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2024 Betting Guides: Everything You Need to Know

Using a betting guide is a great way to help you as you place wagers at leading online sportsbooks. You can learn about odds, understand promotions, and discover how to use bet builders, among other key benefits.

Helpfully, we have put together a number of in-depth, comprehensive betting guides that you can turn to before betting on sports online. Our guides are compiled by experts and thoroughly researched, ensuring they can be valuable as you place your online bets. Read on to learn everything you need to know about putting a handy betting guide to good use.

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Online Betting Guide: Why They’re Useful

Whether you’re a seasoned online gambler or a newcomer to an online sportsbook, you can use any of our comprehensive betting guides to help you. Our experts know what to look for in online betting sites and spend a lot of time getting to know the features and offers available on the leading platforms. Here are just some of the reasons why you should use an online betting guide before placing a sports wager:

Receive Industry Insight & ExpertiseOur writers are vastly experienced online betting experts and know what to look for in a sportsbook. We present helpful and thorough information in all of our guides that you can use to make the most of online betting.
🧐 Learn About Key Betting TermsWe dissect and explain key betting terms so you understand your options and the available markets at your chosen sportsbook. We dive into accumulators and explain everything you need to know about each-way betting, for instance, in our guides.
🔒 Explanation of Security MeasuresYour online security is our number one concern as you bet at online sportsbooks. That’s why we explain things like SSL-encryption, 2FA, and other security measures employed by betting sites in our guides.
🌍 Understand Geo-RestrictionsYou’re probably aware that every online sportsbook is not available in every country in the world. In our guides, we explain why some betting sites are restricted in specific countries and what geo-restrictions you need to be aware of. As part of this, we also explain licensing and regulatory processes that sportsbooks adhere to.
💰 Access the Best OddsCrucially, we explain how you can access the best odds available at online sportsbooks. We also go into detail about understanding how odds are calculated and introduce you to promotions like odds boosts, which offer great value for money at many betting sites.
💸 Discover Promotions & BonusesYou will find promotions and bonuses at practically every online sportsbook. Our online betting guides explain how each promotion works and how to make the most of bonuses offered at sportsbooks to get the best bang for your buck.
💳 Learn About Bankroll ManagementManaging your bankroll effectively is key to responsible gambling. As such, we’ve put together a comprehensive online betting guide that deals exclusively with bankroll management, explaining how to stay in control while betting online.
⚽ Understand Different Bet Types & MarketsOur writers also take a deep dive into the numerous markets and betting options available to you at online sportsbooks. We explain terms like “accumulator” and detail why acca bets are so popular with sports fans. We also run through a host of other betting types – including the optimal live betting strategy – in our expert betting guides.

How to Use a Betting Guide

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why detailed guides can help you as you bet at online sportsbooks. Our writers provide valuable insight into a range of useful topics, ensuring that you can get the most out of betting at any sportsbook. But how should you use an online betting guide? Here are some tips that will help you make the most of the tips that we provide:

  • Read It More Than Once: Our guides have been written with the intent of providing ongoing, evergreen information. Therefore, don’t just read a guide and forget about it. You can read our guides as many times as you like, and you can refer to them whenever you like. Consider bookmarking our most helpful guides so you can easily refer to them when you place a sports bet.
  • Use It as a Guide: We aim to provide you with a helpful guide to betting anytime we produce one of our guides. But this is exactly what it is – a guide – it should not be something that you rely on exclusively. Do your own research and consider other points of view to inform your betting strategy.
  • Always Gamble Responsibly: Throughout each of our guides, we emphasise the importance of responsible gambling. We never encourage you to chase wins or employ risky strategies to try and beat an online sportsbook. Alongside our guides, you should learn about responsible gambling tools offered by online betting sites and stay in control of your online gambling.

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The Telltale Signs of Trustworthy Betting Guides

Now that you know why and how you should use a betting guide, it’s time to look at some of the telltale signs of a good guide to betting. Afterall, not every guide to online sports betting is accurate, and some are lacking in expert insight. You can use our checklist below as a summary of what you can expect to see in our guides:

Accurate information written by sports betting experts.
Thorough and in-depth analysis of niche betting topics.
Verifiable information about licencing, regulation, and other safety and security issues.
Emphasis on responsible gambling and staying in control.
Unbiased, objective testimonies of online gambling products and services.

Topics Covered in Our Expert Betting Guides

You can trust us to deliver comprehensive, expert guides on some of the most important online betting topics. Specifically, we have covered the following aspects of the best betting sites in some of our most popular guides to online gambling:

How Odds Are Calculated

One of the most important aspects of any online betting site is the value of the odds offered. In one of our guides, we take a deep dive into the process that bookmakers follow to calculate odds and explain how they arrive at the prices offered. We also touch on things like odds boosts promotions and explain why you might see better value at one sportsbook compared to another. This guide will help you to get an understanding on how odds are calculated and will ensure that you can select the best value sportsbook to bet at.

Each-Way Betting

An each-way bet is essentially two bets in one. When you make an each-way selection, you can win a payout if your selection wins, but you can also win money if your selection places (often in the top three or four in a competition). Each-way betting is extremely popular with horse racing fans, but it’s also a great option on events like golf, where lots of players are competing for a few places at the top of the leaderboard. Our each-way guide is the perfect place to learn about the details of this form of betting and is a great option if you’re looking to add each-way wagers to your regular betting slip.

Accumulator Betting

Accumulators (known as parlays in some parts of the world) are one of the most popular betting options with football fans around the world. An accumulator bet allows you to bring multiple selections into the same slip, and for the bet to win, all of your selections need to win their respective matches. Our expert guide to accumulator betting runs through everything you need to know about this form of betting and provides some handy tips that will help you as you make your selections.

Bankroll Management

Managing your bankroll while betting online couldn’t be more important and is crucial to responsible gambling. You need to decide for yourself how much to wager online to keep your gambling habits under control. In our dedicated bankroll management guide, you will learn the importance of staying in control at online betting sites and discover handy tools and tips that will help you manage your gambling expenses.

Bet Builders

One of the best features of many online sportsbooks is the bet builder, which enables you to create practically any bet that you wish on the platform in question. You can bring a host of selections together via the bet builder, and your odds will be calculated automatically. You can then decide whether or not to place the bet. Our betting guide introduces you to the concept of bet builders and explains how they work. It’s a great starting point if you’re looking to get the most out of this innovative feature offered by online sportsbooks.

Use Our Expert Betting Guides to Help You Place Sports Wagers

You can use any of our comprehensive betting guides to learn more about specific aspects of the online gambling industry. From bet builders, live betting strategy to bankroll management, our guides cover some of the most important elements of any online betting site.

Our writers are industry experts with lots of experience at online sportsbooks. We know what we’re looking for and explain a range of complex betting terms in simple language to help you get started at your chosen betting platform. So, read any of our betting guides today to educate yourself about the range of offers and products at online sportsbooks, before placing your bets.

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Betting Guide FAQ

🤑 How to bet and win easily?

There’s no such thing as an “easy” win at an online sportsbook. Every time you place a bet, your money is at risk. However, you can use our guides to learn more about online betting and do your research into the markets that you bet on to make informed bets. You should also gamble responsibly to stay in control of your bankroll.

🖥️ What is the best website for betting tips?

Tribal Football is a brilliant website for betting tips. We offer expert tips and industry insight into all aspects of sports betting, which perfectly supplement our detailed guides and strategy articles, all of which you can access for free throughout the sports season.

🧑‍🎓 How do I study for betting?

The best way to study betting is to watch and research the sport that you’re planning to bet on. You should draw on statistics to help you and look at things like form and injuries to inform your choices. Finally, you can use any of our guides for insightful information to use as you place your wagers.

🧐 How should a beginner bet?

Beginners – like all bettors – should bet responsibly and within their means. No matter how inexperienced you are, you should always do your research, set your limits, and bet appropriately and responsibly.

✅ How can I improve my betting skills?

Though betting is down to luck a lot of the time, there are certain things you can do to improve your winning chances. For instance, reading our betting guides to educate yourself about betting is a great starting point. Doing your research and understanding the bets that you place will also help you to become a more assured bettor.