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What is the Best MMA Betting Site? Betting on Mixed Martial Arts in 2024

Mike McKean
Fact checked by: Dave Kuzio
Last Updated on 18.07.2024

For the latest odds from the hard-hitting, explosive world of combat sports, check out our guide to the best MMA betting sites. Find out where you can not only get great odds but also exciting betting features.

From the UFC to the ONE Championship and Bellator, there is a tremendous amount of mixed martial action to follow. So, landing at a betting site that is going to give you complete coverage of all the top title fights and undercards is the way to go. Not sure where to get all that? Read on.

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Compare the Best MMA Betting Sites for 2024

Our Review of the Best MMA Betting Sites

The playing field of UFC betting operators is vast, so after some extensive research, our experts have narrowed things down to a few of the top online betting sites to check out today. These recommended MMA betting sites are all licensed and regulated.

BetMGM – Big Hit With an MMA Betting App

BetMGM mobile sports betting
BetMGM Mobile Sports Betting
Quick cash out at BetMGM
BetMGM Betting Bonuses
  • Excellent MMA odds
  • Profit Boosts
  • In-play MMA betting
  • Mobile App
  • Unsatisfactory market depth
  • No loyalty club

BetMGM is a newer betting site, but they have come in with some great odds value. We found bookmaker margins of around 105% on average for fight outrights. That’s good value, and they easily matched other leading bookies in terms of actual posted odds on many favourites for a Saturday night of UFC.

In addition, every week, you can pick up five profit boosts at BetMGM to use on accas. You just build your bet and receive a relevant win boost, like a 10% bonus on a successful 3-fold acca. For nights of big MMA action with a lot of fights on the card, that’s a good tool to have at your disposal if combo bets are your thing.

However, there wasn’t the market depth on lower-profile fights that we expected, and we would have liked to have seen more variety in promos towards MMA. The site also lacks a loyalty club, so no matter how many fights you bet on, don’t expect a special bonus in return.

MGM does deliver well with their mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android. The user-friendly app lets you get real-time notifications for things like offers and MMA market reminders, and it performs quickly when loading in-play markets and live fight stats.

Sportingbet – Simple, Fast, and Live Fight Betting

Sportingbet Sports Mobile Betting
Sportingbet Mobile Betting Options
Sportingbet Sports Accas
Sportingbet Sports Betting Accas And More
  • Live fight betting
  • Plenty of fight listings
  • User-friendly site
  • Excellent market variety
  • Lacks ante post variety
  • Offers are lacking

Sportingbet is not a flashy site, and it never has been. It’s been around for a long time, so it works for them, and the good news for MMA bettors is that with such a comprehensive sportsbook, not only are there plenty of MMA fights listed, but they’ll be easy to find and bet on.

Market variety is very solid, with an average of five pre-fight options available per bout. But those markets can generally only be found closer to the fight date. Ante-post variety is not in as good shape at Sportingbet as at some bookmakers, and there is little in the way of promotions. But they make up for it when it comes to live betting.

The Sportingbet in-play section is great for live MMA action. There is a nice media box where you can configure the view, choosing from live streams when available to a graphics view or just a basic stats overview of a fight.

BC.Game – Best MMA Fight Coverage

BC,Game mobile sports
BC.Game Mobile Sports Betting
BC,Game sponsorship
BC.Game Sports Selection
  • Great MMA odds
  • Excellent listings
  • In-play MMA betting
  • Mobile browser site
  • Lacks streaming
  • No app

We were impressed by the volume of fights listed for MMA in the BC.Game sportsbook. There were almost 50 fights listed for upcoming action, which were spread over two UFC-numbered nights and three regular-fight nights.

So, there are a lot of current and long-term markets listed. There was also an average bookmaker margin of 104–105% on many of the fight outright markets, and this strength of odds is why they are on our list of the best MMA betting sites.

When fights go into live betting mode, the BC.Game platform works great on a mobile browser, but it’s disappointing that there is no app to keep track of your fights on the go. Another area that could be improved is streaming options, but in terms of banging out the great MMA odds, BC.Game has it locked down.

Why You Need Leading Mixed Martial Arts Betting Sites

The top MMA betting sites are those that are going to cater to the sport specifically. Not all bookmakers provide the same type of coverage, so this is an important area. But it is not the only thing that takes high priority when looking for mixed martial arts betting sites.

Along with ensuring good delivery of market coverage, our experts recommended other key areas, like mobile betting and occasionally MMA-specific online betting bonuses.

  • Pre-fight and in-play MMA odds
  • Market Variety
  • Promotions
  • Features
  • Mobile Betting

Getting the best possible complete service from leading MMA bookmakers is a step toward ensuring that you will get an overall better quality of user experience. Read on to find out more about these particular areas our experts reviewed.

Pre-Fight and In-play MMA Odds

The best betting sites for MMA will provide more opportunities for frequently getting the best odds for fixtures. It’s common for title fights in UFC betting, for example, to find an odds-on favourite, perhaps a 1.70 option for the reigning champion to win the bout.

Depending on the perceived gulf in class between two fighters, the wider the margin of odds will be. Sometimes, that doesn’t leave much meat on the bone for punters when looking at a 1.10 favourite in a two-way fight-winner market.

But in terms of odds for betting on MMA, the value of having a leading bookmaker is going to be getting industry-leading prices more often than not on selections. The lower the bookmaker margins are on an MMA market, the less of a cut they are taking, equating to better odds for you.

Once you start seeing MMA odds totaling a bookmaker margin of 110% or more, then it may be time to come up with a new plan. Fortunately, this is where another great asset of wagering with the best betting sites will come into play: market variety.

Bookmakers Well Worth a Look

Switching Up MMA Betting Styles

MMA fights don’t have the same kind of variety that the likes of baseball or soccer matches will have. That is down to the simpler nature of the sport. It’s two combatants squaring off in the ring, or octagon, for supremacy, and there are only a limited number of options for how a fight will end.

Mixed martial arts fights are generally only three rounds, so that does put a cap on expansive markets like handicaps and totals. As mentioned, the fight-outright-winner betting market may not always offer enough value, especially when it’s lopsided in favour of one fighter.

So, there is a need for alternative markets, and even if MMA doesn’t have a vast range, you still need the most you can get. One of the most popular alternative markets to find at the best MMA betting sites is the Method of Victory.

Markets like this add conditions to the picture. No longer are you just selecting a fighter to win, but how they will win, either by knockout or by points, for example. Exploring different markets at the best MMA markets is something that can help give you an edge by forging a better value strategy.

Some sites just don’t cover the amount of depth beyond the match outright and the method of victory that’s required. There are a host of other top MMA markets to scour, like Handicaps, Round Betting, Group Round Betting, Total Rounds, and Exact Rounds. Don’t get boxed into the corner; get better options at the best MMA betting sites.

Top MMA Organisations

While the UFC is the biggest mixed martial arts organisation going, you still want to be able to find roughly the same number of markets for a UFC fight as you can for a Bellator fight or any other.

Here are some of the top MMA organisations whose fights you should look out for at the best sites:

OrganisationYear LaunchedLocation
UFCFormed 1993USA
BellatorFormed 2008USA
Professional Fighters LeagueFormed 2018USA
One ChampionshipFormed 2011Singapore
Cage WarriorsFormed 2001Europe

Mixed martial arts is an umbrella term as it combines different combat sports. While it is common to find all fights, regardless of the organization, listed under MMA in a sportsbook menu, at some sites you may see some individual disciplines listed, such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, or wrestling.

Knockout Bonuses for MMA Bets

When a big UFC headline bout comes along, usually two juggernauts of the sport meet for a title, then extra attention gets put on the sport. Part of that extra attention also translates into the world of online betting, as the best MMA betting sites will tend to push more offers for big fights.

Whether that’s free bet specials for the method of victory or even special fight bonuses worked into a time-specific welcome bonus offer, there will be options out there. It’s the bigger bookmakers that tend to do this.

Fights are listed well ahead of the actual date, so take some time to look around for relevant offers. A good place to start is by checking out our leading recommendations for MMA betting.

Each of those MMA bookmakers has a good welcome bonus offer that credits free bets for fulfillment. Those free bets can be a handy thing ahead of your next bout of MMA betting. Also, check out the markets around the time of the fight for enhanced odds offers on select markets, like Round Betting.

Adding Some Extras to MMA Betting

A modern online MMA betting site is a lot more than just a long list of upcoming fights and odds. In-play betting takes fight night to an entirely different dimension, as you can judge markets on the fly, minute-by-minute, and blow-by-blow.

The best live betting sites often feature text commentary updates during a fight, some scorecard information, and even pre-fight statistics. Another great tool at the top MMA betting sites is a market history tracker, so you can see where the flow of money has been going in the fight.

A big feature of online betting sites includes bet builders, where several selections can be combined into one bet from a single fight, and live streaming of sports. Keep a keen eye out for other features like prediction games and some value-added expert input through MMA betting predictions.

MMA Betting Markets at Your Fingertips

It can be hard to peel your eyes away from the screen in the middle of a fight just to run to the computer to check the latest markets. A better way is getting into the MMA odds through a top mobile betting platform.

Check out any of our best sites for MMA betting, and you will find a seamless, cross-platform experience, meaning that you can jump on your mobile device and get into the latest odds simply and securely. A glance down at your device in between rounds as fighters catch their breath is quick and convenient.

Mobile betting apps are perfect for speedy access with just the tap of an icon. All modern betting sites are fully optimized for mobile browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox but can take just a little longer to access.

Mobile MMA betting allows you to quickly scroll through markets on the fly and catch the latest updated odds. It can create opportunities to spot trends when a market may be shifting in your favour. With mobile betting, you can even hop on a cash-out opportunity to settle an active bet early.

Betting on the Biggest Fights and Stars of MMA

There are different weight divisions across MMA, both on the women’s and men’s sides of things. As with boxing, the heavyweight division generally attracts the most attention. But each division brings something a little different.

While it’s all about power at the top, the middle and lightweight divisions bring a lot more pace and agility to the octagon. The names below highlight the tremendous variety of fighters and skills across the sport that you may want to look out for when placing MMA bets.

UFC Stars (Men)
  • Jon “Bones” Jones
  • Stipe Miocic
  • Leon Edwards
  • Kamaru Usman
  • Sean O’Malley
  • Islam Makhachev

The sport has fully embraced female fighters as well, and pioneering superstars have carved out paths to the top for a new generation of women, too. The following are some of the elite names in the markets at the best UFC betting sites.

UFC Stars (Women)
  • Alexa Grasso
  • Zhang Weili
  • Valentina Shevchenko
  • Raquel Pennington
  • Julianna Pena

Strengths and Weaknesses of MMA Betting Sites

We have recommended the best MMA betting sites based on several criteria, but the one big pro that comes in at the top of the list is fight coverage. It’s important to consistently get into the fights that you expect to see, whether that’s the UFC, Bellator, or any other organization.

This leads us to one of the main chokeholds we have. Beyond big UFC fights, some betting sites fall short of delivering coverage of anything other than UFC, but we have ensured that our selections don’t miss the mark.

  • Fight coverage from around the world
  • Competitive MMA odds
  • Market Variety
  • Welcome bonus and offers
  • Sometimes hard to find extensive fight coverage beyond the UFC

We now come to the final bell of our guide to the best MMA betting sites. Having highlighted some of the top selections and reasons why we picked those betting sites, it’s time to sum it all up.

Final Rankings of the Top MMA Bookmakers

Coming in at the top of our list of the best MMA betting sites are BetMGM, Sportingbet, and BC.Game. They all bring some real quality to the table in terms of covering fights from the UFC, Bellator, The One Championship, and other fight organizations.

We feel that the degree of variety in coverage is a hugely important factor for bettors, right up there alongside great odds, fast live in-play betting services, and the ability to take the fights on the road. They all offer good promotions too, so go check them out today.

Great Betting Bonuses for Players

Common Questions Regarding the Best MMA Betting Site

🗒️ How do I sign up with an MMA betting site?

Easy. Visit the site of our top picks, either on mobile or desktop, and look for the login link. Registration should not take more than a couple of minutes to complete.

Yes. Our recommendations are all licensed and regulated, so they provide a safe experience, backed by encryption and server firewalls that are in place to protect your information.

🧩 What MMA bets are available?

Plenty. We have selected MMA bookmakers that provide a great range of options, from the fight winner to how a fight will end and other options, like total rounds.

📺 Is there live MMA betting?

Yes. A good online betting platform will deliver up-to-the-minute live odds as a fight is happening, giving even more options.

👍 What promotions are available for MMA betting?

This will vary between different bookmakers. All have welcome bonus offers that offer credit-free bets, which is a great place to start.

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