Zola lauds West Ham for showing spirit

West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola has lauded the spirit of his players after they twice came from behind to grab a draw against Everton at Goodison Park.

The Hammers were in desperate need of at least a point to pull themselves out of the relegation zone and it came in the form of goals from Manuel Da Costa and Aruajo Ilan who cancelled out Diniyar Bilyaletdinov and Yakubu who were on target for the Toffees.

Zola said the fighting spirit of his team really showed in the match and was happy his men got some reward for a producing such a strong performance.

“We decided to fight until the end and today was a clear demonstration that we kept our promise because we never gave up," he told Sky Sports.

"At 2-1, it could have been a massive blow but we reacted and it was brilliant.

"I'm very pleased with my team today. If you have that kind of attitude, you have no regrets.

"It has been a great day for us. I think it will give a lot of confidence to the players and that will be very important for the next matches.

"The result gave us great satisfaction because this team Everton is not a bad team.

"It is important after a long spell of defeats to have this point. I think it will give a lot of confidence to the players.

"Plus I believe that we found extra spirit today. That will be very important for the next matches."