our Tricast Calculator a Key Part of Your Strategy Today

Our tricast calculator can be used for all four types of tricast bets, making it a great go-to tool for those who enjoy tricast betting in races. Use it to discover the number of combinations, the total cost of your bet, and the percentage of the tricast bet you’re wagering on. Adjustments are instant as well, so you can play around with your selection to find an option that fits your budget and preferences. It’s 100% free to use and has no limits, so try it out and see just how you like tricast betting.

Use Our Tricast Odds Calculator with These Top Bonuses

Our combination tricast calculator can help you plan out and visualise the probability behind your trifecta bets, but that isn’t the only thing to consider! Our top-rated betting sites online also offer some great bonuses that can impact things like the odds you bet on or the potential profit. There are also sport-specific bonuses to consider, so check out our top five recommendations:

Tricast Bet Calculator FAQs

📊 Do tricast bets have to be three selections?

Traditionally, a tricast or trifecta bet is on three racers, but just because it’s what’s popular. You can add more to your selection, but know that adding more typically will involve a greater stake.

❓Do I have to bet on first, second and third place positions?

No, you can bet on which racer will be in any position, from first to last place.

🤔Is tricast betting good for beginners?

Tricast bets are relatively easy to understand, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to make. If you bet for fun, then go for it, but if you want to implement a strategy, aim to take your time researching bets and racer combinations to find a tricast bet you like.

🚦Which type of tricast bet should I start with?

If you are new to tricast betting, it’s best to start with a boxed tricast bet since your racer selection can place anywhere in the top three and win. This gives you a little bit more wiggle room in comparison to a standard or standout bet where you have to be more certain about your selections.

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