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Moneyline Odds Calculator: Calculate Multiple Odds Types & Implied Probability

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Last Updated on 08.07.2024

As one of the most popular wagers today, moneyline bets may seem straightforward, but understanding how much you could win and the implied probability of your bet can be difficult. That’s when you should use our moneyline calculator.

Our guide will teach you how to use our calculator, take you through the results, and help you better integrate our calculator into your moneyline strategy. Having all the information in front of you in an easily understandable way makes a difference when placing bets, so use our free calculator and guide today to boost your strategy approach.

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What Does a Moneyline Odds Calculator Do?

Placing a moneyline bet is one of the most common options, especially for sportsbooks. Odds are clearly and cleverly presented in either a positive or negative format, allowing punters to make snappy decisions on who they want to back regardless of the sport they choose.

Now, what do you do with those odds? Well, that’s where using a moneyline betting calculator becomes an important step in your betting strategy. It provides you with several key bits of data to help you instantly understand the implied probability of your bet and its potential payout based on your bet amount. In a nutshell, it helps you see what your bet means (as in if it’s expected to win or lose based on probability) and how much you’d walk away with if that bet came out successfully.

What’s the Main Purpose of a Moneyline Odds Calculator?

While you can calculate yourself the implied probability of the odds and your potential payout manually, a moneyline odds calculator takes away the stress and anxiety of making an incorrect calculation, affecting your betting strategy. You save time making those calculations and moreover, you better understand how likely your bet is to win by looking at the odds format that makes sense to you most.

What is a Moneyline Bet?

Moneyline bets, also known as straight bets, are so easy! It simply means that you bet on a specific team or player to win the game, tournament, or even the competition.

Remember: there are different contexts of moneyline bets. For example:

  1. Futures: A moneyline bet where you bet on one team or player to win it all in the future, taking home the final trophy at the end of a tournament.
  2. Live Moneyline: A bet on which team or player will win during the game.
  3. Pre-Match Moneyline: Bet on who will win before the match begins.

Real Example of a Moneyline Bet

Take a Premier League match between Bournemouth and Manchester United as an example. When played as part of the regular season and not a tournament such as the FA Cup, this match can have three outcomes: Bournemouth could win, there could be a draw, or Manchester United could win.

  • Bournemouth to win: 2.45
  • Draw: 3.80
  • Manchester United to Win: 2.60

So, let’s now look into how our moneyline odds calculator helps you decide which bet you want to make. Let’s say you’re going to be £10. After inputting the bet amount and the odds given one by one, you’d see the implied probability and payout of each wager as:

OutcomeImplied Probability of OutcomePotential Payout on £10 Stake
Bournemouth to win40.82%£14.50
Manchester United to win38.46%£16

You can quickly and handily use this information to place a bet confidently.

What are the Benefits of Moneyline Betting?

If you don’t want to spend hours calculating which bets you want to make, how much to wager on each one, and so on, then moneyline betting is ideal. Straight bets or moneyline bets are easy to understand, easy to calculate, and easy to know when and if you’ve won, which is why they are so popular in the sports betting community. They are a staple in the betting world, the go-to for casual bettors, and also an essential addition to those with larger, more complex betting strategies.

What Sports Are Moneyline Bets Offered On?

Moneyline bets are available on every sport and event you can bet on. Even when other betting types are unavailable, you can place a moneyline or straight bet. Here are just a few of the top sports you can place moneyline bets on:

Football (Soccer)

In football, you have three match results that you can bet on, as well as tournament winners and overall competition winners. The only downside is that most of the bonuses attached to football betting (for example, free bets) are reserved for acca bets. Even with that hiccup, the straightforward nature of the moneyline bet and the fact that you can make this bet on every game, tournament, or season makes it a popular option.


Moneyline bets are ideal for two-way events like tennis. In tennis, there are no draws, which means that either one player wins or the other does. This makes moneyline bets a standard in the sport and also makes it even easier to work out the implied probability. If you are a conservative bettor, you can bet on the favourite to win; if you want risk, you’ll want to bet on the underdog.


While boxing matches can end in a draw, this is a very rare outcome, which means that you are mostly looking at A or B to win the match. Some matches are heavily publicised as well, adding to the excitement. There are also far fewer prop or point spread bet options, limiting the overall betting market in boxing. This further pushes moneyline bets to the top when it comes to boxing betting.

Here’s Our Moneyline Calculator

Use our moneyline betting calculator to instantly generate odds converted into other formats, as well as the implied probability of winning and expected winnings. Just input the bet amount and the odds of the bet you’re interested in.  Since our calculator features boxes where you can input all odds formats, you don’t need to convert anything first. You could choose American, Fractional, Decimal, or even Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malay odds.

Then, just press “Calculate”.

Moneyline calculator

Odds Type

Top 3 Benefits of Using Our Moneyline Calculator

There are many unique ways that you can use our moneyline calculator to help you improve your bet-making strategies – even if you’re a casual bettor who doesn’t want to put that much work into placing your bets.

1. See How Likely Your Sportsbook Thinks Your Bet Will Win

Sportsbooks use algorithms to calculate the odds for each bet. These odds slightly differ between each sportsbook and can be easier understood by converting into implied probability. Use our calculator to see that implied probability and adjust your stake accordingly.

2. Prep Odds for Sportsbook Comparison in a Second

Since you automatically get the odds you input converted into all five other odds formats, you’re primed and ready to cross-compare sportsbooks faster without changing preferences or logging in. To do this, simply look up the game on your favourite list of sportsbooks (or have a look at our top-rated online betting sites) and see what odds they offer.

3. See How Much You Could Win Instantly, Error-Free

With every calculation, you can see your potential payout, which you can use to help decide how much to stake. These calculations (so long as you input your data correctly) are also instant and error-free, making it easy to determine a better winning strategy.

Who Are the Top Moneyline Bet Bookmakers?

Moneyline bets are best made with the most competitive odds. This means that the sportsbook’s profit margin is as low as possible. You can, of course, find the most competitive odds for your moneyline bet by first using our fair odds calculator. Doing so will give you the true odds for the bet, which you can then compare across sportsbooks. If you just want our recommendations, however, here are our top five picks:

Hottest Tips for Using Our moneyline Percentage Calculator

Our calculator does all the hard work for you, but errors can still happen. To help you enjoy a hassle-free experience, keep these must-know tips in mind:

Make Sure You Input Odds in the Right Box

An easy mistake is putting your odds in the wrong box. This small error can upset the results, so double-check that the odds are in the right place with the corresponding format before pressing calculate.

Ignore the Currency Symbol and Just Input the Stake Value

You don’t need to convert your stake into the currency ($) you see. The values will stay the same since you win in the same currency you bet in. It doesn’t matter if you plan on betting $10, £10, or €10; put 10 in the stake box.

Try Out All Moneyline Results

We recommend trying out our calculator with all two or three moneyline odds to see what kind of results you can expect. Doing this is particularly useful if you want to bet on two results (for example, for your team to win or draw) since it can help you plan out how much you want to bet based on the implied probability and potential payout.

Explore the Other Calculators We Have Available

We offer an array of betting calculators! If you prefer to make acca bets or want to try a more complex strategy like hedging your bets or arbitrage betting, we have you covered. With over 15 different options from spread to moneyline calculator, you’re sure to find the tool you need:

Get Started With Our Moneyline Calculator Today

Our moneyline betting calculator is a straightforward and efficient way to better understand the odds of your bet and the bet itself. It provides you with valuable insight into your potential payout, the implied probability of your bet winning, and the odds in other formats. This makes it easy to decide if the bet’s right for you and primes you for comparing that bet’s odds on other sportsbooks. All that’s left is to get started and add this calculator to your betting toolkit!

Use These Top Bonuses with Our Free moneyline Bet Calculator

While most of the top betting bonuses that we’ve reviewed won’t be available for moneyline bets, that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth claiming. We’ve put together our top five providers offering bonuses that may work with your overall strategy:

Moneyline Percentage Calculator FAQs

🏆If I make a straight bet on a player to score, is that a moneyline bet?

No, moneyline bets are only based on the match, competition, or tournament result. A good way to look at it is that all moneyline bets are straight bets (as opposed to an accumulator), but not all straight bets are moneyline bets (since you can bet on specific events occurring in the game as well).

🥇 Should I always bet on the favourite to win?

This is entirely up to you, as upsets happen all the time. So long as you can afford to lose the money outright, betting on either option is a valid strategy.

🧐 If I bet on a team to win, but it ends in a draw, do I win money?

No, you would have had to bet on a draw result in order to win your bet.

📲 How many times can I use this moneyline calculator?

Our calculator is 100% free and can also be used as often as you need. There are no limits to use.

👀 I bet on a team to win in my acca bet, can I still use this calculator?

No, as that is part of a more complex bet. In order to calculate things like implied probability or your potential payout, we recommend using our accumulator or parlay calculator instead.