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NFL Betting Sites: Ranking the Top Bookmakers for NFL Bets

Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Mike McKean
Last Updated on 17.07.2024

The NFL has reached out to fans internationally in recent years. Nowadays, fans from all over the globe have some interest in America’s game and there are plenty of NFL betting sites for you to place bets.

This article will look at three of the best sites to place your bets on the American National Football League and what gamblers can expect when logging on to these sites. We will aim to clarify the markets on offer, the functionality of these websites, and how you can better navigate the platforms for an easy betting experience.

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Check out The Best NFL Betting Sites for 2024

Explore the Best NFL Betting Sites Available

There’s nothing quite like the spectacle of the NFL. The showmanship and skill involved with every game is a sight to behold. Thankfully, betting on the NFL is more available today than it ever has been, covering a range of markets for whatever bet you’re looking for. Here are 3 online betting sites we’d recommend and the benefits of wagering through them:

Unibet – Extensive NFL Betting Options

Unibet mobile sports betting
Unibet live sports betting
Unibet Sports
Unibet sports betting markets
  • Wide range of markets on NFL betting
  • Free NFL bets and parlay offers
  • Early cashout options
  • Profit boosts on NFL winnings
  • Limited number of US locations
  • $25 limit on some promotions

Unibet offers a huge number of markets and is one of the major football betting sites worldwide, but if you’re a US customer, you must be in the state of NJ, VA, IN, PA or AZ.

Whether you want to choose a simple moneyline bet, build a parlay, use the over/under option, get used to how NFL spreads work, or pick who’s going to win the championship come the end of the season, all of this can be done via the Unibet website and app with relative ease. The amount of bets available is considerable; for instance, upcoming games offer around 300 betting options, and there are even individual markets for each NFL team so you can bet on familiar favourites. The sheer number of options to select from on the ‘Futures’ section of their NFL page was impressive compared to other sites as well.

The platform offers streaming options for NFL games, a handy way to keep an eye on your bet as it happens. Perhaps other bookmakers offer a greater number of in-play bets, like sacks and tackle assists for individual players, but overall, it’s a good selection for NFL fans. Otherwise, there is a virtual display of the game’s proceedings and statistics for a glance.

There is also a handy guide that Unibet provides for new users to explain how NFL betting works, the types of bets laid out for NFL markets, and some tips to consider before placing a bet. We liked the winnings boost as betting bonuses you can receive on specific NFL games too, despite there being a $25 maximum limit.

Betway – Rewards and Player-Specific Bets

Betway sports mobile
Betway mobile sports betting
Betway sports
Betway sports betting markets
  • Excellent number of betting options
  • Good value NFL odds
  • Parlay Club for bonuses
  • Cashout function
  • Layout isn’t as good as others
  • Not enough ‘Futures’ markets

Currently operating their sportsbook online in 9 states in the US (AZ, IA, LA, OH, VA, CO, IN, NJ, and PA), Betway has an excellent range of markets open to NFL bettors. Our initial glance at their NFL betting page had a tab with a ‘Create Same Game Parlay’ option for an easier way to navigate this bet-building system, and it’s a great way to bring multiple NFL selections into the same betting slip.

As for site navigation, you will notice the ‘NFL Football’ section on the left of your home screen, and it’ll redirect you to the most popular games the National Football League has upcoming this week, with three popular bet types listed for a quick wager. The in-game number of markets is huge and creative, offering a lot of choices on this top NFL betting site. Live streaming seems restricted for the NFL, but you can still take full advantage of in-play betting.

What particularly caught our eye was the range of winnings boosts and the number of options for choosing player-specific statistics to bet on, like tackles, field goals, rushing, receiving, total yards, and tackle assists. On the other hand, their ‘Futures’ odds section, where you can usually make bets on championship winners, AFC or NFC contenders, and individual team markets, for example, is lacking, and we would like to see more options added. That being said, we still feel that Betway is still one of the best NFL betting sites.

bet365 – NFL Bet Boosts & Early Payouts

Bet365 sports betting
Try live sports betting at Bet365
Bet365 Sports Betting
Bet365 sports betting markets
  • Lots of bet boosts
  • Early payout offers
  • Choice of welcome offers
  • Cashout function
  • Slightly lacking defensive player markets
  • Limited state availability in the US

Another of the big players who’ve stepped into the US market, specifically in NJ, CO, OH, VA, IA, KY, and LA, is bet365. This sportsbook has made a name for itself as a leader when it comes to live betting and the number of in-play markets it offers.

There are plenty of odds boosts for selected NFL fixtures and we particularly like the bet365 early payout offer, which transfers the winnings to your account if the team you’ve selected during your pre-game bet goes 17 points up at any stage of the game – it would even count towards a win in your parlay. Speaking of pre-game parlays, you could receive a 5-70% boost to your winnings depending on the number of selections made in your successful bet.

Live streaming services for the NFL games are widely available at bet365 and makes it one of the best live betting sites, allowing you to experience the action from your handheld or desktop device. The way they split the scoring bets between quarters for each game offers alternative prospects for bettors. Overall, this could be the best online NFL betting site currently available.

Unibet v Betway v bet365 – Comparing the Best NFL Betting Sites

Our review of these NFL betting sites and the features they offer for in-demand markets was largely positive, thanks to the amount of bets you can place and other rewards they offer throughout the NFL season. All three of the sports bookmakers presented a significant number of betting options for customers for an easier wagering experience.

Cash Out
Odds/Winnings Boost
Early Payout
Third-Party Discounts
Live NFL Streaming (Restrictions Apply)
In-Game Betting
Free Bets for New Customers
Android & iOS App
Same Game Parlay/Bet Builder

Considering all the features and promotions from each of these renowned betting firms, our view is that bet365 has the most rounded NFL availability and versatile market range and, therefore, is perhaps the best online NFL betting site. While Unibet and Betway have their selling points, the fact that you will have so many options with bet365, like early payouts and free bets as a welcome offer, it’s the ideal football betting site to sign up for.

However, if you are looking at it from a US state availability perspective, Betway takes the lead by a small margin:

Total US States Available597
StatesNew Jersey, Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania and ArizonaArizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey and PennsylvaniaNew Jersey, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, Kentucky, and Louisiana

5 Tips to Help You as You Bet on the NFL

Seasoned gamblers might have their techniques and preferred NFL betting sites when it comes to wager preparation, but there are always a few things you should bear in mind before jumping into a wager. For new customers, these tips might serve as a handy tool to establish a smart betting strategy:

Take Regional Regulations Seriously

First, be sure to choose a US state or other country where NFL betting is perfectly legal. Don’t try to trick the system to place NFL bets, especially if you’re an American residing in another state. 

Gamble Responsibly

You should use the safe gambling tools (time limits, deposit limits, etc.) on each of the top NFL betting sites to stay in control. If you feel that your betting is becoming a problem, use the tools on the aforementioned websites to set limits to your deposits and reach out to a helpline for further assistance.

Research Injuries and Suspensions

A team might have dominated for the majority of the season so far, but one injury can be the difference between the Super Bowl and missing out on the playoffs. There is a wealth of resources providing daily injury reports for each team so you can monitor player health.

Make Use of Cash Out & Odds Boosts

To possibly enhance your NFL betting site bankroll figures, you should consider making savvy cash-out choices and using the odds boost available options, as offered by the leading NFL betting sites.

Check Form & Stats Before Betting

A team might have started the season 0-5, but all of a sudden, a 5-5 record puts them on a hot streak, despite what their record says. Explore the range of recent game statistics with top NFL betting sites to determine who you should be betting on and which teams you’ll want to avoid having in your parlay.

Watch the NFL Live

Watching the games live, rather than short highlights online or just checking the final score, gives you a much more rounded view of what teams are like and how they operate. This could help you decide how to build your bet for an increased likelihood of winning cash.

Summary: NFL Betting Opportunities at 3 Excellent Sites

Our extensive research and look into the best NFL betting sites revealed that Unibet, Betway, and bet365 are excellent options for football fans. Live betting is available for all three sites, but the additional features and promotions on offer from bet365 make it the best online NFL betting site currently available.

Whether you’re looking for early payouts, live streaming, bet-building possibilities, or any other feature that is commonplace on NFL betting sites, these sites could be just what you’re looking for. Just make sure you do your research and only bet with operators that are legal in your region.

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NFL Betting Sites FAQ

🏆How do NFL bets work?

There are many markets to choose from when searching through NFL bets. These include over/under bets, spreads, moneyline bets, parlays, and many more. You will be given odds on an NFL betting site based on the most likely outcome, and your winnings will be determined from those odds and your stake.

🖥️Can I bet on NFL online?

Yes, betting on the NFL online is possible as most sports bookmakers offer markets on the sport, but this depends on your location. All NFL bookmakers operate differently, but it’s usually clear before you can access the homepage where you can and can’t gamble online.

🏈How do NFL odds work on betting sites?

This is determined by what the NFL bookmakers think is the most likely outcome. If a perceived strong team is playing somebody deemed weaker than them, you are likely to get less money back from your stake if you back the favourite to win. Odds are typically laid out in the American format if you are betting from the States, but you can often change to decimal, or fractional format, depending on your preference.

🧐What to look for when betting on the NFL?

There are numerous things to consider when betting on the NFL, like injuries, suspensions, head-to-head matchups, form, jeopardy, home advantage, the odds, your budget, markets available, and more.

Where NFL betting is legal in the US largely varies by state and by sportsbook . While not all states are guaranteed, some common states where our three favourite operators are legal include Virginia and New Jersey.