Seattle Sounders cap season tickets at 32,000

The success story of the 2009 MLS season, Seattle Sounders, have capped their season ticket sales at 32,000.

Following a debut season in which they set a new MLS average attendance record of 30,943 and sold 22,000 season tickets, the club has announced that they will not go over 32,000 for 2010 as they plan to keep the intimate atmosphere at Qwest Field.

“I think it's important to keep the atmosphere what it is," said vice-president Gary Wright. "If you open up the whole bowl, you don't have that same energy and feeling because you'd have lots of empty seats. And that's just not where we're going to go.

"We'd love to see the sport continue to grow," he said. "We think it can grow and be better. Our goal all along was to plant the flag for the sport in this country and make it relevant and make it where so many fans clamor so much that we have to open up the whole stadium.

"That would be phenomenal. Can it be done? Yes. Is it going to be done tomorrow or overnight? No. But it can get there."