Sydney’s Colosimo prepared for Perth crowd

Sydney FC defender Simon Colosimo says he is prepared for whatever abuse the Perth Glory fans dish out.

The 30-year old, who has been brilliant in defence for the league leaders this season, is a former Glory player and knows just what the fans are capable of – especially as he has already been on the receiving end of it.

Colosimo admits he used to cop a bit of flack from the Glory supporters during his playing days so expects to receive some as a Sydney player but says it will not bother him as he is there to do a job.

"They gave it to me when I was playing for them and it didn't bother me then so I can't see why it's going to bother me now,” Colosimo said.

"I don't think they're going to be too worried about me, Perth are doing really well.

"I'm sure The Shed will be there in numbers like they always have been. The Shed are intimidating but they're good supporters - we've got great supporters here too in The Cove - but Perth Glory, Members Equity Stadium, is one of those places that you can really make a fortress.

"And knowing 'Mitch' (coach Dave Mitchell) and what he wants to do at home, that was one of his main points when I was there and I'm sure that that is now.

"They really want to give (their) fans something to scream and yell about and cheer about and they're doing that so far."

Sydney and Perth meet for the first time this season at Members Equity Stadium this Sunday.