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Soccer Betting Strategy: Mastering Soccer Bets in 2024

Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Mike McKean
Publish Date: 31.01.2024

Soccer markets are probably the most abundant and varied for any sport you’ll see when you explore an online bookmaker’s website. Such is the popularity of the game, having a soccer betting strategy is a good idea.

Knowing the finer details of a league, an upcoming fixture, or the sport as a whole won’t harm your chances of winning your bet. There are also other tips you might want to consider to increase the chances of making a return on your stake. So, read on to learn about the different aspects of a successful betting strategy before placing your initial wagers.

What is the Best Soccer Betting Strategy?

As the world’s most popular sport, it won’t come as a surprise that soccer is sought out by potential punters for games to stake a wager on. Before you dive into the world of online soccer betting, there are probably a few things you should know to develop a soccer betting strategy.

The odds given on a team to win a game might be a somewhat useful indicator to tell who the favourite is, but how do you know if these odds represent good value without knowing about form, the opposition, injury statuses and news, and various other aspects relating to the game? With that in mind, here are some of our top tips to help you develop a winning soccer strategy:

Research FormWhile the league table is often a good indication of form, it doesn’t necessarily tell the full story. A side in 13th position might have dropped down from 7th place not so long ago after a five-game losing streak, for instance, whereas the team in 14th position could have picked up three wins in a row to move them clear of danger at the foot of the table; based on this, we know who we’d rather put our money on as part of our soccer betting strategy.
Check for Injuries & AvailabilityIt’s easy to stay on top of who’s fit and who’s facing a spell on the sidelines in the digital age we live in. Most sportsbooks offer stats that you can use to find out about the availability of each squad, while there are other apps and sites that you can use for real-time updates. One or two injuries or suspensions can drastically harm a team’s chances of winning and maybe turn their scintillating run of form into a desperate scramble to pick up points – remember this as you create the best soccer betting strategy.
🏠 Consider Home AdvantageThe pattern for decades in soccer has suggested that home advantage plays a huge role in a team’s season. Harnessing the noise of fans in their stadium and becoming used to familiar surroundings is important for a club’s success, and this is usually reflected in the odds. Of course, this might depend on the opponent and current form, among other things, but history often suggests that there is a greater chance of a team winning on home soil than on the road, a consideration for your soccer sports betting strategy.
📺 Watch Live SoccerYou might have a trusted pundit who you bank on for a lot of soccer insight, but even they will say things you’ll disagree with. The most effective way to build the best soccer betting strategies regarding a team or a player is to watch them play. Whether this is in person, on TV, or at least from extended highlights, you’ll form a better picture of what’s going on because you’ve focused on the proceedings rather than just checking the statistics afterwards.
🏆 Think About the CompetitionWith the increased amount of games players are asked to participate in these days, it’s no wonder some managers send out “weakened” lineups depending on the competition. If a squad is fully healthy and in strong form in the competitions they see as a priority, this could mean little if the upcoming game you’re looking to wager on is a trophy that’s of little importance to them. Another factor in your decision could be whether a game goes to extra time or penalties, making it more important to check the tournament rules.

Building Your Soccer Betting Strategy: 4 Great Betting Options

You can place soccer bets on leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A at the best betting sites online. But what about the different types of soccer bets you can build into your strategy? Here are three good options that can enhance the experience of betting on soccer online:

Draw No Bet

If you’re backing the favourite to come through a game and beat their opponent, a late and perhaps surprising equaliser will feel quite frustrating. When you opt for the Draw No Bet option, this acts as insurance against such an instance so that you get your stake back in free bets, for instance, and is viewed as a good soccer betting strategy.

In-Play Bets

In-play bets are an interesting concept because bettors no longer need to pre-determine what might happen during a game, only to realise within the opening minutes that their prediction was way off. This is where live betting is advantageous; one team’s attack might be swarming over the opposition to no avail, but you can almost sense a goal is pending. This means you can place your stake at possibly increased odds if you think the defence will stay strong, or succumb to the attacking prowess of the dominant team and back them to score as they threaten.

Both Teams to Score

One of the most popular betting options among soccer fans is a both teams to score wager (BTTS). As the name suggests, this wager enables you to bet on both teams in a specific fixture scoring at least one goal. The beauty of BTTS wagers is that it doesn’t matter which team wins – as long as both teams score, your wager will be successful.


Known as a parlay by some sports fans, an accumulator is a bet that allows you to bring multiple selections into the same betting slip. Rather than betting on each fixture individually, you can bet on 2, 3 or even 10 matches simultaneously to improve the size of your payout. Just be mindful that all selections need to win for any accumulator to win.

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Comparing Soccer Betting Strategies: The Good & The Bad

Developing a soccer sports betting strategy is a smart move if you’re keen to maximise your winning chances at a sportsbook. But what does a healthy strategy look like? Now that we’ve introduced some general tips and some betting options that you can build into your strategy, we want to provide some examples of good and bad betting strategies, which you can draw upon when thinking about how to bet on soccer this season:

Good Betting StrategyBad Betting Strategy
Understanding that the favourites are favourites for a reason and only backing the underdog when there’s reason to do so. Being allured by the huge potential wins by backing underdogs time and time again, without researching why they aren’t fancied.
Making the most of in-play markets and the cash-out option to access your winnings before the soccer match is finished. Restricting yourself to pre-match wagers only and leaving your bets open throughout the game, regardless of what’s happening.
Carefully reading the terms and conditions attached to the sportsbook’s promotions before using bonus funds to place soccer bets. Ignoring promotions and sport-specific offers by not doing any research, meaning you can only bet (and lose or win) with your own money.
Realising that accumulators infrequently come off and limiting your selections accordingly, while using the sportsbook’s bet builder and acca boosts to improve the odds. Putting together accumulators consisting of 5-10 teams every week in the hope of landing a life-changing payout.

Responsible Gambling is Key for All the Best Soccer Betting Strategies

No matter what strategies here have stuck with you so far, you have to make sure that betting online remains a fun and safe experience. Make the most of the Safer Gambling tools that online bookmakers provide from the onset, and as soon as it becomes anything other than that, you should stop placing your bets.

All reputable bookmakers offer online tips and tools to help keep your gambling experience enjoyable. Most will have deposit and bet limits that can restrict how much money is transferred from your bank account. It’s crucial to only bet what you can afford. Even with introductory offers and other bonuses presented to new or loyal customers that can be used towards your bet, you want to make sure you are using these bonuses responsibly and always betting within your means. At the end of the day, the best soccer betting strategy is not one that gets you one quick big win, but rather one that keeps you level headed and prepared for the entire long term betting journey, with both wins and losses.

Our Verdict: Research & Common Sense Go a Long Way

Having a hunch or suspicion that a team might flounder or flourish isn’t likely to achieve long-term winnings. You might win the occasional bet, but there needs to be some form of strategy in place to receive a return from your stake more frequently and to recover smothtly when things go unexpectedly.

There isn’t one right or wrong way to bet on soccer, but there are lots of small things you can do to make your bets memorable and worthy. Make sure you do your research, explore your betting options, and gamble responsibly to make the most out of soccer betting and to increase the potential value of your wagers. Be sure to also check out our selection of free soccer betting tips to complement your chosen soccer betting strategy and make every bet even more exciting.

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Soccer Betting Strategy FAQ

🤔 What is the best soccer betting strategy?

There is no set best soccer strategy, but rather many you can combine to create a unique one for yourself. Enough prior research before the event is key to knowing what is likely to happen. The bookmakers price their odds quite accurately, so bet on the underdog sparingly. Use the different bet types on offer, like the number of corners or the period of the first booking, to explore a range of interesting odds. Live betting options are there as a chance to first understand how the game is shaping up so bets can be pleased during the match.

🔒 What is the safest bet in soccer?

Bets deemed safer will usually have lower odds so that less money will be returned on a stake. However, ‘Draw No Bet’ or ‘Double Chance’ bets are viewed as safer bet choices, despite the aforementioned lower odds.

Is soccer betting skill or luck?

There is skill to betting on soccer, but there is also an undeniable element of luck involved. For instance, you can carry out extensive pre-match research into your selections, only for the team you’ve bet on to suffer a bad injury or red card early on in a game to scupper your prediction entirely. Generally, you can expect a favourite to win, but you should always accept that the underdog can also triumph. Making smart decisions on your bets can go a long way.

🎲 What is the 1.50 odds strategy?

There is a strategy that some bettors use: the low odds you receive for over 1.5 goals in a soccer match are worthwhile because they are deemed favourable. Some punters believe that the odds are not as bad as they appear for at least two goals to be scored in a game and can return regular winnings.

Is soccer hard to bet on?

Accessing betting on soccer is quite straightforward, depending on your finances, age, and location. Understanding the odds and likelihood of something happening during a game requires some prior knowledge, but the more you watch and read about soccer, the more you’re going to become familiar with the bets that are most likely to return winnings.