Wollongong foursome training with Sydney FC

Wollongong Community FC players are on trial with A-League club Sydney FC.

Samet Kaynak, Chris Nathaniel, Corey Gameiro and Ben Brondenberg have found themselves in an enviable position by training with the Sky Blues at their Macquarie University base.

Wollongong coach Glenn Fontana said it was great for the players to be recognised as A-League potential but hopes he can keep them until at least the end of the season.

"We would encourage them to make the move, but we would have to talk to Sydney FC about the timing," Fontana said.

"They wouldn't move until the end of the season. The odd training session up there isn't a problem."

Fontana also added that the region could become a great place to produce potential top-line players for A-League clubs.

"They can see this region is a production line - there is going to be more players next year," Fontana added.

"Our up-and-comers could go to them for NYL or A-League contracts and we could take a player coming back from injury.

"It would be a complete pathway for our talented young players."