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Betting Calculators: Tools for Calculating Online Betting Returns & Odds

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Last Updated on 01.07.2024

Experienced sports bettors (just like you) know that one of the best ways to boost your bet strategy is to use betting calculators to help you determine the best wagers, odds opportunities, and even how much you should wager at a time.

However, knowing which calculator to use, when, and even how still requires something of a learning curve. That’s why we’ve compiled a full list of all the available wagering calculators we offer, what they do, and when you want to use them. So jump right on in and find the right calculator for your strategy.

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What Are Online Betting Calculators?

There are many different betting strategies that more experienced bettors will use to find their preferred wagers. If you’re new to those strategies and betting sites in general, head over to our online betting site reviews page to get a better understanding. If you’re already in the know, however, know that sports betting calculators can truly change the game when it comes to your bets. This applies to casual bettors, big hitters, and everyone in between. The only thing that you need to use these calculators is time and some insight into the betting strategy that you’re using.

There are many different betting strategies and types, each with its unique calculator to help you understand what the odds mean and help you make more informed wagering decisions. We offer over 15 different calculators, so here’s a quick overview of some of them. Here, you’ll find examples of what each online betting calculator does and when you would want to use it.

Betting CalculatorWhen to Use It
ArbitrageIdentifies arbitrage opportunities for when you want to find the best odds offered across bookmakers
Fair OddsUsed to identify the true probability of a bet in two-way wagers
Kelly CriterionHelps you determine what you should bet if the bookmaker’s odds are very different from the true odds when you want to figure out what percentage of your bet bankroll you should place on wagers with different true/bookmaker’s odds
MoneylineHelps you see odds in any format you prefer and also the implied probability of your bet based on those odds for when you want to understand what the odds mean on Moneyline bets.
OddsConverts odds into six different options and lets you see the implied probability for all types of bets in just one click.
Parlay Odds/AccumulatorParlay (US) or Accumulator (UK) bets involve multiple selections. With this type of calculator, you can work out what kind of returns you can expect if your acca or parlay bet wins.
ROIHelps you understand how much winnings you may receive on top of your initial wager.
Spread BettingUse it to help you determine how much a stake you place on each bet in a point spread with the highest implied probability of winning.
Tricast/TrifectaUse this calculator to help you figure out how much to bet on a three-way tricast bet (usually which racers will place in first, second, and third).
Asian HandicapAdd a virtual handicap (or leg up) to one team to reduce or even eliminate the outcome of a bet draw. Use the calculator to generate potential returns and profits for full, half, or quarter Asian handicap approaches.
YankeeYankee bets consist of 11 selections, and knowing how much to stake on each selection can be challenging. Use this calculator to forecast potential bet breakdowns for your Yankee bet.
Half PointEasily calculate which points to buy that puts the bet in your favour and avoid a push (draw). Can be used with other strategies/calculators, like the Asian Handicap.
DutchingThis approach involves betting on multiple versions of one outcome (Team A to win by 1-0, 2-0, or 3-0). Use our calculator to help generate stake distribution amongst your hedged bets.
Hedge BettingMinimise losses by making a second bet that is guaranteed to win if your first bet fails to help recoup the cost. Use this calculator to determine how much to stake on that second bet and what potential returns you can expect in all scenarios.

Why Should You Use Sports Betting Calculators?

Betting calculators work hand in hand with all of the top betting sites that we’ve reviewed, meaning you can use your go-to calculator on absolutely any platform and still see benefits. Betting calculators offer so many advantages when it comes to informing and improving your betting strategy, with these three main benefits standing out at the top of them all:

Reason 1: Gives You Clearer Insight into Your Bets

All betting calculators offer a clearer insight into your bets. This may be done by helping you understand the implied probability or just what type of return you are looking at based on how much you place on the bet or selection. By being able to clearly see all the information appertaining to your bet, you can make more informed decisions and truly enhance your bet strategy.

Reason 2: Saves You Time by Calculating Formulas in an Instant

You can absolutely calculate the results yourself by using a formula, but this takes time. Only those who can do complex maths in their head in an instant can stand a chance. Using a calculator, on the other hand, is something anyone can do. Not only will you get the answers you’re looking for, but you will also get them instantly.

Reason 3: Can Be Easily Adjusted in a Flash

If you don’t like the results you’re seeing, you can adjust the numbers until you do. This way, you can adjust your strategy almost in real-time. This benefit is particularly useful for points spread, points buying, or parlay/accumulator bets since how much you bet on a specific leg of the wager will impact your potential return.

Best Sports Bookmakers to Use with Our Betting Calculators

While our sports betting calculators can be used on absolutely any bookmaker – and even in land-based casinos – that doesn’t mean you should just use any old bookmaker. You want a provider that you can trust. One that offers you a seamless, glitch-free experience regardless of whether you’re betting online or using one of our top-reviewed online betting apps. You want a betting site that offers it all, so have a try out one of our top five most recommended providers:

Top Tips for Using Sports Betting Calculators

Calculators do all the hard work for you, yes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to improve your use of the calculator. After all, these calculators can only give you information based on what you provide. You need to fully understand the strategy type you’re going for and a few other general tips that will help improve your online betting calculator experience – regardless of which of our sports betting calculators you end up using.

Tip 1: Always Check for Bonuses and Promotions First

Bonuses and promotions come and go quickly, and they can change the betting field entirely, so make sure that you always factor them into your betting calculations. One of the biggest bonus types that will impact your betting strategy when using any calculator, for example, is an odds boost.

Tip 2: Make Sure You’re Using the Same Odds Format if Cross-Comparing Bookmakers

If you are comparing odds across bookmakers, make sure that you set the odds in the same format. If you’re looking at American odds, make sure all bookmakers are showing American odds, for example. This will help speed up your calculations by comparing odds across bookmakers and ensuring you’re getting accurate results.

Tip 3: Don’t Expect Every Bet to Be Worthwhile

Not every bet will be worth your time. Some are going to not win you enough to make the wager worth your time. In other cases, the overround is going to be too high to bother with. Calculators can help you identify bad betting opportunities, allowing you to avoid them and place your bets elsewhere. Just remember to take your time to put in different amounts (for example, how much you wager) so you can find that sweet spot for your big bets.

Use Our Top Betting Calculators with These Betting Bonuses

Every betting strategy should at least consider the available bonuses. Some bonuses can instantly change what your potential payout looks like and how much you should wager out of your bankroll. That’s why it’s so important to check out the top available bonuses and consider those bonuses when making your calculations. Don’t limit yourself to one provider, either, and instead check out all the top betting bonuses available today to see how they can impact your bet strategy:

Get Started with Our Top Betting Calculators Today

Our betting calculators can be used by every type of bettor, from the casual dabblers all the way to the high rollers. Just remember to use the calculator that best aligns with your strategy, to consider how bonuses might impact your bets, and to take your time changing the figures bit by bit so that you can find out how much of your bankroll to put on each selection. This way, you can make your bets go further simply by getting more information about the potential payouts.

Our calculators are also great for comparing bookmakers, so use our odds calculator to help you figure out which of your go-to platforms offers the most competitive odds, or dive right in and try to find arbitrage opportunities. With over 15 sports betting calculators at your disposal, you’ll be able to quickly calculate outcomes and opportunities in a flash.

Betting Calculator FAQs

🤩Does using a betting calculator mean my bets will always win?

No, while these betting calculators can help you identify wagers with the highest possible returns for your betting budget, there is nothing that can guarantee a win. You must always bet responsibly and within your budget.

🤔 How do I know which calculator to use?

The calculator that you’ll want to use is the one that best suits your bet strategy. If you are dutching or hedging your bets, for example, use the dutching or hedging calculators. If you’re new to using a calculator or sports bets, then start off with simple ones like an odds calculator so you know the implied probability based on the odds provided by bookmakers.

😇 Which is the best calculator to use for every bet?

In general, you will usually want to know the implied probability of each wager, so use the odds calculator. Alternatively, use the fair odds calculator to see the true probability without the sportbook’s profit margin to help you find the most competitive odds for every bet. Not only do those two options give you go-to info for each bet, but they provide key information needed in other strategies as well.

❌There isn’t an option to put my preferred odds format in the calculator. What do I do?

If you can’t input your preferred odds format into the calculator, temporarily switching the odds format on your bookmaker’s platform is the easiest solution. This way, you’ll get the most accurate conversion. Alternatively, you can use our odds calculator to get multiple odds formats in an instant.

❓Can I use betting calculators for in-game bets?

While you technically can use betting calculators for your in-game bets, it isn’t recommended. Odds and events happen quickly during a live match, so the odds you input in the calculator may already be changed by the time you finish the calculation and make your bet.