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Apple Pay Betting Sites: Bet With Apple Pay in 2024

Dave Kuzio
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Last Updated on 02.07.2024

Competition between modern bookies is heating up as different platforms rush to offer more payment options to attract and keep players. Gone are the days when you had to go to an in-store bookies and place a bet using cash.

If you, like many, use a smartphone or tablet, then you can make betting transactions at your chosen bookmaker with the tap of your screen. We introduce you to the best Apple Pay betting sites available today and dive deep into their features, welcome bonuses, transaction limits, ease of use and much more. Read on to learn more!

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Compare The Best Betting Sites That Accept Apple Pay in 2024

What Is Apple Pay?

Launched in 2014, Apple Pay is a payment system service and mobile wallet that allows Apple users to utilise near-field communication to make online payments or pay on point-of-sale machines in person.

Simply put, Apple Pay is a highly convenient alternative to debit cards. Apple Pay even supports adding debit cards into its interface, eliminating the need to save your card details on multiple sites when you sign up at several different Apple Pay bookies.

How Does Apple Pay Betting Work at Sportsbooks?

It’s exceedingly simple to get started at the leading Apple Pay betting sites. If you’ve wagered at an online bookie before, then you’ll know that you need to add your payment details to make deposits on withdrawals, regardless of which platform you choose. Apple Pay can be used just like any other payment gateway – just visit the bookie of your choice and choose Apple Pay as your preferred payment method.

If you have an iOS device, it’s important not to confuse Apple Pay with Apple Wallet. The former is an app that allows you to conduct secure online transactions, while the latter is where all your card information will be stored within Apple Pay.

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How To Make Deposits at Apple Pay Bookmakers

Here’s a breakdown of how you can make deposits on betting sites with Apple Pay:

  1. Sign into your sportsbook account or sign up if you don’t have one.
  2. Navigate to the deposit or wallet section of your bookie.
  3. Enter your deposit amount and choose Apple Pay as your deposit method.
  4. Proceed to payment and choose the card or account linked to your Apple Pay account that you want to use funds from.
  5. Use Face ID, Touch ID or enter your password to complete the payment.

With Apple Pay, you can set your own deposit limits based on your preference and appetite for risk. Deposits on Apple Pay betting sites are instant, and you’ll be able to start wagering as soon as you make your deposit.

How to Make Withdrawals Using Apple Pay

If you have gained some winnings in your sportsbook account, you will be able to withdraw your winnings using a payment gateway of your choice. Unfortunately, you cannot use Apple Pay as a withdrawal option. One of the most popular withdrawal methods used by punters worldwide is to withdraw money directly into their bank accounts, or you can process a withdrawal via an e-wallet like PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill.

The Benefits of Betting With Apple Pay

Before we reveal our list of the best Apple Pay bookies, it’s important to establish the benefits of using this payment gateway to make deposits and withdrawals. Here are some key advantages and drawbacks of using Apple Pay to bet online:

Additional Security Layer

Having a payment gateway created specifically for the device that you’re using holds several key advantages. As such, the most significant benefit of using Apple Pay is the additional layer of security that it affords you. On the best Apple Pay betting sites, you don’t need to enter your card details to conduct transactions since they’re already linked to your Apple account. 

Convenient And Easy To Use

Apple Pay is designed to be the one-stop gateway for all financial transactions carried out on an Apple device. Accordingly, Apple has made it tremendously easy to use Apple Pay across a variety of websites and apps, including betting sites with Apple Pay. Once set up, Apple Pay allows you to track your spending and make payments with a few swift taps of your screen. 

Drawbacks of Betting with Apple Pay

While Apple Pay remains an excellent payment choice for wagering, there are a couple of drawbacks worth noting. Remember, Apple Pay cannot be used to make withdrawals from your player account and only supports making deposits at the moment.

  • Limited to Apple Devices
    As the name implies, Apple Pay can only be used on Apple Devices. So, if you do not use an iPhone, iPad or Macbook, then you simply do not have the option of using Apple Pay to carry out your wagering transactions.
  • Not Offered by Some Bookmakers
    While some large bookies still don’t accept Apple Pay, we predict this will change in the foreseeable future. As of 2023, there’s loads of competition between Apple Pay bookies as each platform tries to create the best possible experience for its players.

How We Evaluated Apple Pay Betting Sites

To compile this list of the best Apple Pay betting sites, we carefully considered all the parameters that contribute to an overall positive experience. While these have been our parameters for consideration, knowing how to evaluate a bookie can help you make better decisions, even if your preferred bookie is not featured in this guide.

Odds and Lines

Above all else, the best bookies provide good odds and lines on the wagers that they offer. We were particularly impressed with the bookies that offer better odds than their main rivals, which help bring value to any wagers made with Apple deposits.

Welcome Bonus

While welcome bonuses are offered in a bid to encourage new players to sign up and start playing, they can also be used to create value for the player. The best betting sites online are generous with their welcome bonuses and do not require punters to complete complex playthrough stipulations to access them. Extra points are given towards bonuses that are fully accessible with an Apple Pay deposit, since sometimes sportsbooks exclude certain payment types.

Ease of Use

While evaluating the best Apple Pay betting sites, we noticed that some online betting apps were infinitely easier to use than others. Having a simple and intuitive interface can make or break a gambling experience.

Transaction Limits

Allowing customers to withdraw their money whenever they want is one of the clearest signs of a transparent and honest bookie. Although Apple Pay doesn’t qualify when it comes to withdrawing winnings, the best online UK betting sites will facilitate seamless withdrawals with other options and allow players to limit their deposits to ensure that they stay within safe limits.

Betting Markets

Lastly, the internet has given us access to discover and follow a wide range of sports from around the world. Accordingly, it’s only fitting that the best sports betting platforms also feature a wide range of sports and several betting markets within each sport. A sportsbook that supports Apple will be rendered useless if the markets are far too small for enjoyment.

The Best Apple Pay Bookies

Now that you know all there is to know about evaluating the country’s top sportsbooks, here’s a glimpse at the best Apple Pay bookies and what makes them unique.

Bet365 – Quick Apple Transactions across a Huge Market

Bet365 Sports Betting
Bet365 sports
Bet365 sports betting
Bet365 mobile betting

Bet365, the established veteran of the UK betting circuit, stands out as one of the top platforms for Apple Pay betting sites in the UK. Not only does it provide Apple Pay as a payment option, but it also features some of the widest variety of bets available in the UK today, with more than two dozen sports on offer and attractive odds to match. Once you find your perfect bet, you can make your Apple deposit in a matter of a simple two-click process.

Apart from its vast betting markets, bet365 also has a comprehensive help section, including a payment section that fully outlines how to make Apple Pay bankroll deposits. While we emphasise the simplicity of using this method, you can still rely on a 24/7 live customer support team for additional doubts. Finally, Bet365 has its own mobile app, which naturally complements the use of this mobile payment option. If you’re in a rush to make a decision about Apple Pay bookmakers, then look no further than Bet365.

Unibet – Modern Site for Modern Payments

Unibet mobile sports betting
Unibet mobile sports betting
Unibet Sports
Unibet sports
  • Varied betting markets
  • Attractive promotions and offers
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Some payouts can be slow
  • Limited payment options

Unibet comes second only to bet365 in terms of sheer variety and novelty, and yet it makes an excellent choice for punters looking for betting sites with Apple Pay. The Unibet website and apps feature a modern functional design to parallel the use of classy mobile payments like Apple Pay. Unibet makes it easy to navigate to each section by reducing the need to click extensively and offering visibly useful icons, making new and traditional markets accessible with minimal effort. Thus, creating your bet on site is quick, and completed even faster with a couple taps to activate your Apple Pay.

Though Unibet does support Apple Pay, which can be used for main deposits including welcome offers, it doesn’t offer the widest selection of payment methods, so several of our withdrawals took longer than at other sites – up to five days in one instance. Still, Unibet is 100% secure and is licenced by the UK Gambling Commission, meaning you can play and transact here via Apple Pay without fear of your winnings not coming at all.

Betway – Perfect for Mobile Betting

Betway sports
Betway sports betting
Betway sports mobile
Betway mobile sports
  • Swift payouts
  • Offers several promotions
  • Soft odds options
  • Promos eligible via Apple Pay
  • Some bonuses restricted to debit
  • Withdrawal fees may apply

Betway is an internationally renowned brand that is available worldwide. Betway maintains its reputation as a premium platform by providing a large number of betting markets. It is also known for offering soft odds, which can make it easy for a new punter to learn the ropes of sports betting.

Apple Pay is a great way to add funds to your account at Betway for seamless and secure sportsbook transactions. When it comes to generous welcome bonuses, so long as you have a valid card connected to your Apple Pay, your first deposits should be eligible for most. Betway enables you to transact directly from your mobile device, which is compatible with the Betway betting app. Moreover, with their Betway Free Bet Club where you can collect consistent rewards, you’ll want a fast payment method like Apple Pay to keep up with instant deposits to your bankroll so that you’re always ready to place the next bet to qualify for your free weekly bets.

For any issues, whether on the site or in relation to your Apple Pay deposits, rest assured that there is live customer support to offer your tailored assistance.

Common Alternatives to Apple Pay

Of course, Apple Pay may not be your thing, or maybe you simply don’t have an Apple device at all, which is also quite common. Luckily, you can still deposit at each of these sportsbooks via any of the following methods:

Payment Methodbet365UnibetBetway
Visa Debit
Mastercard Debit
Bank Transfer
Credit card (Not in the UK) (Not in the UK) (Not in the UK)
Google Pay

Please note that the availability of each payment method depends on the country that you’re based in. Always check the sportsbook’s terms and conditions before making a deposit.

Best Alternatives to Apple Pay for Sports Betting

While Apple Pay is convenient for those who own and use Apple products, there are several punters who prefer other devices. However, this is not a problem in the slightest, as modern bookies offer several other swift and easy payment options that are more widely compatible with most user devices, the best of which are listed below.


Before modern payment gateways emerged, Visa was the go-to payment gateway for punters. Even today, almost all sportsbooks accept Visa cards as a payment method. Take a look at our feature on some of the best Visa betting sites if you’re interested in using Visa to make a bet or two.

Google Pay

Google Pay is quickly emerging as a more universally accepted alternative to Apple Pay. Unlike the latter, its compatibility is not restricted solely to one kind of device, allowing more people to use its services. Click through to check out our feature on the best Google Pay betting sites here. 

Apple Pay – A Convenient Way to Bet

The biggest advantage of Apple Pay is that it is extremely secure and convenient. You can effortlessly deposit funds to Apple Pay betting sites in just a few seconds, and you don’t need to worry about entering your banking details.

All Apple Pay deposits are processed instantly, too, meaning that you don’t have to wait an eternity for the funds to show in your sportsbook account. Though you can’t withdraw via Apple Pay, and some betting sites are yet to accept this payment method, it’s a great option if you’re planning to bet at bet365, Betway, Unibet, or any other leading sportsbook.

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Apple Pay Betting FAQ

🇬🇧 Can you use Apple Pay for wagering in the UK?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay to place bets in the UK as long as it is supported by the bookmaker that you choose to play with. Apple Pay provides you with a convenient way to make payments if you use an Apple device. Just remember, you can’t deposit with a credit card, even if its connected to Apple Pay.

🔒 Is Apple Pay safe for making deposits?

Yes, it is completely safe to use Apple Pay while making deposits. Apple Pay eliminates the need to enter your card information on various betting sites, allowing you to store your card and banking information in a secure wallet.

💸 Is there a minimum deposit while using Apple Pay?

No, there is no minimum deposit for using Apple Pay. However, each bookmaker will likely have a minimum deposit requirement, regardless of the payment method that you choose.

💰 Can you withdraw winnings using Apple Pay?

No, you cannot withdraw winnings using Apple Pay. Currently, Apple Pay can only be used to safely make payments online and does not facilitate the transfer of money from a bookie to the punter.

😀 Why use Apple Pay for betting?

Apple Pay is a secure, fast and convenient way to make payments online. It eliminates the need to store your card information on multiple sites, and also ensures that you don’t need to input your card details on every new site that you sign up on.