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Best eSports Betting Sites in 2024: Betting on CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends & More

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Last Updated on 10.07.2024

The world of online gaming has rapidly expanded into sports betting, and now the two are firmly married. So, by checking out our guide to the best eSports betting sites, you can follow all the latest top action.

Regardless of whether you follow CS:GO, League of Legends, eSports, or a combination of many, there are plenty of betting opportunities. From mobile gaming to catching free live streams, there is a lot to be enjoyed, and our experts show you where you can get it all.

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Discover the Best Esports Betting Sites in 2024

Our Top eSports Betting Sites

To get some guidance about sifting through the best betting sites to find great eSports bookies, just read on below. Our experts have cherry-picked the cream of the crop, and the licensed and regulated sites have everything you need, from top odds to live streams. – The Best of Live eSports Betting eSports
Try eSports betting at Sports also offers sports and casino gaming
  • eSports coverage
  • Live betting
  • eSports stats and results
  • Cash Out
  • Missing live streams
  • Average bookmaker margins

Call of Duty, Dota 2, Kings of Glory, and Starcraft 1— has brilliant coverage right across the board of all the major titles for betting on esports. Coverage is fantastic, from qualifying matches for major tournaments to regular week-to-week league play.

All the eSports matches are covered by live betting odds as well, bringing plenty of further market variety to the table on elements like First Kill, Map Handicaps, and Map Winner. There are also very good eSports stats to check out league standings and recent results. does miss the mark by not providing live eSports streaming, and you won’t find much better than 107% overrounds on outrights, but that’s fairly consistent with other bookmakers. Cash out is available on some live eSports markets at, and they also have acca boosts to top up winnings on qualifying bets.

Unibet – Topping the eSports Variety Charts

Unibet mobile sports betting
Unibet live sports betting
Unibet Sports
Unibet sports betting markets
  • eSports variety
  • Free live streams
  • Cash Out
  • Mobile betting
  • No loyalty club
  • eSports Uniboosts

Unibet has one of the largest varieties of eSports betting game coverage around and a stack of free live streams from regular leagues and top tournaments to go with it. Any competition you can think of, from the ESL Challenger League to PGM Major and CDL Major events, you are going to be very well covered. Everything from Call of Duty, CS2, Rainbow Six, and League of Legends is available in their impressive listings.

Few bookmakers go to this extent of full blanket coverage of events and also apply great betting depth to matches, including Maps and Handicaps. You can easily access the Unibet mobile website on any device, which delivers all the betting site’s features, including the latest bets and live eSports action. A Unibet app is also available for mobile betting on iOS and Android devices, which conveniently allows you to view your eSports bets or matches on the go.

There’s no loyalty club to reward free bets from regular eSports wagers, and Uniboosts don’t fall onto the eSports radar either. But in terms of betting features, including live eSports betting with cash out available on plenty of eSports markets, Unibet easily ranks at the top of our charts.

Betway – Live eSports Streaming Brilliance

Betway sports mobile
Betway mobile sports betting
Betway sports
Betway sports betting markets
  • Great eSports coverage
  • Live betting
  • Live streaming as you bet
  • Lines released in advance
  • Few Offers
  • Average margins

Another heavy hitter in the world of eSports betting is Betway. Their coverage is also top-notch, particularly around big events like the League of Legends Worlds and the International for Dota 2.

Get both pre-match and in-play betting markets for eSports. There are plenty of streams from titles like CS: GO matches, so you can bet and watch all on one page without having to have multiple tabs open. The number of live streams is huge and, again, covers so many of the top leagues and game titles.

Another strong aspect is that Betway prices up their eSports matches well in advance, up to a week sometimes. Margins aren’t spectacular, with an average overround found around 107–108% on some League of Legends matches, for example. But it’s certainly not the worst we’ve seen. Some eSports promos and price boosts would have been nice to cushion the odds, but overall, Betway is very strong.

What You Want from a Top eSports Betting Site

If you land at any online betting site, you are going to see eSports odds. But the odds on the same event can vary quite a bit among different bookies, as can any available site features and things like welcome bonus offers.

In making recommendations for the best sites for eSports betting, we look at a few key areas. The goal is to find betting platforms that provide a strong, high-quality service that meets the needs of what you want from your eSports bets.

  • eSports Markets
  • eSports Betting Odds
  • Mobile Apps
  • Free Live Streaming Services
  • Site Features

We have compiled this in-depth guide to the top esports betting sites to help you get the complete package of a high-quality, safe wagering platform.

Playing the eSports Field: Title and Market Variety

Everybody has their favourite sport or video game that they naturally gravitate towards. People also have their individual preferences for eSports, be it game titles, the type of market, or the bets they place.

The Best of eSports Games to Bet On

You can find so many engaging eSports titles at our best eSports betting site picks. The main focus a lot of the time is on MOBA and MMORPG-style games, but there is a big genre of electronic sports as well. That’s from eFootball action on FIFA to eBasketball action on NBA.

Check out our list below of some popular eSports games that you will find in eSports betting that you may want to explore after signing up at one of our preferred betting sites:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)A big leader in the genre, a first-person shooter with strategic gaming in team-play, with each team having a different objective.
Dota 2A multiplayer online battle arena with a massive following features two teams of five vying to destroy an enemy structure.
League of LegendsTeams of champions are fighting to destroy the Nexus of the opposing team.
OverwatchA popular first-person shooter with a great cast of diverse characters and abilities they can tap into.
Rocket LeagueA fun, high-octane game of skill. It’s soccer meets vehicles with some brilliant mechanics in a giant arena.

eSports is a serious business for the players involved. Sometimes, they fight it out for huge pools of prize money. Among the top eSports tournaments are the International (Dota 2), League of Legends World Championships, and Counterstrike: Global Offensive Majors. Other popular organizations like the ESL Pro League and even a Fortnite World Cup all add to the tremendous variety of this exhilarating genre.

eSports Markets

No matter which particular eSports games or tournaments you follow, an important thing is to be able to find the markets for what you want to bet on at the best eSports betting site. If you fail to find the latest CS: GO markets from the ESL Pro League, for example, then you are going to be sold short. This is why we target the best sites that offer the best levels of coverage.

All the recommended best eSports betting sites on this page have great market variety, which means that titles are covered extremely well. So, that is a big benefit that will help you find your LoL or Dota 2 fixtures.

But it’s not just having access to the Match Winner markets that you want. There are many other top markets that you want to see for your matches, instead of things being so one-dimensional. The best eSports bookmakers will provide greater depth of market coverage for individual matches. That can encompass things like Maps, First Kill, and Handicaps.

The more variety you have, the more nuanced your betting strategy for eSports betting can get. Without that, you are going to be lagging behind on options, so always value great market variety at betting sites.

Get Off to a Great Start with these Betting Bonuses

Top Odds for eSports

It’s extremely common to find online betting sites that have vast listings of eSports betting odds. It’s become mainstream, and because more and more punters have supported eSports betting markets, over time, the odds have gotten better as well.

In the most straightforward area of match outrights, you can find fair odds of around 1.75 on a match favourite in a 2-way market, for example. An underdog in a match at around 2.00 is not a bad price at all for eSports matches like Dota or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

Another big feature of the odds at the best eSports betting sites is that live in-play ones are available. That allows you to follow the latest action and bet on not only things like the outcome of the match but also consider odds in areas like the result of a specific map.

Games can change in an instant, and having in-play eSports betting odds on hand, especially on a mobile device, is great. You can easily keep up to date with new listings of matches and any market fluctuations and dip into statistics that can help inform your decisions on the fly.

Ready to Watch and Bet on eSports?

All of our best eSports betting site selections have live streaming. There is just a natural fit between gaming and streaming, and this has been an instant boon to punters who like to bet on the digital gaming world.

Live streaming at betting sites is typically free. In most cases, you just need to have funds in your account or have bet in the previous 24 hours. Streams give bettors the advantage of not only being able to enjoy some top gaming action but also gathering information about how well individuals and teams are playing.

That all ties perfectly back into the live odds that are available at the best betting sites for eSports. Watch the action and look at the latest in-play odds to see how the in-game form is related to the markets.

It could be determining which team is going to win the current CS: GO map. If you are watching an eFootball match at your best eSports betting site, for example, you may be able to judge which team is going to score the next goal of the match just by the flow of action. That can lead you to in-play markets like Correct Score, Next Team to Score, and Total Goals.

Mobile Apps for eSports Betting

Video gaming is naturally associated with being at the cutting edge of technology. So mobile betting apps have come onto the radar for eSports betting, too. Seeing that most people have a phone in their pocket, downloading and installing a betting app is going to be a small hassle for big convenience.

For example, you will have the latest eSports markets and odds right at your fingertips. Live streams can be displayed on a mobile betting app. So you will still get the full experience, just as you would on the main bookmaker website, just condensed into the lightweight mobile platform.

App vs Mobile Browser?

It is possible to access all features at the best eSports betting site through a mobile browser. But apps are specifically designed and constructed for devices, so they are typically lighter than a browser in how much data they use and tend to have better layouts.

A well-designed app layout that allows for quick scrolling of pages and responsiveness goes a long way. That is the point of mobile betting, particularly when it comes to in-play eSports matches: speed. Markets update quickly, and you need a mobile betting platform that is responsive and not lagging when you are trying to take a current quote.

Level Up With eSports Betting Features

There are other ways to enhance your eSports betting online, beyond the basics of what markets and odds are offered, or the ability to bet on the go.

eSport Bonuses

While it is hard to find specific eSports promotions, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find something like a price boost token you could apply to a market.

You just have to get a bit creative, as options are out there. Regular betting offers, long-standing deals for existing customers like Accumulator Insurance or Accumulator Boosts, and even Rewards Clubs can all count when it comes to your eSports betting. When you open an account, the initial incentive of a welcome bonus offer will present an opportunity to grab free bets.

Tools for Personalised and Informed Betting

Other top features of online betting sites are cash outs, bet builders, and statistics. With an eSports cash-out option, you can get offers from top live betting sites to settle up early on a five-fold acca that has had the first four legs win, for example.

Bet builders allow you to create a same-game multi-bet, calling for your creativity and expertise, while stats can prove to be useful in picking out your selections in the first place. More than just a platform for betting odds, look around and utilize features to boost your experience.

Top Scores and Glitches of eSports Betting Sites

We have battled to the final level of our guide to eSports betting sites. There’s a lot to this genre, but it’s one worth checking out. Overall, the positives from this popular genre at the best bookmaker sites far outweigh the cons:

  • Live eSports streams are free to watch
  • In-play eSports betting markets complement live streams
  • Mobile betting for the latest eSports odds on the go
  • Get welcome bonus offers at the top eSports sites
  • eSports promotions are not very common

One of the biggest pros of landing at a better-quality online betting site for eSports is easily the live-streaming service. This is such a great feature that is woven into many markets, so you can watch Valorant, LoL, or Starcraft matches unfold as you look at the live odds.

On the other hand, in our experience, you are not likely to find many betting bonus offers, even things like enhanced odds to boost play. From here, we now head into our final thoughts about eSports bookmakers.

The Final eSports Betting Round-Up

To summarize, we put a priority for eSports betting on the live in-play area, but not necessarily as a stand-alone option. Live in-play betting coupled with live streaming is really where the eSports game is at. All the top eSports betting sites recommended on this page, namely Betway, Unibet, and, have those features, and this is part of the reason why they are on the list.

They all also have an excellent market variety of various eSports titles, which is equally important. The bookmakers all perform well in odds comparisons for match outrights as well. So if you are looking for a good place to start with eSports betting, check them out and any welcome bonus offers you come across.

Our Top-Of-The-Line Bookmakers

Best eSports Betting Sites: What Else You Need to Know

🎮 What type of eSports markets can I get?

You can find a good variety of eSports markets like the match winner, first kill, handicaps, map winner, and more.

📺 Is there live streaming of eSports?

Yes. Bookmakers provide live streams of many eSports events, which is great for live in-play betting as well.

🦾 What competitions are covered by eSports betting?

You can find plenty of titles from CS:GO to Valorant, Starcraft, Rainbow Six, Brawl Stars, FIFA, Dota 2, and plenty more.

👏 Are there eSports betting promotions?

Unique eSports promos aren’t very common, but regular sports betting promotions like sign-up bonuses, cashback, or accumulator win bonuses will still be applicable for eSports betting.

🖥️ What is the best eSports betting site?

There are many excellent sites available, including our top recommendations like Unibet and Betway, which have extensive markets, live streams, and competitive odds.

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