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5 Key Features of Football Betting Apps

August beckons and football season has begun again. News of transfers has been dripping in, and fans around the world are eagerly anticipating another shot at glory for their team.

Lots of fans are also getting ready for the betting opportunities that come with a whole season of football ahead. Who will win the league this year? Which teams will emerge victorious on the first day of play? Who will be crowned king as top goalscorer in the various leagues? All of these questions need to be answered by the betting man/football fan.

One hugely important factor to consider is the best football betting app for you. There are now more on the market than ever, and it can be difficult to know which to pick.

We'll make it simpler by breaking it down for you here, saving your mental energy for deciding what bets to place!

Footy betting apps comes in all shapes and sizes, from entire betting world's to basic apps with a couple of features.

The best football betting apps should have:

Live Betting - We wouldn't even consider an app which doesn't allow you to place in-play bets. Some of the best betting opportunities in football come as penalties are awarded, free kicks are given on the edge of the box, and teams change through substitutions and injuries.

Live betting apps allow you to pounce on these situations as they arise and place wagers on them. The best betting apps will have literally hundreds of markets to bet on, meaning endless chances to make a profit.

Cashing out bets early also gives you the chance to cut losses where bets haven't gone to plan, or close out existing bets and switch to opposite outcomes as events unfold.

Stats/Facts - Smart punters don't just throw their money around willy nilly. If you spend a little time doing your homework, you can make smart betting decisions which lead to consistent profits.

For example, finding teams on form, or teams with players who rack up goal after goal, will help you spot good bets to make.

Lots of soccer betting apps will have historical stats and results for you to browse, as well as quick reference in-play stats which are useful for making live betting decisions.

You want a betting app which allows you to do your research and place bets all in one place. Just remember that if you know something, the bookmaker probably knows it as well and will set his odds accordingly. You'll have to dig deep to find those golden nuggets.

Streaming/Alerts - Some of the best betting apps online have worked out deals whereby you can actually live stream matches right from your device. Naturally, you will want to choose an app which has this feature if you can.

If streaming isn't an option, then the app should at least offer text alerts or e-mail alerts. This can keep you up to date with how your bets are performing and can also give you ideas on what to bet on next.

These are extremely useful if you bet from the office, have university to attend, or are simply too busy to keep a close eye on your bets live on the betting site.

One Touch Betting - Since mobile punters now make up the majority, the last thing you want is to lose signal and/or have a screen freeze in the middle of placing a bet.

One touch betting takes care of that. You literally tap the screen, and the bet is placed instantly. There's no waiting for approval, no second screens to load and verify the bet, and no chance the bet will drop or won't be placed on time.

This can be crucial when it comes to placing bets with constantly shifting odds as matches unfold, or for bets where the window of opportunity closes quickly, such as betting on the outcome of penalties.

If you are betting on a mobile device, which we assume you are if you are reading this article, then one touch betting is essential.

Free Bet Bonus - This is perhaps most important of all in some people's view. Lots of football apps in 2017 offer free bets to get you started, so why would you pick one which doesn't?

Free bets means you can't lose. It's that simple. Sure, you will have to bet the bonus cash a certain number of times before you can make off with it, but as my granny used to say “What do you want for free?"

Find out more about the free bets and bonuses atNew Casino Site.

Betting apps offering free bets vary greatly in terms of quality, though, so be sure this isn't the only factor you consider. Make sure live betting, one touch betting, and good stats and facts are also available.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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