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Cash Out Betting Explained: A Detailed Guide

Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Mike McKean
Publish Date: 31.01.2024

Figuring out an online bookmaker’s platform doesn’t need to be difficult. Many features can generate greater value for your wager, and knowing when and how to cash out at betting sites is hugely beneficial.

The majority of popular sports that you can bet on via reputable betting firms usually include a cash out function. But what does cash out mean? And what is the best approach to using this feature? Let us explain the benefits of using cash out and the best strategies to ensure you get something from your stake.

What is Cash Out in Betting?

The cash out function at betting sites can be useful when a fixture that you have bet on is not necessarily going to plan. Until relatively recently, bookmakers would only offer you the option to place a pre-game bet, and you would need to wait until full time to see if your bet was successful. These days, however, cashing out means you can pull out a varying amount of the total winnings to ensure that you receive at least something in return from your original bet. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of cash out available at sportsbooks:

Full Cash Out

The full cash out option is the one that is most commonly used at betting sites. This is where you cash out your entire stake in favour of an early payout. As such, as soon as you accept the cash out offer from the sportsbook, the bet will be closed, and you will be paid out the stipulated value. 

Partial Cash Out

Alternatively, some sportsbooks give you the option to partially cash out your wager. In this instance, you can decide how much of your initial stake to cash out, leaving the rest of the wager open for the remainder of the fixture. When used well, this can result in a profit from the initial cash out, and then a profit when the wager settles at the end of the match. 

Auto Cash Out

Auto cash out is another feature offered by sportsbooks. This option allows you to place bets that automatically cash out when a predetermined profit is reached. The auto cash out feature is particularly useful when you place live bets on a match that you can’t watch live for whatever reason.

The Meaning of Cash Out: A Real-Life Example

Helpfully, the cash out function is easy to understand – let’s look at an example. Let’s assume that you have placed a football accumulator with three selections – Fulham, Newcastle United, and Everton all to win their respective fixtures. You have odds of 10/1 and have placed a £10 bet, offering you a potential win of £100 if all three selections come home.

Now, Fulham and Newcastle United win their 3 pm fixtures, which leaves Everton as the only team remaining in your accumulator, as their match kicks off at 5.30 pm. Before a ball is kicked in the Everton game, the sportsbook might offer you in the region of £25 to cash out early. When Everton gets underway, what happens in the game will affect the value of the bookmaker’s cash out offer. If Everton score, they will increase the amount they offer. But if Everton concede, you will see your cash out offer drop way down.

As such, timing is everything when cashing out a bet. Some bettors cash out as soon as they make a profit, while others like to wait to make as much money as possible from the wager. Ultimately, the strategy you employ is up to you, but you need to plan your cash out strategy carefully to make the most of your wagers!

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Cash Out Strategy: Top Tips to Consider

The best live betting sites will include cash out options for most of your wagers. Though, while not every punter uses the cash out option when it’s available, it can add significant value to your betting slip when used correctly. Here are some top tips to consider when developing your cash out strategy at an online sportsbook:

  • 📺Tune in Live
    No matter what sport you’re betting on, the cash out feature is likely to be available. Football, cricket, tennis, American football, and a whole host of other events can be streamed through top betting sites online so you can keep an eye on the action as it plays out. Knowing the flow of a game and seeing who has the momentum can be helpful in deciding whether to cash out or not. When you’re not watching the game, you might not be sure who’s on top and what the most likely outcome is, leaving you in the dark regarding your cash out choice.
  • 🕜Consider the Starting Time of Each Fixture
    As shown in our example above, the cash out option can be really beneficial when you have bet on fixtures that begin at different times. For example, if four out of the five bets you’ve bet on have finished and you’ve predicted them correctly, your bet is still alive. However, if a key player for one team is reported to be injured just before the last game on your bet starts, you might not feel so confident anymore. You’ll be offered a cash out amount before the game gets underway, which will give you the chance to turn a profit without waiting for the final score.
  • 🤔Back Your Instincts
    The thought of what bettors could’ve won if they rode out their bet lingers in the mind of some when they cash out early. However, this isn’t always a helpful way of thinking because your fortunes could’ve just as easily gone the other way and you could lose all of your stake rather than cashing out for a lesser amount. To weigh out your cash out decision, you should look at the total winnings, of course, but the likelihood of something happening should be at the forefront of your mind so you can at least win something, or reduce your losses.
  • ⏳Time it Right
    It’s not easy to know the optimal time to cash out is, as it’s not the same for any sports event. You don’t want to cash out too early because it could reduce what you get back, but cashing out too late could incur the same problems as a game changes in an instant. For this reason, stay on top of what’s happening, and when you feel the game starts to change directions (assuming you’d get value from the odds), it might be time to seriously consider the cash out offer.

Using the Feature: How Cash Out Works

To use cash out at betting sites, you need to open your betting slip. On an app, this is typically displayed on a tab labelled ‘My Bets’ or something similar. The same can be true for websites and mobile sites too.

The status of each event on the leading cash out betting sites, if you’ve selected an accumulator, might be marked with a tick or a cross to display whether this part of the bet has won. If it’s an individual event you’ve bet on, this will still be pending. The amount you can cash out will be displayed for you to accept or decline. This is subject to change as the game progresses and how events unfold.

After you choose to cash out, your account balance will be updated very soon, and you’ll see the accepted amount reflected in your bookmaker balance.

Stay in Control as you Cash Out at Betting Sites

Responsible gambling tools are there not only to make sure that your betting doesn’t become a problematic habit but also to advise you on the best tips and ways to bet and cash out safely.

Betting is supposed to be fun and could potentially win you some money, but you need to ensure that you’re doing so safely. When it becomes a bigger issue, irresponsible betting can have negative effects on several aspects of your life.

To navigate the cash out functions properly and stay in control of your betting, learn how the feature works first then weigh up what you can and can’t afford, forming a responsible cash out strategy.

Cash Out Tips: What Makes a Good Cash Out Strategy?

Operating cash out at betting sites has some advantages that make the experience of betting an overall better one. Here are some reflections on positive and negative cash out strategies so you can learn from best practice:

Cashing OutWhat Not to DoA Better Strategy
⌚Cashing Out Early/LateLeaving your bet to overrun could result in losses, as could cashing out earlier than necessary.Weighing up your options carefully as the event unfolds and finding the best time to accept the cash out offer.
💲Cashing Out but Not WatchingLive statistics help, but blindly cashing out without seeing what’s happening can leave your bet down to luck.Follow the game yourself so you can see who has the momentum and gauge what is more likely to happen.
🎲Overly Focusing on the Total WinningsThinking that the total winnings are too large to cash out for a bet that is unlikely to win.Realising that your bet is no longer likely to win so assessing whether the cash out is worth accepting.
🎾Assuming All Sports Are the SameCashing out at the same time for every sport, or not understanding the nuances of performance or momentum.Experienced bettors know to tailor approaches for different sports because momentum changes differently in each.

Cashing out is an interesting way of making a return on your stake, but should be done cautiously. Timing, an understanding of the event you’re watching, and weighing up the odds and winnings all need to be considered.

Our Verdict: Cashing Out Successfully Can Boost Your Bankroll

Now that you understand the meaning of cash out and how the complexities of it work, you can explore the range of markets that offer this option for your bets and devise an effective system to apply.

A strong cash out strategy presents an alternative method of betting so that you can keep your bet alive before the event’s conclusion. When used properly, the cash out betting function is well worth considering and could mean something rather than nothing back from your stake. So, sign up for a sportsbook, place your bets, and prepare to cash out.

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Cash Out Betting FAQ

💰Is cashing out worth it?

There is an element of jeopardy involved with cash out betting that should be considered. However, when applied cautiously and after reasonable thought, you might be able to return some of your stake from your bet. It’s worth considering this option, but whether it’s the right decision for your bet depends on the payout you’re offered and how the event is unfolding.

💭Can you cash out on any bet?

Usually, bookmakers don’t apply cash out features to every bet on their listings. It typically depends on the rules that a bookmaker has in their terms and conditions, but the popularity of a sport or event might come into the equation. Read through a bookmaker’s policy to ascertain whether your bet is eligible for a cash out.

💻Which betting sites have a cash out option?

Such is the popularity of cash out; most reputable sports bookmakers will have a cash out feature that is relatively straightforward to navigate. To be certain whether the bookmaker you intend to sign up with does have this feature, search through their website or terms and conditions first.

❓What is cash out in betting?

Rather than waiting for the conclusion of a sports event to see if your bet has won or lost, you can accept or decline cash out offers depending on how events have proceeded. The amount that is suggested depends on the scoreline or circumstances of the fixture as it happens.

🤔What are the risks of cash out betting?

As useful as cashing out can be, there is a risk that you could cash out too early, and your original bet wins anyway, meaning you will receive less from your stake than you would’ve done otherwise. There are gambling problems that can happen from many types of betting, so make sure you don’t put yourself at financial or mental health risk when wagering.