Reid: Replacing Hamilton’s McArthur almost impossible

Hamilton boss Billy Reid admits it will be difficult to replace James McArthur if he quits the Accies this summer.

The 22-year-old midfielder looks almost certain to leave New Douglas Park after making what appeared to be an emotional farewell speech to fans after their last home game against St Mirren midweek.

"He's going to leave a huge dent," said the Accies boss.

"Not that he's better than the other two players but I said at the time, the one guy that I couldn't afford to lose was McArthur.

"Just what he brings to the team, I couldn't have done it without him. Alex Neil was out until November and McArthur became the captain and held us together.

"He has played a huge part in the five seasons I've been at the club and I'll never fill James McArthur's boots. He has been a fantastic professional for me."

Reid does not expect to be given cash from the sale of McArthur to fund a replacement, admitting he will be looking for a rough diamond instead.

He added: "I didn't get money last season to buy players, that's not going to happen at Hamilton Accies. I realise the club I'm working with and that doesn't concern me at all.

"We have to go and try to find another diamond and polish them up, find players that other clubs don't want and try to make them into players.

"That's just the nature of club I'm at. It's not frustrating because we know that's what's going to happen."