West Brom boss Di Matteo happy with Tuesday move for international fixtures

West Bromwich Albion boss Roberto Di Matteo is happy with the move to Tuesday for internationals.

The Hawthorns chief is glad to have the extra day with his foreign legion the new fixture scheduling allows him.

He told WBA's website: "I think playing on a Tuesday helps everyone - the players, the clubs.

"It's one of the few good decisions that have been made.

"It probably attracts more people when the games are on Saturday rather than a Friday. But for the players playing on a Wednesday, travelling back to their clubs, they will be absolutely knackered if they have to travel for an away game on a Saturday.

"So it's better for them to play on a Tuesday - and playing on the Friday before that helps them play on a Tuesday. There is never a perfect solution but this is a positive, good compromise.

"It will benefit the players and the clubs will be happier with it.

"It gives them a chance to prepare for the next club games."