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Discover the Best Betting Sites for Basketball: NBA, Euro League & More

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Last Updated on 07.07.2024

On this page, we will show you how and where to get top odds, promotions, and great features with our in-depth guide to the best basketball betting sites. Read on as we give you the full lowdown.

From NBA action to the competitive EuroLeague, basketball is a much-loved sport across the globe. But getting the best markets, variety, and odds isn’t always easy because of the crowded bookmaker space. Let our experts help you pick out the best of them. Read on to see which bookmakers are bringing the best game to your bets.

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Discover the Top Basketball Betting Sites of 2024

Your Guide to Our Best Sites for Basketball Betting

To get the best possible service for your wagers, you will need to land at good basketball bookmakers amongst the plethora of online betting sites. You can nail a slam dunk in that regard by visiting any of the following best basketball betting sites provided below, all licensed sites hand-picked by our experts.

Betway – Home of Basketball Boosts

Betway sports mobile
Have a look at the awesome sportsbook at Betway
Betway Sports Bonuses
Do some sports betting at Betway
  • Basketball boosts
  • Live betting
  • Basketball market depth
  • Cash Out
  • Limited promotions
  • Average margins

Betway is a great basketball betting site as it provides a lot of bet boosts. These Betway Boosts are selected picks that have enhanced odds applied to them. That could be a Basketball Double of two teams from the same night to win or an alternative Totals option. Though, beyond the boosts, Betway misses the mark a little on basketball and sports promos, and only average bookie margins around 108% on basketball outrights.

On the upside, cash out availability on matches is widespread, and there is also a good live-streaming service for watching basketball matches. With live streaming availability, there is plenty of live betting on the site, covering everything from the NBA to the Champions League, EuroLeague, and domestic leagues, like Spain’s Liga ACB. The overall market depth is great, with 50+ live markets on average per fixture.

DAZNBet – Slam Dunking the Statistics

DAZN bet main
Do your basketball betting at DAZNBet
DAZN Bet mobile sports betting
Bet on the go at DAZNBet
  • Basketball statistics
  • Good basketball competition coverage
  • Fast In-play betting
  • Bet Boosts
  • Limited live streaming
  • Poor promotions

DAZNBet is home to plenty of basketball features, and one of the top ones is their statistics service. Their stats centre is in-depth, and you can search through piles of stats from leagues and competitions all over the world to see head-to-head, results, form, streaks, and win probability.

Another outstanding feature of the DAZNBet platform for basketball betting is the volume of competitions it covers. Again, the range is wide outside of the NBA, with top European league covers from the likes of England, Spain, and Croatia.

Live streaming isn’t as in-depth at DAZNBet as on other sites, and promotions in general aren’t geared toward basketball. But in-play betting on the games is fast on both the main website and on mobile. There are also some good Bet Boosts to be found that raise odds on selections, and good cash-out features too, which may apply to your basketball wagers.

BetUK – Best Basketball Bet Builders

Bet UK main
Lots of choices at the Bet UK sportsbook
BetUK mobile betting
Mobile online betting at DAZNBet
  • Basketball Bet Builders
  • Great live basketball betting
  • Free Bet Club
  • Mobile app
  • Lacking live streams
  • Promos have limited scope

BetUK has plenty of popular leagues covered for basketball betting, like the NCAA, NBA, Euroleague, EuroBasket, KBL, and plenty more. That impressive coverage is also backed by some great live betting, where it is common to see 30+ in-play markets in action on a match.

Included among the live betting options are bet builders, which can also be found pre-match. The feature can be found in almost all basketball matches. Live streaming would add an extra dimension to their service. However, the entire BetUK basketball betting experience can be enjoyed on mobile, either on iOS or Android. Links to those apps are on their homepage.

Overall, most of their offers are geared towards football and horse racing, but basketball specials, which are preset bets that have boosted odds, can be found at BetUK, and all sports do qualify for their weekly free bet club.

Key Elements of the Best Basketball Betting Sites

Unless you use some of our recommendations for the best basketball betting site above, finding one doesn’t always come at the drop of a hat.

Finding baseball betting sites that continuously perform well in odds comparisons, for example, and deliver the market variety you need to fit your betting strategy are among some of the top areas. Here are a few pointers about the main areas that are worth researching.

  • Competitions and Leagues
  • Basketball odds
  • Betting Offers
  • Site Features
  • Mobile Betting

That’s a summary of things that should all align to create the best basketball betting site. For further details about why these areas are important, read below.

Our Unbeatable Bookmakers

Mixing Up the Basketball Betting Competition

The best basketball betting sites will outshine competitors for the number of competitions and leagues that are covered. There’s a big world of basketball out there beyond the NBA. It’s the first stop for many people, which is fair, as it is the most publicized and star-studded of all basketball competitions, and for that, look for the best NBA betting sites.

But the sport is played right around the world and is hugely popular in places like China and Japan. In Europe, the EuroLeague takes centre stage for its competitive, physical game style. Even back in North America, NCAA collegiate-level basketball has an enormous following.

There is also an abundance of women’s tournaments and cups played around the world, as well as international tournaments like the FIBA Basketball World Cup and the Olympic Games. The point is that you want bookmakers who price up other basketball competitions, not just the NBA, as it may not be everyone’s fancy.

The benefit for you when betting is that you know you have a reliable platform where you can go and find the basketball bets you want on the competitions you enjoy and are knowledgeable about. Check out interesting events to bet on in the chart below:

NBANorth AmericaAnnually
WNBANorth AmericaAnnually
FIBA Basketball World CupInterionatalEvery 4 years
NCAANorth AmericaAnnually
FIBA AmeriCupNorth and South AmericaEvery 4 years
FIBA AsiaCupAsiaEvery 4 years
Olympic GamesInteironatalEvery 4 years

Top Value Basketball Odds Slam Dunk

The odds you take on a bet will determine the ratio of your stake that will be returned as winnings. A 3.0 option on the NY Knicks, for example, with a 10-unit stake, would return a full 30 plus the 10-unit stake back. If that same selection was only at a 2.5-odds quote, for example, with the same stake, only 25 would be won along with the return of the stake.

So, landing valuable odds is hugely important, and that can be done by sticking with the best betting sites for basketball. That is where the consistently better odds can be found, primarily due to lower overrounds and the percentage cut that the bookmaker is making on the book.

In an even-looking contest, you could find the two-way match winner market around 1.7 or 1.8 for the favourite, with the underdogs at 2.2 or 2.3, and again, part of that will be determined by the overround. But not all matches are even contests, so in the case of a heavy favourite, they could be running at 1.3 against a 4.0 underdog.

Odds vary quite a bit at basketball bookmakers, so the best option is to stick with the best basketball betting sites that mostly provide the top odds on your favourite market. It’s common to see odds on the match-winner market for basketball to be somewhere around 105% to 110%. It’s not something that you will get 100% of the time, but if, through odds comparisons, you find that you at least match top market odds 70% of the time and up, you should be in a good spot.

Looking for Basketball’s Promo Gains

There are basketball betting offers laid up by bookmakers, and these are worth exploring. The good thing about them is that they don’t just come along in one format, or apply to the same markets, which means a greater chance of finding something that fits your basketball bets.

One easy form of basketball betting offer is ‘Price Boosts.’ These are typically double or treble bets for which the bookmaker has lengthened the odds. It is possible to find the offer on ‘Same Game Multi Bets’ as well. Check for pre-match and in-play boosts.

Other forms of promotional offers at the best basketball betting sites include money-back specials. After placing a qualifying stake on a particular outcome, if the bet fails under MBS terms, you will get the lost stake returned as a free bet.

If accumulators are your thing for a night of basketball betting action, then look for acca insurance, where the stake is refunded if just one leg of the betting loses. Win bonuses on successful accumulators are great as they boost the return of the payout.

Other popular forms of basketball betting offers are cashback on losses over a certain period and perks from a rewards club. There is also the initial welcome bonus offer when you first sign up with any of the best basketball betting sites. Free bet tokens will usually work their way into your account after completing the terms of a welcome bonus.

Jazzing Up Your Live Basketball Bets

One of the biggest features of online betting is live in-play markets. These directly correlate with the action that is happening in court. If a team has pulled out a 12-point lead at the end of the third quarter, that will be reflected in the markets at the best live betting sites.

Live markets constantly update and adjust to what is happening. Not only are popular pre-match markets like the match winner and points totals available while the match is still going on, but live betting opens up other new areas. Markets like an over/under on the total points in the next quarter, or the team to score the first point, plus player prop bets, enter the live betting frame.

Of course, the availability of live markets and odds is only the beginning of a great in-play experience at the best basketball betting sites:

  • Cash Out
  • Live Streaming
  • Best Builders
  • Parlays
  • Statistics
  • Live Betting

Merging with the live markers is the cash-out option, which can be found on many markets. If you find your pre-match betting in a winning position at the start of the fourth quarter, the bookmaker may sweep in with an offer to cash out the bet early. The offer will be at shorter odds than the bet was originally struck at, but you benefit from locking in profit in case of a fourth-period turnaround.

Other features at the best basketball betting sites are live streaming, so you can watch and bet on a match simultaneously, results and statistics, to help you make informed bets, and blogs full of valuable insights and tips from experts in the same game, in case you need additional feedback before placing a bet. Same-game multis are also popular because they allow you to customize a bet with options from the markets within the same game.

Basketball Betting To Go

The basketball action is usually free-flowing, end-to-end dynamic stuff. It can be hard to peel your eyes away from a match. That’s where mobile betting with the best basketball betting sites steps in, as the latest odds can be with you wherever you are watching the game.

Mobile betting offers degrees of convenience that betting on your desktop just can’t. Timing is one of those. It’s a lot easier to track the flow of money coming into a market through a mobile betting platform. Checking the betting history and market trends can help you spot the right time to jump on an option.

The other added benefit of mobile betting is the coverage of live in-play markets. You can watch the game and glance at the relevant market odds simultaneously. Live in-play basketball betting on the best platforms will offer quick odds updates, so you aren’t left hanging waiting for new odds to appear.

Live streaming ties nicely in with mobile betting as well. You watch and bet in one place as those features all come together on your device. Let’s not forget that full account management, promotions, the initial registration process, and welcome bonuses can also be done on top betting apps.

Draining the Shot or Hitting the Rim

One thing in particular that we find a real strength of the best basketball betting sites is competitive odds. Finding the best basketball betting site that consistently at least matches other industry top performers just adds a great layer of reliability for day-to-day basketball betting. You likely don’t always have the time for deep odds comparisons, so that peace of mind is amazing. Promotions specific to basketball aren’t quite as easy to come across, but there are workarounds for seeing what general sports betting offers can be utilized.

  • Consistently strong odds
  • Live in-play betting w/ cash out, streaming, etc.
  • Live streaming of matches
  • Market Variety
  • Scarce basketball-specific promos

Basketball betting sites come with a ton of advantages, but it’s also important to be cognizant of the disadvantages. Now that our general overview and a quick look at the pros and cons are on the net, it’s time to draw a line under this review of the best basketball betting sites.

The Buzzer Beaters of Basketball Betting Sites

We don’t want to regularly find an overround of over 110% on a Moneyline market, for example, as that depreciates values in bets. That’s why Betway, DAZNBet, and BetUK have made our shortlist. At these best basketball betting sites, you can find great margins and consistently strong odds when doing a direct odds comparison. Whichever site you decide on, keep the importance of researching competitions and leagues, basketball odds, betting offers, site features, and mobile betting in mind.

You can grab a good mobile betting experience at any of our top selections and explore plenty of live in-play betting options. Don’t forget welcome bonus offers when registering with any of our top basketball betting picks.

Don’t Miss Out on these Premier Betting Bonuses

Asking the Real Basketball Betting Sites Questions

💪 Where can I get a basketball betting bonus?

All of our recommended sites for basketball betting have good welcome bonuses. Look for others too, like same-game multi and parlay insurance, plus money-back specials and reward programs.

🌎 Can I bet on more than just the NBA?

Of course. The NBA is the biggest basketball scene, but it finds markets for everything from the EuroLeague to the Olympic Games.

🏦 What basketball betting sites have the best odds?

Odds will always vary depending on the event, market, bet type, etc., but if you’re looking for sites with reliable basketball odds, then try out Betway, DAZNBet or BetUK.

💻 Is there live streaming at basketball betting sites?

There is, yes, but it always depends on the bookmaker. You can watch live streams of the latest action while having the in-play betting markets for the match sit on screen at the same time.

🏀 What is the best basketball betting market?

The most popular basketball betting markets are the Moneyline, Spread and Totals. But market variety reaches well beyond that into winning margins, player props, team props, and quarter betting.

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