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Best iPhone Betting Apps for 2024: An In-depth Review and Guide

Mike McKean
Fact checked by: Dave Kuzio
Last Updated on 13.07.2024

Looking for the top iPhone betting apps? You’re in the right place. Betting on an iPhone has become a favourite method for gamblers globally. This has pushed bookmakers to go above and beyond in developing top-notch iOS apps.

Still, not all apps are created equal. That’s why our experts have done the legwork to bring you a comprehensive review of the top betting apps you can enjoy on your iPhone. Our review narrows down the top contenders and offers insights on selection, betting markets, live streaming, and bonuses. Ready to get started?

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Compare the Best Betting Sites You Can Bet on With Your iPhone in 2024

Unveiling Our Top 3 Betting Apps for iPhone

Below, we’ve narrowed down the best apps you can use for betting on your iOS device right now. Our picks come highly recommended for their overall user experience, range of markets, and the quality of features they offer to iPhone users.

Bet365 – Best Overall iOS Betting App

bet365 main
Bet365 offers an amazing sportsbook
bet365 mobile live
Mobile sports betting available at Bet365
  • Easy and quick account setup
  • Access to popular sports and leagues
  • Smooth navigation and user-friendly iOS interface
  • Extensive live streaming options
  • Basic visual design

As a top global sportsbook, Bet365 delivers award-winning iOS performance. You can rapidly create an account, navigate markets, and place wagers. Although the visual presentation remains basic, supreme usability shines through. Indeed, their mantra, “The World’s Favourite Online Sports Betting Company,” rings true in the app’s superb navigation. You can access all the fan favourites, like tennis, football, basketball, virtual sports, and e-sports.

If you’re willing to see beyond the app’s plain appearance and dive into its quality features, such as Bet Builder and its outstanding live betting options, you’re in for a treat. The app performs flawlessly on iOS devices and offers the widest selection of live streaming options for elite soccer leagues, Grand Slam tennis tournaments, world-class international cricket, the NBA, and the NFL directly through the app. Hopefully, they’ll spice up the interface soon to match the excitement of the top-notch features they provide.

Ladbrokes – Top iOS Betting App for Market Breadth

ladbrokes main
Have a look at the Bet365 sportsbook
ladbrokes sport mobile
On the go mobile betting at Bet365
  • Smooth and user-friendly iOS experience
  • Provides wide variety of sports
  • Live-streaming for NBA, NHL, and European football
  • Generous bonuses for all existing customers
  • No integration with Apple Watch
  • Occasional glitches when streaming on the app”

The Ladbrokes app offers a feature-rich betting experience directly on your phone. With just a few taps, you can place bets, access stats, or connect with customer support. For sports fans, they offer extensive markets spanning football, tennis, horse racing, and more. The in-play odds update rapidly, allowing you to react quickly to live events. You can even live-stream select matches from leagues like the NBA, NHL, and European football associations.

New players receive generous welcome bonuses, while existing customers can enjoy continuous rewards that you’ll find on their promotion page. Multiple banking options make deposits and withdrawals hassle-free in the app too. Ladbrokes offers iOS users a refined online betting site and betting experience; the wide range of markets, real-time data, and streaming capabilities empower bettors to take advantage of evolving competition dynamics in the palm of their hand.

There are just a few downsides to this betting app. First, you might be unable to access it on your Apple Watch. Another thing is that the app may freeze occasionally, especially when streaming a match.

BetMGM – Smooth iOS App for Parlay Betting

BetMGM Pro Contra
BetMGM sportsbook
BetMGM mobile sports betting
You can use your mobile to book at BetMGM
  • Offers live streaming options
  • Excels in parlay betting options
  • Generous bonuses and promos available
  • Sleek design and easy iOS UI
  • Requires iOS version 13.0 or newer
  • App performance can be slow at times

Calling itself the ‘King’ of parlays and sportsbooks, you might wonder if this app lives up to its parlay betting hype. Well, it does. BetMGM offers a comprehensive selection of sports for betting, including football, basketball, baseball, and more, covering both professional and college sports as well as domestic and international leagues. The app provides various bet types, such as straight bets, parlays, futures, and live bets​​.

In terms of the app’s design and user experience, it’s mostly smooth sailing with the most popular sports position at the top and options to manage your account at bet slip at the bottom. You get a few live-stream options for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and tennis, which are a big plus. There might be moments when the app seems a bit slow, but it doesn’t interfere with the excitement of live betting.

These minor issues hardly matter when considering the promos constantly on offer. The app performs admirably on the latest iPhone models, but you’ll need iOS version 13.0 or newer. This requirement might limit some users, marking it as one of the more technically specific betting apps.

How to Choose the Best Betting App for iPhone

Choosing the top online betting apps for iPhone may seem daunting initially. However, by focusing on key factors, you can identify the best platform that fits your needs. Here are seven critical criteria to consider:

User Interface and Usability

On any betting app for iPhone, you want to place wagers rapidly rather than struggle with clumsy controls. Opt for apps that enable effortless account access and management, too. Streamlined performance means more time betting and less time wasted figuring out essential functions. Ultimately, choose platforms that emphasize usability so you can focus entirely on selecting markets and placing wagers. Let the app simplify the journey so you can derive maximum enjoyment.

Range of Sports and Betting Options

Next, ensure that your platform provides an extensive range of sports and bet types. Assess whether they cover your favourite sports, whether it be football, basketball, or niche interests. You also want access to diverse wagering options—accumulators, singles, in-play, etc. Varied markets with numerous options prevent boredom while accommodating your style preferences. Ultimately, the ideal app empowers you to bet exactly how you wish whenever inspiration strikes. Abundant choice means more ways to engage and win.

Security and Licensing

Security is crucial. After all, you’re going to be depositing money. Betting on an iPhone is typically very safe, especially when using a sportsbook app. Apple checks all apps for security issues before allowing them on the App Store. So your chances of downloading spyware, getting a virus, or using a faulty betting app are low. Also, look for features like Touch ID or Face ID for secure logins.

If you download a third party app outside the App Store, make sure the app is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. This ensures that they follow strict rules on fairness and customer protection.

Bonuses and Promotions

Many apps offer access to welcome bonuses, risk-free bets, and loyalty programs. While compelling, don’t make bonuses the sole factor. Carefully read all the terms first, outlining playthrough and expiration details. When used strategically, these perks stretch your bankroll, enabling more wagers and potential wins.

Payment Options

Convenient payment options are a must. Check if the app supports your preferred method, whether it’s a credit card, e-wallet, or even Apple Pay betting sites. Quick deposits and withdrawals without hefty fees will make your betting experience much smoother.

Live Streaming and Betting

Lastly, live streaming and betting can take your experience to the next level. Being able to watch the game and bet on it as the action unfolds is not only thrilling but can also give you an edge in your betting strategy.

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How to Download iPhone Betting Apps

Getting started with the best betting apps for iPhone is a breeze, and here’s a quick guide to get you in on the action.

1. Find a Trustworthy iPhone Betting App

Start by checking out a list of top-notch mobile betting apps. We’ve done the legwork and reviewed them for you, highlighting ones with sweet deals like free bets and solid odds. Take a look and pick one that catches your eye.

2. Download the App

When you hop onto the sportsbook’s website on your iOS device, you might get a prompt to download the app. If not, head to their mobile app page and select the one for iPhone. This will take you over to the App Store, and from there, downloading is just a tap away.

3. Install and Sign Up

Installing the app is as straightforward as any other app downloaded from the App Store. Unlike the best Android betting apps, you don’t need an APK file. Hit install, wait a moment, and then open the app to create your betting account by following the on-screen instructions.

4. Start Betting

With your account all set up, you’re ready to dive into betting. From football and basketball to horse racing and hockey, you have a whole world of sports at your fingertips. Just remember to check the minimum deposit required before placing your bets.

iOS Betting App vs Mobile Betting Websites: Which One Did We Pick?

When deciding between using an iOS sports betting app or a mobile website to place wagers from your iPhone, there are good reasons to consider both options.

Betting apps provide a streamlined experience optimized for your phone screen. They allow quicker access to odds, promotions, and account features with features designed for iOS. You can enjoy sleek menus, smooth performance, and responsiveness instead of pinching and zooming on a mobile site. Apps also send instant notifications with updates on your bets.

However, online betting sites on the web offer wider device compatibility. You can access them instantly without an app download or installation. They may provide access to more betting markets, too. Mobile sites also avoid potential app glitches and don’t take up precious storage space on your iPhone.

Overall, iOS betting apps provide the best user experience for Apple device owners. The convenience and customization make them worth the download. However, mobile websites remain an excellent alternative for easy access across multiple devices. Considering your specific needs and priorities will help you decide whether to use an iPhone app or mobile site when betting on sports.

How Do iPhone Betting Apps Compare to Android?

Below is a detailed comparison of sports betting apps for iOS versus Android devices, focusing on various aspects like availability, usability, security, and exclusive features. This comparison aims to clarify how the betting experience may differ between these two popular platforms.

FeatureiPhone AppsAndroid Apps
AvailabilityGenerally available directly from the App Store without needing to change settings.Often requires downloading from the betting site due to Google Play restrictions.
Installation ProcessStraightforward from the App Store.May involve enabling installations from unknown sources in settings.
User InterfaceTend to have a standardized, intuitive interface due to Apple’s design guidelines.Can vary more widely, but many are user-friendly and intuitive.
SecurityHigh, with mandatory App Store review and iOS’s robust security features.High, but depends on users allowing installations from secure sources only.
Payment OptionsApple Pay is often supported, alongside other payment methods.Google Pay and other payment methods are usually supported.
Exclusive OffersSome apps offer bonuses for iOS users.Bonuses for Android users are available but less common.
Updates and MaintenanceUpdates are generally regular and prompted by the App Store.Updates might need to be manually downloaded and installed.
CompatibilityApps must support the latest iOS versions, ensuring a uniform experience.Wide range of devices and OS versions can lead to varied experiences.
PerformanceOptimized for iOS, often resulting in smooth and consistent performance.Performance can vary depending on the device’s specifications.
Live StreamingMany betting apps offer live streaming directly through the app.Live streaming is also available, with performance depending on the device.
AccessibilityHigh, with features like Touch ID and Face ID for secure and quick access.High, with features like fingerprint sensors for secure and quick access.

Both the iPhone and Android platforms offer robust options for mobile betting, each with its own set of advantages. iPhone apps benefit from the cohesive ecosystem and security of iOS, while Android apps offer flexibility and a wide range of choices. Ultimately, the best platform may depend on personal preference, the specific features you value most in a betting app, and your current device.

Upsides and Downsides of Using Betting Apps on Your iPhone

Betting apps for iPhone allow convenient sports wagering on your mobile device. Let’s sum up some major advantages as well as some limitations to consider.

  • Safe, free downloads and a hassle-free installation process
  • Wide variety of betting markets available on your phone
  • Exclusive promotional offers for mobile users
  • Mobile payment options, including Apple Pay
  • Mobile live streaming and in play betting
  • App size is usually large
  • Only compatible with iOS

While iPhone apps enable sports betting anywhere, the design can sometimes seem crowded. But the convenience and exclusive deals make them helpful for wagering on the go. You can quickly download these free apps and access many betting markets and odds, even when travelling or out of the houses, but of course only iPhone users will get access.

Our Final Verdict on iPhone Betting on the Go

Our review revealed a landscape rich in options for finding the best iPhone betting app, each catering to different preferences and priorities from the comprehensive market coverage of Bet365 to the innovative parlay betting experience offered by BetMGM.

iPhone betting apps make wagering on sports a breeze with mobile functionality. After weighing the main pros and cons, the convenience and access they enable are unmatched. Downloading a sports betting iPhone app means tapping into exclusive odds and promotions plus effortless real money wagers anytime, anywhere.

While some downsides, like busy screens, exist, the apps streamline finding your favourite markets exponentially. Ultimately, the platforms transform sports betting into a process you can undertake 24/7, thanks to mobile optimization. For the latest insights, tips, and updates on sports bets to place while using the best betting app for iPhone, head to Here, you’ll find all the information you need to make informed bets and maximize your mobile betting experience.

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FAQs for the Best Betting Apps for iPhone

📱 Does iOS allow gambling apps?

Yes, iOS does allow gambling apps, but with a catch. Since 2019, Apple has only allowed apps made specifically for iOS to stay on the App Store. This was because many gambling apps were just their websites packed into an app, which was more straightforward for the creators but not up to Apple’s standards.

✅ What is the best iPhone sports betting app to use?

The betting app depends on what you’re looking for. Still, many users prefer apps like Bet365, BetMGM or Ladbrokes for their user-friendly interfaces, a wide range of betting options, and solid security measures.

❓ Where can I find an iOS betting app to download on my iPhone?

You can find an iOS betting app to download on your iPhone from the App Store. Apple allows real-money gambling apps as long as they meet their guidelines.

⚽ How do I allow gambling sites on my iPhone?

To allow gambling sites on your iPhone, download a native iOS app from the App Store. If the app requires further permissions, go to your iPhone’s settings, find the app, and adjust the permissions as needed. Make sure you’re in a region where online gambling is legal.

🤳 How do I use a VPN on my iPhone for gambling?

To use a VPN for gambling on your iPhone, choose a reputable provider and download their app from the App Store. Install the app, sign in, and connect to a server where your desired gambling site is accessible.