Toronto’s De Rosario apologizes for cheque book gesture

Toronto FC’s Dwayne De Rosario has apologized for his cheque book gesture in the weekend’s 3-2 loss to San Jose Earthquakes.

The 32-year old midfield star gestured towards Toronto owners by pretending to sign a cheque when he scored in the game suggesting he is not happy with his current salary.

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment chief Tom Anselmi said De Rosario’s actions were ‘stupid’ and the player has agreed with that comment.

"I mean, hey, in that point of time, obviously I don't think it was the right thing to do. But it was coming off emotion and seeing that our team has potentially been out of the playoffs, and everything coming to a head in terms of me negotiating and that continuing to get put off,” he said on Fan 590.

"I reacted in that way and unfortunately I did that, but it's out of frustration, out of a lot of things that came to a head. I apologized to the team, to our teammates, and a lot of the teammates do support me. But I don't condone that gesture that I did. In the same sense, we definitely are still not out of it, by any means. The ball is round and things happen, so we could potentially still clinch a playoff berth, so we're still fighting and pushing for that."