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Free Soccer Betting Tips for All Major Leagues & Tournaments in July 2024

Mike McKean
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Last Updated on 07.07.2024

As the world’s most popular sport, soccer captures the imagination of audiences everywhere. Betting on soccer has also become very popular, and there is no shortage of markets available. This article offers soccer betting tips for a better gambling experience.

Whether you plan on betting on leagues in Europe, Africa, South America, or anywhere else, we can help you discover the best ways to examine the available markets. With the right approach, you could boost your soccer bets with assorted tips and betting knowledge, so read on for top tips from our expert writers.

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What Are the Best Free Soccer Betting Tips?

There is a wealth of markets online for a better wagering experience. The intricacies within the sport are detailed and varied, meaning there are plenty of markets out there to place your stake in.

Blindly betting on a side with little knowledge of who they are and how they play is ill-advised. It’s a better idea to get as much information as you can so the decisions you make are informed, and you’re not left in the dark. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best soccer betting tips to bear in mind as you place your soccer wagers:

🧑‍🎓 Become a Student of the Game:

Journalists and industry experts live and breathe soccer, not only because it’s their job. More pertinently, they’ll have a strong knowledge of the game because of this. Experienced bettors do this as well, knowing that their stake is put on bets that they feel strongly about rather than relying on Lady Luck. One of the best betting tips we can offer so you stand a better chance of making a return on your stake is to read up on the clubs, players, coaches, and leagues for confidence and insight. Furthermore, consider watching as much live soccer as you can to get accustomed to how a side plays.

↗️ Form is Key

They say that the table doesn’t lie, but maybe it does if a team has had vastly conflicting halves to a season. A buoyant side might have skyrocketed up the table in recent weeks thanks to a run of wins that puts them top of the form guide. The confidence and swagger that partner form is easily noticeable; the intricate passes in-form players attempt are working more than they used to, the home crowd is buying into their performances and becoming more vocal as a result, and it could worry the opposition into hesitancy knowing what the other side have been capable of doing lately.

🟥 Injuries and Suspensions Take Their Toll“]Like in any sport, as the season goes on, the health of a squad can deteriorate due to their workload, and the fouls tally up to potentially lead to a temporary ban. Researching who’s available and who isn’t for any squad means you know if a star player is out and the overall condition of a squad, which can damage the chances of that side winning. Soccer betting tips today are more straightforward to find because you’ll find an array of resources online detailing player statuses and how long you can expect them to be missing from play.

⚽ Research a Team’s Set Piece Takers

It isn’t just fantasy football that makes it worthwhile choosing a penalty or free kick taker – the same can be said for your betting slip too. There are numerous individual markets for you to explore, including the likes of the next or first goalscorer. The statistics would suggest that, if a striker also takes a team’s penalties, their odds of being the first goalscorer in a match are heightened. Conversely, if you back a team to score from a corner or indirect free kick, you might consider avoiding the taker of these set-pieces as there is no chance of scoring from an indirect free kick and little chance of a corner going directly in.

🏠 Understand Home Advantage

While we already knew that home advantage played a big part in the success rate of a side, this was never more evident than when fans were kept out due to the pandemic. The statistics showed that home advantage dropped during this time, an interesting side note that might have made it slightly more random to predict a result. However, now that the stadiums are full once again, playing on home territory is advantageous to a team heading into a fixture. This should come into your thinking when placing your bet.

There are many other things to consider, like which soccer betting sites are preferable, but following the guidance of the aforementioned tips will help you make your soccer predictions wisely.

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Soccer Betting Tips and Predictions For Great Value Wagering

Instead of broadly placing your bets on anything soccer related, you should narrow down your search to an event that truly interests you and do prior research on it. There are Premier League betting tips, for example, which can offer you more specific considerations, as opposed to a tip relevant to soccer in general.

Of course, while the event may change, the sport still has the same care. So within this free soccer betting tips guide, we’d like to discuss some interesting markets bookmakers regularly present that could make the difference between winning and losing money. Here are some soccer betting tips to consider adding to your strategy once you nail down the league or event you wish to bet on:

🏗️ Use Bet Builders for Accumulator BetsAccumulators are extremely popular with soccer fans as they enable you to bet on more than one fixture in the same bet. You can use bet builders at leading sites like bet365, Unibet, and Betway to put together unique soccer accumulators every game week.
💰Consider Double Chance BetsA double chance bet is a popular option for soccer fans, as it can take the draw out of the equation. For instance, rather than betting on the home or away win, you can place a double chance bet on the home win plus draw, which covers two bases with the same bet. Though the odds will be lower, it’s a type of insurance that you can build into your soccer betting slip.
⚡Use Handicap Wagers to Increase OddsIf you’re confident that a soccer team will win a match, consider placing a handicap bet to improve the odds available to you. Most sportsbooks offer handicaps of 1.5 for soccer, meaning that your chosen team needs to win by two clear goals. This is a good bet for betting on hot favourites like Manchester City in the EPL or Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.
⚽Make the Most of Soccer BonusesMany of our favourite sportsbooks offer excellent soccer bonuses, such as bet365’s Acca booster, which delivers great value when you build soccer accumulators each week. There’s also the Unibet free bet club, which offers a free £10 wager when you bet on soccer each week. Make yourself aware of the bonuses available before you place your bet. When it comes to major events, there just might be a special promotion released for it.

The best betting sites online will have countless markets for you to choose from in the world’s major soccer leagues and more than you might think in leagues that don’t get the same coverage. Therefore, you should have plenty of betting opportunities to try out the tips mentioned.

Soccer Betting Tips: Learn From Best Practice

Now that you’re aware of some decent soccer betting tips and predictions, plus the information you should probably know before you start betting on soccer, you’ll feel more informed about the approach you should take overall.

This table details the best approaches to make your soccer predictions and areas where you should proceed with caution:

📲 ActionWhat Not to Do A Better Approach
Placing Live BetsSticking to only pre-game bets means your wrong prediction could cost you early in the game.Within reason, explore the in-game markets available so you can assess the flow of a game first.
Adopting a Mathematical ApproachBetting on a club’s reputation alone might not be as good an idea as you think.Look at percentages relating to chance conversion, corners, cautions, etc. to enhance your betting slip.
Deciding on Your StakeIgnoring the warning signs of irresponsible or reckless gambling can lead to financial and mental health trouble.Ensuring that you place wagers that you’re comfortable with to bet within your means.
Regularly Backing UnderdogsPotential winnings are just that: potential. The likelihood of winning with these odds frequently is low.Selecting an outsider now and then could work, but experts know the favourite wins most of the time.

Soccer betting tips today are perhaps more advanced and detailed than they ever have been. Knowing the right techniques to apply to your wager can take some time, but these tips should help.

In Summary: Maximising the Best Soccer Betting Tips

Formulating your soccer predictions needn’t be a difficult task. It requires some dedication to studying the game, granted, but the rewards could be seen in your bookmaking account balance. Gambling can be fun, but it must remain so. As soon as it becomes anything other than that, you should pause and reflect, consider using the responsible gambling tools that bookmakers display on their websites and apps, and evaluate your options.

As with any form of betting, there are things you should consider and avoid to have a more enjoyable experience and hopefully win more frequently. Getting the best value from your stake goes a long way, as our guide to the best soccer betting tips suggests. Exploring the range of markets within the world of soccer betting and using the features on a bookmaker’s platform gets you more aware of what is offered and how you can approach placing your bet. Get started today with our soccer betting tips to enhance your online betting experience while watching the beautiful game.

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Soccer Betting Tips FAQ

🤔 What strategy is best for soccer betting?

Avoid betting on the underdog frequently because the likelihood is that the favourite will win more times than not. Betting on individual markets like goalscorers, yellow cards, corners, assists etc. are there for those in the know to have more betting avenues.

How to predict soccer betting?

You can never be 100% certain of a game’s outcome, there are too many variables involved. However, you stand a better chance of predicting the outcome of a game if you study the sport, watch games regularly, check the statistics, and understand the rules.

How can I bet on soccer without losing?

It’s likely that, if you’re a regular punter, you are going to lose many bets; it’s part of the game. This is because nobody can predict the future and how events are going to unfold. However, you can give yourself a better chance of succeeding by doing your research, examining the odds, and exploring the range of markets that bookmakers offer.

➗ How to predict soccer mathematically?

This isn’t a guaranteed way to predict how a game will pan out, but knowing the statistics can help you make a more informed decision about what could happen. Percentages relating to chance conversion, number of fouls, successful set-pieces, save rates for goalkeepers, and other aspects could be considered to inform you better.

Which odds are likely to win in soccer betting?

The odds you’ll see differ depending on how likely a bookmaker thinks an outcome will be. The greater the odds you see, the less likely it is to happen. Conversely, you’ll be given shorter odds if an outcome is deemed more likely to occur. Draws usually have greater odds of happening than at least one of the teams winning. Individual markets vary depending on the skillset or tendencies of a player.