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Find the Best Baseball Betting Sites Online: Rated by Experts

Mike McKean
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Last Updated on 30.06.2024

Baseball is a huge hit around the world, and here, we provide our guide to the best baseball betting sites. In it, we explore the key elements of setting yourself up with a top bookmaker.

From the star-studded MLB to the excitement of the World Classic, baseball is a major sport in many regions; it’s played everywhere, from the Caribbean to Asia, and you’ll want a site that caters to it all. Read on to find out how to get to the best betting platforms that offer top coverage with top odds, promotions, and more.

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The Top-Rated Baseball Betting Sites for 2024

Top Roster of the Best Betting Sites for Baseball

MLB coaches have to go through selection processes to pick their strongest side. That is what our experts have done in scoping out the broad pool of bookmakers, to reveal just a handful of our top online betting sites.

Betfred – Brings the Heat With Pick Your Punt

Betfred Sports Feature Image
Betfred Sports Betting
Betfred Sports Bonuses
Betfred Sports Betting Bonuses
  • Pick Your Punt
  • League coverage
  • Price boosts
  • Top App
  • Average odds
  • Site navigation not as slick

The highly reputable and established Betfred has a great variety of baseball competitions and leagues covered. It stretches from everything to include the obvious MLB action from North America to domestic leagues from the likes of Japan and Puerto Rico.

There are plenty of good price boost bonuses on the platform, and overall, they are great for betting promotions, which are usually applicable to baseball bets. The Betfred app is superb too, as it is packed with live-streaming, cash-out, and bet builders, and downloads are available for both iOS and Android. It’s perfect if you want to bet on a game when you’re not home, and might even be better than the main site itself, which is not as neatly organised as you’d hope.

While the baseball Moneyline odds are on par with many other leading sites, Betfred rarely has anything that beats the pack, like a 3.5 quote on the LA Dodgers winning the World Series when other sites had them at 4.0. But the main highlight may be their “Pickyourpunt” user-friendly bet builder feature, where you can pull from different markets within a game to collate into your own personalised baseball bet.

Unibet – Baseball Odds Boosts Lead the Way

Unibet mobile sports betting
Unibet Mobile Sports Betting
Unibet Sports
Unibet Sports Betting Selection
  • Odds Boosts
  • Deep baseball coverage
  • Futures on many baseball leagues
  • Baseball streaming
  • Lack of baseball promotions and offers
  • No rewards club

Unibet is a top bookmaker and one of our best betting sites for baseball betting. That is because there are a great variety of competitions and leagues covered. There’s the MLB, NCAA, Nippon Professional Baseball from Japan, and all the Caribbean hotspots like Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

Another great feature of Unibet baseball betting is early Futures markets. They outshine many other betting sites in posting MLB Futures on things like MVP and Division Winners early in the off-season. There is also baseball streaming, adding a great dimension to live in-play betting as well.

Promotions aren’t really geared towards baseball and there is no rewards club for regular bettors, but you can find some regular odds boost options for your baseball betting. With other top features like mobile apps, bet builders, and cash out to use when placing your next bet, Unibet is a top platform for baseball betting.

Ladbrokes – Top Baseball Tips and Insights

ladbrokes sport mobile
Ladbrokes Mobile Sports Betting
Ladbrokes acca
Ladbrokes Acc Betting
  • Baseball tips
  • Strong odds
  • In-depth baseball section
  • Mobile apps
  • Lacking in cash outs
  • Poor Futures

One great aspect of the Ladbrokes site is its blog. They always deliver a lot of expert insights and baseball betting tips and are worth checking out. There’s also a big stats centre on the site to help you dig into baseball bets.

Ladbrokes have a huge sportsbook, and that’s great because in the baseball section alone, international and domestic league competitions are all very well covered. Pre-match and in-play, you are looking at great market depth beyond the Moneyline and Totals, particularly in the area of prop bets.

One area where they do come up a little short is in posting baseball futures, as Ladbrokes seem to be a bit slow out of the blocks. We also did not find quite as much cash-out coverage on baseball markets as expected. But there are plenty of other reasons why Ladbrokes is on our list, like their mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android, so you can bet on the next game on the go.

The Hotspots of the Best Baseball Betting Sites

If the MLB is a favourite, then check out the best MLB betting sites for coverage of the North American league. But all bettors have their preferences when looking for a baseball bet, and not everyone bets the same way or in the same competitions.

Similarly, no two online betting sites run the same services, so comparisons between bookmakers need to be made. If you are looking for regular baseball options, your ideal solution is to find strong baseball betting sites. Here are some key areas of what makes up a good platform:

  • Futures Markets
  • Pre-match and In-Play Variety
  • Bonuses and Offers
  • Site Features
  • Baseball odds

In our guide to the best baseball betting sites, we break things down into a little more detail about each of the key research areas, so you know what to expect to find.

Looking to the Baseball Betting Future

A big angle of baseball betting is all about the long-term view. When players are turning their attention to baseball ahead of a new season, most thoughts are going to be about the futures of certain key areas. The obvious one is going to be thoughts about which team will win the MLB World Series, for example.

But other great futures markets can be found at the best baseball betting sites for anyone looking ahead. Things like Divisional Winners, Conference Winners and selecting a team just to qualify for the post-season are all popular options.

Then you get into player performances for Futures markets in baseball betting. Who will the season’s MVP be? Who will the top batter or top batsman be? Finding a top betting site for baseball futures is a big element of piecing together the whole season.

The pre-season markets will all stay open while the long baseball season or competition winds on, of course, and the odds will shift concerning what is happening. But still, futures and baseball go together like bat and ball.

Some of the Best Bookmakers of 2024

Pre-Match and In-Play Baseball Variety

An interesting aspect of baseball is that it is seen as a slow-grind sport. No one is turning up at the ballpark and expecting to see three hours of intense action happen every minute. The pace can be cagey at the start of baseball matches as players ease into a match, not wanting to make any early errors that can change the momentum of a match.

So that’s where in-play variety can come into play for baseball bookmakers. All of our recommended best betting sites for baseball have great in-play platforms. You can tell a good in-play service because it will have plenty of market variety, and you will see the odds constantly shifting and no ‘market pending’ messages for long periods.

You can get more nuanced with baseball betting selections made in-play. It allows you to focus on what may unfold in the very next inning, like the Total of Runs, or even selecting a Home Run to pop up. Betting in this way allows you to judge how well players are playing, what batter is at the base, how the bases are loaded, and so on.

But you also want to have access to the best pre-match baseball betting markets at live betting sites. Here are some of the most popular markets at the best baseball betting sites.

MoneylineSelecting which team will win the match
Run LineThe run line is like a handicap bet on what margin a team will win or lose by
TotalsTotals is an over/under market on how many runs are scored in a match, but can also be applied to individual teams.
First FiveInstead of a focus on the outcome, the result after the first five innings is a popular baseball betting approach.
Prop BetsProp bets generally focus on player performances, like how many strikes a pitcher will record, or whether an individual will hit a homer.
ParlaysParlays are popular baseball bets, which are accumulators
FuturesLong-term projections on things like title winners or MVPs.

Up at Bat – Baseball Bonus Offers

The best baseball betting site options all offer incentives in many ways, but all include sign-up offers. It’s always worth checking out a promotions page to see what is currently happening on the circuit, like price boosts. These can be found on options ranging from the simple match winner to a particular winning margin option on the Run Line.

Another popular form of baseball betting offer is the money-back special, especially around the time of major championship matches. This is where a bookmaker may offer a lost stake refund as a free bet if a certain outcome doesn’t occur, like a particular team not winning by a set margin.

Check out rewards clubs as well. For making regular bets in a weekly qualifying period, free bets are credited to an account through programs like this. Then, there are likely offers already around that encompass all sports, which means they can be used for baseball bets too.

Further things like parlay insurance and bet boost tokens that you can apply to any option in your bet slip are also common. Constantly seeing many listings of enhanced odds can bring a lot of extra value to the table as well.

Baseball Betting Site Features

The main business of the day is, of course, placing your carefully structured baseball wagers after studying all the relevant statistics. But thanks to online betting sites needing to be engaging to the customer as well as providing value, there are some extra great features to look out for.

Same-game multi bet builders are a good tool. Sometimes these are pre-built selections that the baseball bookmaker has created, but some allow for editing if you just want to swap one or two selections out for your own. You can also find the same game multis that have been created by other punters. It’s a great feature because it allows for creative, really finely-tuned baseball bets to be made and is a top feature for betting on baseball.

Markets tagged with a Cash Out icon in a sportsbook will have the benefit of potentially being up for early settlement. This is a phenomenal betting feature where, for a sacrifice of some original odds, you can secure profit by cashing out early on the option.

Live in-play betting, mobile betting apps, prediction games, and live streaming are other big features on the best baseball betting sites. Another is a comprehensive statistics section, all of which can be enjoyed on the best betting apps. Baseball is completely intertwined with statistics, covering everything to do with the match. Utilize them right from the sportsbook to bolster your forecasts.

Out-of-the-Park Baseball Betting Odds

A key component not to miss in terms of getting benefits from the best baseball betting sites is the odds. At the end of the day, the main goal of your final baseball pick is to get the best value that you can when you strike the bet. But the odds are not the same at all baseball betting sites.

Experienced punters, over time, get to know which sportsbooks constantly run good odds on baseball markets. That can be a little tricky to figure out up front, but each of our recommended best baseball betting sites has impressed us with their odds on the major baseball markets.

You can’t get top odds for every bet. But you can understand when the baseball odds are good. A pre-season 9.0 selection on a team to win the College World Series, for example, may appear undervalued if other bookmakers are mostly running that same selection at 8.0 instead.

Gaining those small margins is huge for your betting over the long haul, and that’s where the top baseball betting sites should flex their muscles. Frequent gains from even small points of difference in odds comparison between betting sites is a good habit to get into, and the lower the overround is on a market, the better.

Baseball League and Competitions

Your baseball preferences may lie outside of the MLB and the World Series. That’s the pinnacle of the sport, even more so than winning any of the bigger international tournaments that are around.

Beyond the MLB, however, there is a big college baseball scene to follow, and looking further afield, the Nippon Professional Baseball League in Japan is huge. Similar competitions can be found in places like Taiwan, Cuba, Venezuela, and South Korea.

At the international level, there is the Baseball World Classic, which is part of the Summer Olympics, and other events like the Caribbean Series, which are all popular baseball competitions to keep an eye out for when browsing between baseball betting sites.

Swings and Misses of the Best Baseball Betting Sites

What we particularly find to be a good strength of the best baseball betting sites is the presence of numerous futures markets. This is a top feature, really, because there’s nothing quite like analyzing the long-term forecasts of division winners, conference winners, and season champions.

That is only one small part of things, however. It’s not always the simplest of processes to find coverage of leagues beyond the MLB, but at our recommended bookmakers, we have seen first-hand examples of excellent coverage.

  • Futures markets
  • Variety of bet types and baseball markets
  • Baseball betting promotions
  • Competitive odds
  • Coverage of non-MLB baseball events not as comprehensive

Now we slide into home base as we give you our final thoughts about the best baseball betting sites and why you need them.

Teaming Up With the Best Baseball Betting Sites

One of the main benefits of teaming up with one of the best baseball betting sites is the general coverage of the sport. As with all sports, baseball has its higher-profile competitions, but they aren’t all that punters want. Ladbrokes, Unibet, and Betfred all deliver a great variety of baseball competitions from around the world.

That’s coupled with some consistently competitive baseball betting odds, strong in-play betting, and good mobile betting platforms. You can get a welcome bonus when registering with any of our top bookie picks too, which are all worth checking out.

Bonuses Not to be Missed by Players

Common Questions About Baseball Betting Sites

⚾ What baseball markets can I bet on?

You can find a huge variety of markets. The Moneyline, Run Line, and Totals are the most popular, but you can explore prop bets, innings bets, and plenty more.

🔏 Is basketball betting safe?

Yes. When you bet at licensed and regulated sites like the ones we have recommended, your interactions and payments are safe thanks to technology like encryption.

😃 Can I watch live baseball streams?

Yes. Some bookmarks include baseball streams as part of their free live-streaming services. You generally only need to have a funded account to watch.

🔋 How do I sign up at a baseball betting site?

All of our recommended sites have a good welcome bonus offer. Visit a site, fill in short registration details and account credentials, and you can be up and running in a couple of minutes.

🧢 What bonuses are available at baseball betting sites?

You can find a good variety of offers, from welcome bonus promotions to free bet clubs, same-game multi insurance, and cash back on weekly losses.

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