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Unveiling The Best MLB Betting Sites of 2024: Expert Reviews

Mike McKean
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Last Updated on 14.07.2024

There is no baseball league quite like the MLB, and it’s a long season of top action that culminates in the World Series. For all the latest odds and markets, check out our guide to the best MLB betting sites.

Our comprehensive overview looks at everything you need to get to grips with for your baseball selections. Whether you like to swing for the fences or take a more cautious approach, you want the top service at the best sites. Read on to find out how you can add a top pick to your bookmaker roster.

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Discover the Best MLB Sports Betting Websites for 2024

Ranking the Best Betting Sites for MLB

To help you cut through the noise, we have done all the heavy lifting, by compiling our top roster of the best baseball betting sites. Check out which bookies make the grade and why, plus don’t forget to look at some top betting bonuses through welcome offers when registering.

BetVictor – Tremendous MLB In-Play Updates

BetVictor Sports Betting Bonuses
BetVictor Sports Betting Bonuses
BetVictor Sports Betting
BetVictor Sports Betting
  • Immersive in-play options
  • Mobile app
  • Loyalty club
  • Expert blog with recommended picks
  • Awkward site navigation
  • Average margins

BetVictor is a well-established and trusted betting site, so that’s a huge positive out of the gate, whether you’re betting on MLB or any other sport. For MLB coverage specifically, there is fantastic in-play betting. On the listing page of current live matches, updates about score stats from within matches appear on the screen. You can go deeper into the live markets, game by game, to find options like Strikeouts, Hits, First Innings Result and the game’s last score. Moreover, BetVictor carries extensive baseball markets from pre-game through extra innings, plus an informative blog service with expert-provided picks.

For regular MLB bettors, there is a loyalty club through which a free bet can be claimed each week for making five qualifying bets. You can take advantage of this loyalty club even when you are placing bets via the BetVictor mobile app available for both iOS and Android, which is excellent for exploring all of those live and pre match baseball betting markets.The site menus are not the clearest to navigate, and average margins of only around 108% on MLB outrights aren’t mind-blowing, but not the worst.

NetBet – Live MLB SnapBets

netbet sports betting
NetBet Sports Betting
netbet mobile betting
NetBet Mobile Sports Betting
  • Competitive baseball odds
  • Good MLB pre match coverage
  • SnapBets
  • Combo Boost
  • Options thin outside of MLB
  • No loyalty club for baseball

At NetBet, the MLB odds are good, as it’s common to see an average of favourites in the range of 1.68 to 1.85, which is a nice zone for value. There is plenty of pre-match coverage of the MLB Moneyline, Run Line, and Totals markets, which are priced up well ahead of matches.

For in-play action, there is a NetBet feature called SnapBets that focuses on what may happen in a live fixture in a certain time frame. That could be 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. That breaks a game into a more dynamic mode of betting.

Live MLB betting is also well covered by their cash-out feature. Baseball coverage isn’t the strongest outside of the MLB at Netbet, and all of their loyalty programs are geared towards football bets only, but there is a Combo Boost feature that covers baseball bets, where you can boost your winnings up to 50% on successful MLB accas.

888Sport – Where Baseball Accas are Built

888Sport Betting Mobile
888Sport Mobile Sports Betting
888sports betting markets
888Sport Sports Betting Markets
  • Acca Club
  • MLB boosts
  • Great baseball odds
  • Top market variety
  • Site menus could be more extensive
  • Futures slow to post

888Sport is one of the established giants of the online betting scene. They bring a lot to the table for MLB betting as well, including their great Acca Club. Make qualifying baseball bets during a promotional week, and you get a free bet back.

Overall, 888Sport is strong for promotions and great odds. Always performing well in the odds comparison of MLB Moneyline markets, their margins average around 106–108% for matches, allowing for some exceptions, of course. On top of that, you can typically find baseball odds boosts, plus, along with a good stats service, there’s also a prediction section on their blog for insights.

Operating the site can be frustrating, though. For example, futures are not always posted in a timely fashion, compared to other sites. However, its mobile counterpart is worth checking out, as you get a more streamlined menu system for exploring the great variety of MLB markets like Correct Score, Pitcher Props, Runline, and Winning Margin.

Piecing Together the Best MLB Betting Sites

To get into a position to make a wager based on your MLB betting strategy, a good baseball bookmaker is needed. Having quick access to MLB betting sites that you know that you can rely on for your favourite markets and competitive odds, is the prime position to put yourself in.

Comparing the best MLB betting site options is a good thing and helps to define the best of them. Here are some key things to look out for when sizing up the best sites for baseball betting.

  • MLB Market Variety
  • Live odds and markets
  • Competitive odds
  • Additional betting features
  • Licencing and reputation

Following those guidelines will help pinpoint the best baseball betting sites. It’s exactly what led us to our top recommendations above. Those are a good place to start for the best MLB betting sites, and next, we have a look at things in more detail.

Our Top Bookmakers of 2024

A Wider Look at MLB Market Variety

The MLB is the biggest baseball scene in the world. Home to famous franchises like the Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, and Cincinnati Reds, it is the largest professional league in the world. The benefit of the league being in such high demand is that there is no shortage of betting markets for it.

From pre-season Futures in areas like Team Regular Season Wins, World Series Winner and Team to Make the Playoffs, there is a huge amount to browse through at MLB bookmakers even before a season has even started.

For an individual MLB match, there are three main markets. Those are the Moneyline, Run Line and Totals. Here’s a quick breakdown of the three:

  • Moneyline: Essentially a match outright winner market, just as you select any sport. The market includes any overtime, so it is a 2-way market.
  • Run Line: A team may be priced up as a heavy favourite in the Moneyline, but what is their perceived dominance going to be? Will they win by at least a 2.5-run margin, or will the underdog not lose by more than 4.5 runs?
  • Totals: Totals are the total runs scored in a match. It’s an over/under selection, and you can decide whether you want to go with a lower number or a larger one if two high-scoring teams are coming together.

But all that is just a drop in the ocean of the number of markets you can find at any of the best baseball betting sites. Further variety can be found across options like:

First FivePitchers are naturally fresher and sharper at the start of matches, which can be a factor in forecasting the outcome of the first five innings
Series BettingA selection of which team will win a series in the playoffs, as opposed to a single match
Score in the First InningsA popular pick of whether there will be run recorded in the first innings of the match
Correct ScoreForecasting the exact final score of the match
First Team To ScoreA simple proposition bets, nominating which team will be the first to get a run on the board
Total Home RunsBy team, by player and also available for an innings, is the total home runs scored.

Sliding Into Base With Top Live Betting

Live in-play betting at any of the best MLB betting site options, just effortlessly matches up with baseball. There are a lot of pauses in a match, breaks between pitches, breaks between innings, and tactical get-togethers on the mound. So it’s a great sport for live betting, and the best MLB betting sites will have platforms that provide fast, easy access to live markets.

As the innings of a match roll along, the Moneyline odds will naturally shift. But so will everything else. If you were projecting a high-scoring fixture, but the first few innings have been dry in terms of runs, then an in-play betting strategy can potentially allow you to adjust and reassess your options.

There’s a huge amount of live markets posted for an MLB match. You can get deep into areas of scores, margins, and both player and team prop bets for the action.

Another great aspect of live in-play betting at MLB bookmakers is that it can also be used to chop a game down into bite-size chunks. It could, for example, be a focus on the number of runs that are scored in a team’s seventh inning. That’s a very narrow look at the game, but judging by the action that’s already happened and the batters that are coming up, new options are created with live MLB odds and markets.

MLB Home Run Odds

What are competitive baseball betting odds? Fortunately, it is possible to get some great odds for baseball betting. Use our recommended best sites for MLB betting to consistently get good odds. During our search for top sites, we found our picks to all be great performers in this area across the main baseball markets.

Of course, not every single market and every single option within a market is always going to come up on top. But for regular baseball betting, you shouldn’t be looking at options that go above the 110% overround. The further away from the base of 100 that number is, the larger the cut the bookie is taking.

A heavier odds favourite in the Moneyline for a baseball match would be around the -1.7 to 1.3 range at baseball betting sites. The closer that slides towards the even money line, the better, but dipping out of that range is starting to lose any kind of value.

The same applies to big outrights like the World Series winner. If the Texas Rangers are at 12.0 pre-season, but you find them consistently priced up at 13.0 at other MLB betting sites online, then you are not getting competitive odds. It’s falling a little short somewhere.

So checking odds between different MLB betting sites is a tried-and-tested way to get the best odds for your selection. It won’t happen all the time, but as long as it happens most of the time, then you will be in a good place.

Extra Perks of the Best Baseball Betting Sites

What else can the best basketball betting sites give you compared to other platforms? Features—those extras that lift a user experience—can make a big difference. To help readers, we have selected the best MLB betting sites that come with some fantastic features to help you along on your MLB betting journey.

Catching The Best Cash Out Opportunities

Cash Out is one of the primary ones. The option can be found on many baseball markets, from picking a match winner to sizing up the over/under line on the Totals and plenty more. Even live in-play markets can have the cash-out feature.

That means any selection from a covered market comes with the added advantage of potentially being settled before the end of the fixture. A common scenario at betting sites with cash out is when a bet is in a favourable position for you.

The bookmaker will tempt you to settle early to mitigate the risk to them of the bet winning in full. You get the advantage of the guaranteed win at lower odds, but only to secure profit. Partial cash-out options let you settle early while still leaving some stake in the full outcome.

Customising Your Line-up

Among the top features of the best MLB betting sites is the easy customization of bets. Parlay builders, for example, provide a platform for forging accumulator bets for the day, which can also be supported by features like a combo boost. Same-game multis, a bet created from various options within a single MLB game, means a unique baseball bet can be built.

MLB Mobile Betting

Having access to all the MLB markets at the best betting sites through mobile betting is essential for keeping your pulse on the game. All of our recommended best MLB betting sites have in-play platforms that operate fast, come with plenty of market variety, and, of course, have good odds.

Baseball Promotions

Exclusive baseball or MLB sports promos may not be prominent aspects of baseball betting sites, however, as a popular sport, baseball is often included in the eligibility for general sports promotions. As we have seen in our reviews, your baseball bets might benefit from several types of promotions, including:

  • Loyalty free bet clubs
  • Acca clubs
  • Combo boosts on successful bets

Therefore, don’t be immediately dissuaded if you don’t see promos targeting MLB, as you’ll likely have plenty of opportunities to apply your baseball bets to other ongoing sports betting offers.

MLB Betting Tips & Insights

Some sites have wonderful social aspects to them as well, usually through MLB betting tips provided by readers that you have a choice to follow along with or not. To further expand on that, some top MLB bookmakers even go as far as providing tipster competitions.

It is common to find informative blogs at the best MLB betting sites as well. These can be packed with useful information about upcoming fixtures and can provide great expert analysis of statistics. Reading match previews of the latest MLB matches and series can add a lot of value to your betting selections, with important info about injuries, line-ups and transfers.

If you know baseball, then you likely know how significant the stats are. MLB betting sites also have top statistics, covering the latest results and current form of teams, and all of that adds to an overall great service.

Catches and Drops of The Best MLB Betting Sites

It is worthwhile sticking with the best betting sites, as you are going to be aligned with good live markets. A wide range of in-play markets that get down to a narrow, focused view of innings does open the door for some good strategies to be pieced together.

Baseball is a slower-paced sport, which also helps to fit with the live betting aspect as well. The one downside is that finding live bookmaker streams of MLB isn’t the easiest, but with a good in-play platform that’s packed with stats, that’s offset.

  • Live in-play MLB markets
  • Long-term futures markets
  • Stats, predictions and insights
  • Parlays and other bet variety
  • Eligibility for general sports promos
  • Hard to find MLB live streams

Now, with our quick look at the ins and outs of the best sites for baseball betting, we move on to our final thoughts.

The Home Runs of The Best MLB Betting Site Picks

In summary, 888Sport, NetBet, and BetVictor make it to the top of our roster for the best baseball betting sites. Primarily, that is due to the strength of their in-play betting coverage, markets and odds combined. The pace of baseball matches is ideal for utilising in-play betting opportunities, especially when deep market coverage is in place.

If you are looking for a spot for the latest action, check out our top MLB bookmakers as they all list wide-ranging live baseball markets from the Run Line to Totals, Player Props and Innings Score. All that variety helps with MLB betting strategy.

We can also pinpoint a strength of the best MLB betting sites having competitive pre-match and Futures odds, with fair bookmaker margins on the main markets. Additional tools such as parlay builders, same game multi options, promotions, and baseball betting tips and insights build out an experience, and a good user-friendly betting platform ties it all together with convenience.

MLB Betting Sites FAQ

💭Can I bet on other competitions at MLB betting sites?

Yes, all of our best MLB betting sites have a huge range of other competitions from around the world listed.

🥇What is the best MLB betting site?

Consider 888Sport as a leading MLB betting site, as they deliver fantastic odds, great live in-play options, and mobile betting.

⚾Can I bet live on MLB matches?

Yes. All leading MLB betting sites provide full live in-play coverage of every pitch from every match during the regular season, playoffs, and World Series.

Yes. MLB betting is legal, and at licensed bookmaker sites, things like payments and other personal information are encrypted.

❓What type of MLB bets are available?

A lot. You can stick with the popular Moneyline, Run Line, and Totals or branch out into many other areas, like prop bets, player bets, team bets, and innings betting.