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Online Betting Strategies for 2024: How to Bet Online?

Employing a betting strategy is a great way to plan your sports wagers carefully. It also helps you gamble responsibly and control how much you bet each time you log in to your online sportsbook account.

Whether you’re betting on soccer, horse racing, or any other sport, creating a strategy and sticking to it will  improve your betting experience. We’ll discuss why you should use betting strategies and how to use them effectively. We also introduce you to some of our top strategy pages for the most popular sports markets. Ready to gamble safe and smart?

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What is the Best Betting Strategy?

It’s perhaps amiss to state that there is one sports betting strategy that you should pick over all others. After all, there are several strategies that you can employ to strengthen your bets and enhance your overall enjoyment of sports betting. While casino strategies like the Martingale and D’Alembert have long been favoured by gamblers, sports betting strategies tend to be less fixed and are much more adaptable to the sporting landscape.

For instance, as we highlight below, it makes sense to adopt a different strategy for each type of bet that you place. People who bet on horse racing, for instance, are likely to have a slightly different strategy than those who regularly place soccer bets.

However, the golden thread holding all betting strategies together is responsible gambling. No matter what sport you bet on, you need to gamble responsibly and within your means. This means setting deposit and betting limits, and ensuring that you manage your bankroll responsibly and methodically. You can use responsible gambling tools at the best betting sites to help you stay in control.

Why Use a Betting Strategy for Sports Wagers?

While successful online betting strategies will undoubtedly help you to gamble responsibly, there are lots of other reasons why you should develop and maintain a strategy when betting on sports:

🧑‍💻 To Conduct Research

One of the most important aspects of online sports betting is the research that you conduct before placing a bet. You need to know who you’re betting on and whether they’re a good pick based on the market they belong to. Research is an integral part of any sports betting strategy, and it ensures that you do your homework before making your sports betting selections.

🤑 To Find the Best Odds & Value

Value is also extremely important when considering your online sports betting options. Sportsbooks offer a range of odds and promotions that fluctuate throughout the season, so it’s important to be aware of this. When you’re working with sports betting strategy, you know to look for promotions like odds boosts, and you can fully understand the odds that are presented to you. This means that you won’t get caught out by poor value odds and that you can maximise the value of any potential payouts.

🧐 To Understand Your Options

One of our favourite things about the best betting strategies is that they force you to consider your betting options. It can be tempting to simply place a match-winner bet on a fixture and go no further, but when you follow a soccer betting strategy for instance, you can make the most of a range of bets, like accumulators, in-play bets, and future markets. Online betting strategies encourage you to dig a little deeper and place a variety of sports wagers to maximise your winning chances.

💰 To Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is key to responsible gambling. However, it’s important to recognise that there’s no right or wrong amount to bet on sports each day, week, or month, as every person is different. You need to ascertain your personal betting limits and add to your sportsbook bankroll accordingly. Betting strategies that work all require you to set your own limits and make appropriate deposits to your online sportsbook.

😀 To Stay in Control

If you don’t strategise your approach to sports betting, it’s all too easy to get caught up in irresponsible gambling practices, and this goes beyond just your bankroll. Not only may you not know how much you’re spending each month on your sports betting without a solid strategy, but you may also find yourself spending too long in front of your phone looking at in-play betting markets and ignoring other aspects of your normal daily life.  However, when you employ betting strategies, your mind is staying active in the process, so you are more aware of your gambling behaviours, both good and bad.

What We Cover in Our Betting Strategies

Our writers are online gambling experts with extensive experience of betting at online sportsbooks. We have put together a number of easy-to-use betting strategies that you can use for free throughout the sports season, and there are all here on our site. We are constantly adding to our selection of strategies, but three of our most popular articles right now include the following:

⚽ Soccer BettingIn our soccer betting strategy, we focus on how to maximise your winning chances when betting on leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. We also take a deep dive into soccer accumulators and explain soccer-specific promotions, while we also touch on the huge selection of in-play soccer betting markets you can take advantage of at most leading sportsbooks.
🏇 Horse Racing BettingHorse racing is one of the most popular sports among bettors, and there are races practically every day of the year. Our strategy explains how to bet on all the major races like Cheltenham, the Melbourne Cup, and the Grand National, but we also explain how to live stream races online and how you can make the most of horse racing promos and tote pools. If you’re new to horse racing betting, our strategy is just what you need to get started.
📺 Live BettingAll major sportsbooks offer in-play (live) betting markets, which allow you to bet on sports fixtures and events as they’re taking place. As live betting works slightly differently from pre-match betting, we run through everything you need to know and explain some of the key betting options available to you in our strategy for live betting. We also look at how to watch live streams for free so you can maximise your enjoyment of live betting on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

How to Use a Betting Strategy? Five Top Tips

The good news for sports fans is that the best betting strategies are extremely easy to use. You can access all of our strategies for free throughout the season, anytime you want to refer to them. It’s a good idea to bookmark our strategies so you can refer to them easily as and when you’re planning to place a bet. Though they’re extremely easy to follow, here are five tips that will help you make the most of the best betting strategies for online sports betting:

Plan Ahead

As is the case with a strategy in any walk of life, the key is to plan ahead. We recommend using our strategies in the lead-up to the day of the game that you’re planning to bet on. This gives you enough time to manage your bankroll, do your research, and consider your options. If you leave things until the last minute, you’re more likely to place a bet you haven’t thought through.

Make Adjustments

Unlike casino strategies like the Martingale, online betting strategies for sports aren’t meant to be static. You can make adjustments based on the new promotions offered by sportsbooks and consider new betting markets as and when they become available. You can still use a strategy as your guide but don’t be afraid to make small adjustments as and when it’s appropriate to do so.

Use More than One

As we’ve touched upon throughout, it doesn’t make sense to stick to just one betting strategy. We advise you to use more than one, particularly if you’re planning to bet on a host of different sports like soccer, horse racing, and any other sport offered by a betting site. The same is true if you’re planning different types of bets, as you should employ different strategies when betting on live markets and pre-match accumulators, for instance.

Understand its Limitations

Remember, a strategy is a guide, and you shouldn’t take it as gospel. There’s no such thing as a risk-free bet, and you should always be sceptical of magical strategies that promise huge wins all the time. You need to recognise the limitations of any strategy that you employ and use it simply as a guide to improve the way that you make sports bets online.

Bet Responsibly

Though we’ve touched on this already, we want to reinforce the importance of responsible gambling. A strategy shouldn’t be an excuse to gamble beyond your means. Rather, it should be a useful way of crystalising your sports betting approach, and it should help you manage your bankroll. If you’re struggling to stay in control, reach out to a resource for problem gambling or speak to a friend or loved one to get help.

Get Started at a Sportsbook with the Best Betting Strategy This Season

When used effectively, betting strategies are brilliant tools that can enhance your enjoyment of online sports betting and can potentially deliver more winners. We recommend employing multiple strategies throughout the season, depending on the sports you bet on.

The best way to use a strategy is to plan ahead and recognise that it can help you. It will not deliver guaranteed wins, but it is likely to increase your enjoyment of online sports betting. So, feel free to check out one of our brilliant strategy pages today and kickstart your online betting experience at a leading sportsbook, safe in the knowledge that you’re taking a methodical approach to online gambling.

Betting Strategies FAQ

🥇 What is the most successful betting strategy?

For sports, gambling responsibly and within your means is the best long-term strategy. This helps you to manage your bankroll and protects you from problem gambling. You can then use different strategies, depending on the sport that you’re betting on.

Which football strategy is best for betting?

You should employ a responsible gambling strategy for football betting, as is the case with all sports. But you can also use a football-specific strategy (as detailed above) to maximise your enjoyment and potential winnings when betting on the beautiful game.

📺 What is the best strategy for live betting?

Understanding in-play markets, checking for promotions, and watching the action live are all integral to any live betting strategy. You should also make the most of your strategy for live betting and cash-out option offered by a sportsbook to increase the control you have over live wagers.

How can I bet without losing?

This one is simple – you cannot guarantee that your bet will win, and you have no way of removing losses from the equation. This is why it’s so important to gamble responsibly and within your means. Be wary of strategies that promise risk-free gambling, as there is no such thing!

🧑‍🎓 What is the smartest way to bet?

The smartest way to bet is to use a betting strategy that focuses on responsible gambling and betting within your means. You should bet on sports and markets that you’re familiar with and use promotions and bonuses where available. If you find that your betting is out of control, stop and seek help for problem gambling.