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Bundesliga: Hygiene problems in at least three stadiums

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There are serious hygiene problems in some Bundesliga stadiums. This not only has an impact on the professionals who compete for the clubs in question - the hygiene deficiencies can also become a problem for the fans.

Food and water pipes in the individual stadiums of the current Bundesliga clubs were examined. In Frankfurt, Cologne and Bremen there were negative conspicuities. In addition to food, beverages were also affected. In addition, the shower water of the professional soccer players. Corresponding documents proving this are available to the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation.

Foreign yeasts and germs in Cologne stadium beer

In Cologne, the stadium's tap process was criticised. This allowed foreign yeasts and coliform germs to enter the tapped beer. However, this should not be dangerous. And: the 1. FC Köln reacted immediately to the problem and had the beer pipes in the entire stadium complex cleaned directly.

So the problem there should already be solved.

Legionella in Frankfurt: Cases are accumulating

The anomalies in Frankfurt were much more serious. In the past few months, Legionella has repeatedly occurred here - thus polluting the water in the stadium. The result: the showers in the players', coaches' and referees' areas were contaminated. But even here there should be no health problems, although the limit values were clearly exceeded. Here appropriate filters were installed, which clean the water again in addition.

Otherwise Legionella could lead to serious illnesses. Flu symptoms and pneumonia would be possible by inhaling with water vapour in the shower and sauna.

Due to very long pipes the water stagnates again and again in the Frankfurt stadium, whereby Legionella have an easy possibility to multiply. Similar cases also occurred in Darmstadt, Dresden and Mönchengladbach.

Listeria make fish rolls unappetizing in Bremen

The currently most serious case, however, continued to occur in the north. Listeria was found in a fish roll with smoked salmon in Bremen's Weserstadion. These pathogens are especially dangerous for pregnant women, for the elderly and for anyone who has problems with the immune system. In Bremen, however, there is said to have been no health hazard, but there is an urgent need for action.

So the clubs have to do something and offer more hygiene for the spectators and also for the players. In particular, when it comes to contaminated food and drink, there must be no tolerance and there is an urgent need to work on it.

Tests take place again and again in the stadiums

Such tests take place again and again in the stadiums and this not only in the football upper house - also in subclass stadiums such investigations are accomplished.

This also shows that the individual clubs and stadium operators cannot rest on their laurels, but that optimisations and improvements are necessary again and again. Seven Bundesliga stadiums were scrutinised this season, including a second division stadium. The exact stadiums to be checked are not announced in advance - thus authentic results are possible in the end.

Stadium visits still very popular with fans

Visits to the stadium are still the highlights for fans and spectators. Even if the tickets are often expensive and some visitors can only afford a visit from time to time, beer and bratwurst (or fish rolls) are simply part of it. Therefore one should be allowed to expect a perfect quality as a fan.

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This often also offers increased gaming fun for those who cannot be there live in the stadium - but instead sit in front of the TV or watch the games via radio and live ticker.

This is certainly not comparable to a visit to a stadium, but with pay TV, live radio reports and even live tickers on the Internet, one has more and more the feeling of somehow being right there.

Improved hygiene for the new season?

With the germ contamination currently uncovered and the clubs announcing their intention to change this, it should be possible to assume that hygiene standards will be improved in the coming season. In any case, it can be assumed that the stadiums concerned will continue to be closely scrutinised so that fans, as well as players, can be sure that the water, food and drink will be of the highest quality.

In addition, it would at least be worth considering carrying out regular, official inspections of beer, bratwurst and other foodstuffs in the stadiums. In this way, the quality could be increased bit by bit and for the visitors of the games it would always be ensured that all products can really convince.

Provided that the players on the pitch also convince and offer the fans a high-class game, the football afternoon is saved and you can relax and experience the still special atmosphere in the many stadiums throughout Germany.

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