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Premier League Betting Tips: Free Predictions for Each Match

Mike McKean
Fact checked by: Dave Kuzio
Last Updated on 08.07.2024

The English Premier League is the biggest and best football league on the planet. It’s little surprise, then, that fans all around the world enjoy betting on the action as it unfolds, backing their favourite teams and players each season.

To help you develop a winning EPL betting strategy, we introduce you to some Premier League betting tips that you can use at your chosen sportsbook. Whether you’re a betting pro or a first-time gambler, our tips provide insight and clever tactics that you can employ to pick stronger bets on the world’s biggest football league this year.

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Why You Can Trust Our Betting Tips

Before we get into some of our top tips for betting on the Premier League, we want to touch upon why you can trust us. After all, there are lots of football tipsters out there, many of whom charge a subscription fee for access to their recommendations.

You can trust us because we’re not trying to sell you a subscription to our service. What’s more, our tips are not biassed – they are objective, to the point, and built upon industry expertise and extensive research. Ultimately, you can rely on our tips to inform your sports betting strategy and they will help you to pick more winners than losers each season.

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General Premier League Betting Tips to Make Your Selections

Before we dive into specific Premier League betting tips for today that you can use in this game week, here are some general EPL tips to use at soccer betting sites that are applicable throughout the season, no matter who is playing:

Do Your Research:

Stats help you when betting on any sport, and football is no different. Before making Premier League predictions, read through stats and consider previous head-to-heads to inform your decision making. The more you rely on stats, the better your chances of betting success will be.

Consider Home Advantage:

Another of our EPL tips that is often overlooked is just how important home advantage is in the English Premier League. Statistically speaking, approximately 50% of games in the EPL are won by the home team, and some teams have much better home records than others. You should always consider how home advantage is likely to affect a fixture before placing your bets.

Keep up to Date with Injuries:

Before making your Premier League predictions, always check each team’s injury list. If a team is missing one or several of their star players, they will find it much more difficult to get a result.

Bet with Your Head:

Our list of free Premier League betting tips wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the need to bet with your head and not your heart. It can be so tempting to back the team that you support in a bet, but it’s not always a wise move. Rely on statistics, not your allegiance, to help you make EPL wagers.

EPL Betting Tips: Understand the Available Bet Types

One of the keys to utilising our Premier League betting tips is knowing about the different bets that you can place while watching the EPL action. With that in mind, here are some popular Premier League markets available at leading sportsbooks:

Bet TypeExplanation
FuturesThis is a wager on an EPL market that will happen sometime in the future. For instance, you could bet on Manchester City to win the league or Erling Haaland to win the Golden Boot.
Match WinnerA straight up Premier League bet that allows you to bet on the winner of an upcoming fixture.
Total Goals (Over/Under)A bet on the total number of goals you think will be scored in a Premier League match. You can bet on “over” or “under” this total number being scored.
Both Teams to ScoreA wager that enables you to bet on both teams scoring in a Premier League fixture.
Player PropositionsThese are bets that are tied to the performance of a player, and can include things like how many goals a player will score or whether the player will be cautioned or sent off.
Team PropositionsThese are bets that are tied to the performance of a team, and can include things like the number of corners won or the cumulative number of cautions.
AccumulatorsExtremely popular with football fans (and known as parlays in some parts of the world) these are bets that allow you to wager on multiple teams in the same betting slip. For your bet to be successful, all teams in the accumulator must win.
HandicapYou can also bet on a team to win a match with a handicap applied. Here, the favourite is given a specific goal handicap (perhaps 1.5) that they need to overcome. Therefore, they would need to win by two clear goals for your bet to win.

These betting options are available for all major football leagues and competitions, including the UEFA Champions League. You can refer to our Champions League betting tips to help you bet on Europe’s biggest club competition.

Best Premier League Betting Tips: Do Your Research & Bet Responsibly

The best Premier League betting tips will only get you so far. Please make sure you consider our Premier League tips as part of your broader football betting strategy and always gamble responsibly and within your means.

While there’s no such thing as a guaranteed winner, utilising our tips as part of your football betting strategy may improve your chances of picking winners. So, do your research, check for the best odds, and bet on the English Premier League throughout the season to take your online football betting to the next level.

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Premier League Betting Tips FAQ

❓ What is the best site for English Premier League predictions?

Tribal Football is the perfect place for free Premier League betting tips that you can use to make your predictions and selections. We provide weekly tips and advice to help you pick winners throughout the EPL season.

🏆 Who is most likely to win the English Premier League 2023-2024?

Manchester City are the favourites to win the English Premier League at the end of the 2023-2024 season.

🧐 What is a Premier League accumulator bet?

A Premier League accumulator bet is a wager that you can place on multiple teams. Rather than betting on one team to win, you can bet on multiple teams winning their respective fixtures. If all teams win, you will win your accumulator bet.

💻 Where can I bet on the English Premier League?

You can bet on the English Premier League at lots of legal sportsbooks. One of the best is bet365, which offers a huge selection of markets, great value odds, and ongoing promotions.

🏆 Which teams have won the Premier League?

Only seven teams have won the English Premier League – Manchester United (13), Manchester City (7), Chelsea (5), Arsenal (3), Blackburn Rovers (1), Leicester City (1), and Liverpool (1).