Van der Sar: Man Utd's Giggs appearance record will never be topped

Manchester United keeper Edwin van der Sar is certain the 799 appearances Ryan Giggs has made for Manchester United will never be exceeded.

The Wales international has been named Professional Footballers' Association player of the year, and the 35-year-old has already pledged to see out the remaining year of his contract.

"It would be hard to beat that record," said the van der Sar.

"There are so many changes now with transfers and everything else and Ryan started out early.

"You will not see anything like that in future.

"And the thing is he is still going strong. It is as though he was only 31.

"It is a joy to see how he trains as well as plays," said Van der Sar.

"How he controls the ball, how he sees a pass and the runs he makes. He can read a game and adjust the way we play.

"He shows such dedication every day and sets the example for everyone."