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Can You Make Living Out of Betting on Your Favourite Football Team?

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Let's face a few home truths here, when your favourite football team is playing you are going to want them to win their upcoming matches, and many avid supporters are always going to be prepared to bet on them to win those matches, no matter how high their odds are of doing so.

One thing that often does cross the mind of many football fans, much more so when they have initially started to bet on football and have placed some winning bets on the team they follow, is whether it is possible to make a living out of betting on their favourite football team.

Well, one thing that all professional punters know is that they should always bet with their heads and not their hearts, for it is the latter type of punters that keep bookies, sportsbooks and betting sites in business.

With that in mind, what I am going to be doing today is looking at the many different ways that you can bet on your favourite football teams, and look into ways that if you do fully master the very tricky art of being able to work out the form of each team that is playing, and also get a full understanding of the odds and probability of any team winning, whether you can indeed cash in from that skill and ability.

Using Betting Exchanges to Bet on Football Matches

Anybody that does fancy betting on their favourite football team will often make the mistake of simply visiting a betting shop, sportsbook or even making use of an online betting site or a mobile betting app as the way that they place such bets. Have a look at UK betting sites if you are looking for the legal betting sites to place bet on football.

That can often be a very costly decision, for each betting site or app operator or company that owns a betting shop or sportsbook is going to be looking to make a profit from bets placed with them, and that will mean the odds they are offering their customers may not be true value odds.

Therefore, what savvy football punters tend to do is to forget about betting at such venues, sites and apps but will instead make use of a betting exchange, for it is when using a betting exchange that they are often guaranteed of getting the very highest odds available in the industry of whichever team they wish to back.

It is due to the simple fact that a betting exchange is a peer to peer type of betting platform that allows punters to place bets and lay bets amongst themselves.

Therefore you have the option of asking for the odds you want on any football team for example winning, and another user of that betting site may be prepared to offer you the odd s that you are looking for, or you can offer odds on any football matches to win their respective matches yourself and will become a bookie yourself when using a betting exchange.

Hedging Football Related Bets and Wagers

There can also be plenty of times whereby a punter who enjoys betting on the outcome of football matches is able to lock in a guaranteed profit when they are watching a football match, either in person, on TV or even simply listening to a football match on the radio.

How that is possible, is by punters placing a range of bets and wagers before a football match starts, but then making use of the in-play betting markets that all bookies tend to offer their customers these days.

An in-play betting market, if you have never come across one before, is simply a betting market which does spring to life only when that a football matches starts, and once the match starts then punters are able to place bets during the match.

By securing the highest possible odds on a range of different outcomes on a football match before the match starts, it can often be the case that punters can then lay off those bets as a football match is in live play.

Obviously, it isn't always going to be the case that they can lay off and hedge such bets, but if a match isn't going the way that a punter expected, then by placing a few additional bets as the match is in play it can be the case a guaranteed winning profit can be achieved no matter how the match ends.

Long Term Football Bets Can Yield Huge Profits

One final thing that you need to be fully aware of if you do want to attempt to make a living or at the very least make a profit from betting on your favourite football team, is that it can often be the case that long term bets are going to yield some much higher profits.

Long before for example the football season starts, betting sites, sportsbooks and bookmakers will be offering their futures betting markets, and by making use of them you are going to be able to place bets on whether for example you think your favourite football team is going to win their respective league title and finish at the top of the league at the end of the season.

There are of course risks attached to betting on such long-term football betting markets, but those risk can often be massively outweighed by the much higher odds you are going to be offered long before a football season has started.

If the team you have chosen to place such a bet on goes on to start winning their upcoming matches one after the other and start to move up in their respective football league, then the odds you will be offered as they do so will always be much lower that they ever were on the long-term futures betting markets.

Another thing to be aware of too is that you can also bet each-way, that means you place a two part bet, one part of that bet covers your team to finish at the top of the league and pays out at the full odds you took when placing such a bet and the second part covers your team finishing in one of the top positions.

Each bookie however will be paying out to a different number of positions and will be giving you a different percentage of the win odds on the second part of such a bet, so always hop around to find a bookie offering you the very best each-way terms if you fancy placing such a bet.

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