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Asian Handicap Calculator: Simplify Asian Handicap Calculations

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You’ve come to the right place if you want a quick and easy way to calculate payout and profit scenarios with the Asian Handicap betting strategy. Our Asian handicap calculator is a breeze to use and provides instant results.

Of course, to get the most out of our free calculator, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of Asian handicap betting, which is where our free betting guide comes into play. Use it to help you learn the basics of Asian handicap betting, how to include our calculator into your approach, and more.

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Explore the Pros of the Asian Handicap with the Aid of Our Calculator

Asian Handicap calculator

Your selection
Home team decimal odds
Home team Asian Handicap
Bookmaker commission
(0.05 = 5%. Leave blank if unsure)
Stake ($)
Calculation options
Specific final score


What is an Asian Handicap Calculator? 

An Asian Handicap odds calculator is a powerful tool that’s used in sports betting that can help you understand your bet better and also prepare for the different outcomes of your Asian handicap bet. The goal of Asian handicap betting, after all, is to eliminate the chance of a draw. This is done by giving one team a virtual lead over the competitor.

Primary Function of Our Asian Handicap Calculator

Our free Asian handicap calculator works by taking in the odds, your chosen handicap, the bookmaker’s commission, stake, and the final score you are betting on to generate potential profit outcomes. You can calculate potential returns for just one specific final score or for all potential scenarios. Using this calculator cannot help win you any bets, of course, but it can help you better understand possible outcomes for all three of the main types of Asian handicaps (full, half, and quarter), so you can pick the best betting approach and odds for your bet style and budget.

What is Asian Handicap Betting?

Asian handicap betting is a unique bet strategy that helps to virtually remove the chance of a draw. The game itself can end in a draw, yes, but in terms of how your bet plays out, there are only two options.

  1. Full Handicap: You bet with whole numbers (1, 2, 3). In this option, draws (known as a push) are still possible.
  2. Half Handicap: You bet with half numbers (0.5, 1.5, 2.5). This option eliminates the possibility of a draw or push result, so you only have win/loss outcomes.
  3. Quarter Handicap: You bet with quarter numbers (0.25, 0.75) to further refine your handicap approach. This approach also eliminates the possibility of a draw.

Basic Examples of Asian Handicap Bets

Asian handicap betting is largely done on games with three results: a win for Team A, Team B, or a draw. Since it can be harder to bet on a three-way finish, bettors have turned towards the Asian handicap approach.

1. Full Handicap Example

In the full handicap example, we’re going to place a negative lead on Chelsea, who is the favourite to win. With a full handicap, draws (known as a push) can still happen. In this case, your stake is returned to you.

Chelsea (-2.0) vs EvertonHandicapGame Outcome ExampleAdjusted ScoreEnd Result
Chelsea Win Example-2.0 on Chelsea3 – 01 – 0Chelsea bet wins
Game Draw Example-2.0 on Chelsea2 – 00 – 0Push (Draw)
Everton Win Example-2.0 on Chelsea1 – 0-1 – 0Everton bet wins

2. Half Handicap Example

In the half handicap example, we will remove the chance for a draw. This way, the bet can either end with Chelsea winning or Everton:

Chelsea vs Everton (+1.5)HandicapGame Outcome ExampleAdjusted ScoreEnd Result
Chelsea Win Example+1.5 on Everton3 – 03 – 1.5Chelsea bet wins
Everton Win Example+1.5 on Everton1 – 11 – 2.5Everton bet wins

3. Quarter Handicap Example

Quarter handicaps allow even more precise betting options but are much more similar to half handicaps in that your bet cannot end in a draw:

Chelsea vs Everton (+1.75)HandicapGame Outcome ExampleAdjusted ScoreEnd Result
Chelsea Win Example+1.75 on Everton3 – 03 – 1.75Chelsea bet wins
Everton Win Example+1.75 on Everton1 – 11 – 2.75Everton bet wins

Why Should You Try Asian Handicap Betting?

As we’ve mentioned, Asian handicap betting (particularly half or quarter) works to eliminate the chance of the game ending in a draw, which is part of the reason why this type of bet is popular. An outcome that ends in a draw throws away all the efforts you put into researching a valuable wager, and most bettors and bookies prefer to have a true winning or losing outcome.

Asian handicap betting is complex but requires in-depth knowledge about the game or teams you are betting on. When you’re betting on what you think the margin of victory will be for a win or lose, you can use your insight into the sport to inform your choices, only furthering the interest in this bet type amongst bettors. Asian handicap betting also allows you to balance the odds, gives you greater flexibility, and can provide higher potential returns than a traditional straight bet.

Does Asian Handicap Betting Work on All Sports?

Asian handicap betting only works on sports with three outcomes (win, win, or draw). It cannot be used in sports where there are places (like horse racing, dog racing, or car racing). Here are just a few examples:

Football (Soccer)

This is one of the most popular sports where you’ll see Asian handicap betting done, particularly when the strengths between the two teams are high; an example is if a team at the top of the table is facing off against a team that’s currently at the bottom. If you are a fan of the underdog team, the Asian handicap method can help you bet on your team and potentially win bets, even if your team themselves lose. 

Football (American)

American football is another big sport where there can be a big difference in strengths between teams, especially since the bottom teams will continue in the NFL season to season without the risk of dropping out. Since there can be such a big strength discrepancy between a top team and a bottom team, the Asian handicap method is a go-to approach for bettors. 


Tennis does not have draws because one player or doubles team must always win. However, it does have clear favourites and underdogs. The only difference here is that bettors are more free to use full handicap than half or quarter since there’s already no chance for a draw or push result. When Asian handicap betting is applied to tennis you can narrow the discrepancies between the favourite and underdog. You can bet on match results, sets, games, double faults and break of serve. 

Get Started with Our Asian Handicap Calculator

Ready to try our Asian handicap betting calculator? To do this, simply select which team (the home or away) you want to bet on and the decimal odds of that team winning (you’ll find this on the sportsbook). Then, put in the handicap you want. This can be a whole handicap, half or quarter, and the stake.

You then have a few options. You can add in the bookmaker’s commission in decimal form (if you know it). Then decide if you want to view the results of just the specific final score or if you want to see all potential scenarios. Then click “Calculate Payout & Profit”.

Asian Handicap calculator

Your selection
Home team decimal odds
Home team Asian Handicap
Bookmaker commission
(0.05 = 5%. Leave blank if unsure)
Stake ($)
Calculation options
Specific final score


Why Use Our Asian Handicap Calculator?

While you can make Asian handicap bets without using our calculator, we don’t recommend it (at least when you’re getting the hang of this betting method). After all, it’s easy to use, free to use, and can be updated as often as you need. This means that when you use our calculator, you get these top three benefits:

1. Generate Multiple Outcomes for Better Planning

Since each calculation gives you multiple payout and profit outcomes, you can better predict and plan your bets. Some may not be worthwhile based on the odds. Others might be that sweet spot between what you can afford and the potential payout.

2. Saves You Time and Effort – No More Manual Calculations

In the old days, you would have had to manually calculate every step of the way when it comes to the Asian handicap market. This means multiple formulas for every option. You can skip the hassle and save time using our calculator.

3. Let’s You Change Your Approach Instantly

When you press calculate, your original values are still available in the calculator itself. This way, you can quickly update just one figure (for example, the amount of handicap or the stake). This way, you can instantly adjust your bet to find the best option.

Who are the Best Bookmakers for Asian Betting?

Not every bookmaker allows for Asian handicap betting, which immediately reduces the number of sportsbooks you can use. The good news, however, is that there are many great brands that do let you bet with this method – and we’ve put our top five best online betting sites together so you can get started with the best of the best:

Our Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Our Asian Handicap Calculator

Asian handicap betting takes some time to learn, but once you get the hang of it, it can quickly become your go-to. This learning curve is made so much easier when you introduce a calculator like ours to the mix – especially when you use our top tips to help you get the most out of this free tool:

Play Around with the Handicap

The amount of handicap you place on one team is entirely up to you, so play around with the options. You may find that a more refined quarter handicap helps you minimise losses, for example. Since you can see multiple outcomes at once, try out various options to decide which bet works best for you.

If In Doubt, Calculate All Outcomes

If you don’t want to bet on specific results, we highly recommend skipping that section and instead clicking the “All Scenarios” option, which will give you more information that will help you understand what kind of outcomes, including potential payout, that you can expect.

Never Assume the Bookmaker’s Commission is Zero

It’s normal not to know what the bookmaker’s commission is off the top of your head because it’s never advertised. However, sportsbooks will charge commissions on all their bets to make profits. When in doubt, just stick to 0.05 (5%).

Alternatively, you can use our standard odds calculator to find the implied probability of your bet outcomes, and by finding the total implied probability, you’ll see that the final percentage is over 100%. Anything over that 100% is the vig percentage. However, don’t confuse that with the results of our fair odds calculator, which will show you the no vig probability.

Try Out One of Our 15+ Other Betting Calculators

Our Asian handicap calculator is just one of the many options that we have available. Each betting calculator we offer also includes a rundown of the bet type and top tips on how to get the most out of your calculating  experience to help you boost your strategy approach:

Boost Your Handicap Betting Strategy with Our Calculator Today

Draws are typically not the preferred outcome for most bettors, as it simply leads to you getting your money back, almost as if the bet never happened in the first place. That’s why Asian handicap betting is ideal to remove that scenario. Our Asian handicap calculator can speed up the research stage of every Asian handicap bet that you make. It’s so easy to use, very customisable and gives you multiple outcomes so that you can fully plan out your handicapped bet and find that sweet spot for your own wagers. All that’s left is to get started on one of our recommended bookmakers – and don’t forget our top tips to help you get the most out of using our calculator and using the Asian handicap betting approach itself!

Try Out These Top Bonuses When Using Our Asian Handicap Calculator

Bookmaker bonuses can and will change the game when it comes to your Asian handicap strategy – and that’s okay! You can always use our Asian handicap bet calculator to adjust the odds and see how that bonus impacts the results. Of course, not all bonuses are going to be a great fit, so if you’re interested in using a promotion, we recommend going through our top bonus recommendations:

Asian Handicap Betting Calculator FAQs

🚨Are handicaps negative or positive?

You can use both positive and negative handicaps with this betting approach. You will typically use a negative handicap (-) on the team favoured to win to even the betting playing field and a positive handicap (+) on the underdog.

🤔 Can I add a negative handicap to an underdog?

You can, however, do note that this will make it even harder for the underdog to win since it increases the margin by which they need to win over the favourite.

👀 When would I want to use a quarter handicap over a half one?

Bettors typically use quarter handicaps over half handicaps when the matchup is extremely close. For example, if the top team faces off against the team in second place.

Yes, it’s completely legal – it just may not be accepted as an option at every sportsbook.

🤷I don’t see an option for Asian handicap betting, what do I do?

Not every sportsbook offers the ability to make Asian handicap bets. You will need to find the brands that do, like Bet365 or Unibet.

Players must be 21 years of age or older or reach the minimum age for gambling in their respective state and located in jurisdictions where online gambling is legal. Please play responsibly. Bet with your head, not over it. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, and wants help, call or visit: (a) the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey at 1-800-Gambler or; or (b) Gamblers Anonymous at 855-2-CALL-GA or

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